Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mystrious Black Package

Hey All

When momma and I got home she pulled out a mysterious black package.  Earlier in the day she stopped at the post office and picked it up. 

It was for ME!!
Don't adjust your computer, you are not drunk.  My momma had a wrong setting on her camera so that is why the pictures are blurry.

Oooooo what's in here? 

It's from France.  It's from my little brother, Da Phenny's, parents.  As you can see I learned how to open a package from our Angel Easy.  I could hear him cheering me on as I "gently" opened the mysterious package.

Oh My Oh MY!!!!  Look at all this great stuff.  I gotted a Santa Paws bubble blower and some super yummy treats AND a cool drool treat launcher!!!!!  Oh boy I am going to have fun with that!!!!!

Thank you sooooooo much Da Pheeny's momma and dad dad.  I love it all.  Big KISS to you both.



  1. What a wonderful surprise package all the way from France! We are sure you will have all kinds of fun with that!!

  2. That's a great gift, Buddy! We recently met Da Phenny and we think he is a super cool pup. He was born not very far from where we live, and now he leaves a little bit farther away, to the west of us!


  3. What a great pressie package you got. We can't wait to see some action videos of you playing with your bubble machine.

  4. oh we are so glad it came to you... the mama worried that they maybe will arrest you or her or the parcel because that treat launcher looks like a gun. my dad said she watched too much tv and probably the wrong stuff and she is as crazy as a box of frogs... butt who knows... we live in crazy times ;o)

  5. what a fun package. I did the same thing with a hawk photo. he came and sat on the fence for 2 minutes. I had the camera on macro and used the long distance zoom. same fuzzy look.

  6. Da Phenny is a cool dude!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. OMD OMD BUDDY... Da Pheeny surely did Chews some super stuffs to send to you. We love that guy... ALREADY. He is SUCH a Good Blogvillian. Fits RIGHT in... and is SOOOOO Smart...
    BaaaaWaaaah giveittothebuddygiveittothebuddy we cracked up over that one.

  8. Hey Buddy!
    Wow, looks like Da Phenny is a super shopper! I can tell you really love your pressies. Enjoy.

  9. That is so sweet! Phenny really knows what you love, doesn't he, Buddy?

  10. How sweet! Those are great pressies, and a super pressie opening by you!

  11. That is so special and sweet. Golden Woofs, SUGAR

  12. What an amazing gift! Beautifully thoughtful from Da Phenny.

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