Saturday, January 21, 2017

I'M Not in Atlanta Anymore

Hey All.

First I want to tell ya all that momma and I now have heat, water and hot water.  The momma had to take a cold shower for 3 days, but all is well now.  And I do not have an indoor swimming pool in my basement anymore.

Most of ya know I am a Southern boy.  I came form Atlanta Georgia.  And of course my forever home is now in Utah.  One way you can tell I am not in Atlanta any more is this.....

SNOW!!!  So much snow that I can barely see over it in my backyard. 

This is me sitting in my driveway.  See all that snow behind me?  It's almost up to the windows.  Momma says she has no idea where she is going to put the next 3 days worth of snow fall. 

Momma does shovel a few "comfort" path for me so I can, well you know.

But I gotta tell ya my friends, I may be a Southern boy, but I sure LOVE plowing through this white stuff.



  1. I'm glad the hot water is back... we had to bear that two days (boiler eggs-itus) ... wonder why such things always happen in winter.... I still wait for snow, the temperatures are perfect, but by now I got only ice... maybe you can blow me some flakes over da big pond?

  2. We sure are glad to hear that your water problems have been solved!! The snow is lots of fun to play in, isn't it?? And it doesn't get as HOT there as Atlanta!! Enjoy your Sunday!!

  3. You are so lucky. Could you please send some of that snow our way?

  4. And you look like you're enjoying totally loving it


  5. Sigh. Buddy, can you send some of that here, please?!?!
    Have a BLAST!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  6. Buddy we are THRILLED that the Swimming Pool is GONE and the Powers and Water have RETURNED... WHEW...
    Now about that SNOW.... OMD BUDDY that is a HOOOOOGE pile of Shi...
    SNOW... OMD we would be TOTALLY lost in all that... and you are gonna get MORE??? We hope that is isn't MUCH more... We are Stunned that a Southern Guy such as yourself... LIKES that Stuffs...

  7. So much snow! We live right near Atlanta and we got a snow a couple weeks ago, but not that much snow!!!!

  8. I'm soooooo jealous! I'm sure the peeps don't likes it, butts we doggies do! Do some snow zoomies for me, k?
    Ruby ♥

  9. You're a Utah boy, through and through, now!!!! That's a lot of snow. I'm so glad that you love it!

  10. BRR!!!! I think you've become a Utah dog fur sure now. I'm still Southern, and that much white stuff would make sure I stayed in the couch under a blankie until spring!

  11. That's a lot of snow! I'm glad our first snow was just a few inches - I might not have come out till June!

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

  12. We love snow. You can have so much fun running through the snow :D