Sunday, July 31, 2016

Crime Scene

Hey All.

My friends there has been a crime committed at my pal Bert's place.  The crime scene is quite gruesome, so I warn you the photo are graphic.  I would also like to say I have been cleared as a suspect as I did not spend any time at Bert's this weekend.  However someone we know and love is on the suspect or at least a dog of interest in the case.

The Crime Scene
Oh the horror that must of happened here.
Miss Vickie called in the local police dog to begin the investigation.
My pal Bert did all he could to help the investigation offering Officer Bear his skills in search and rescue to aid in the case.

But soon Officer Bear grew suspicious of Bert.
I have no idea why the good officer would even consider my pal Bert. 

I mean Bert has dedicated his life to helping, not hurting.  And would the adorable Willa get this close to a killer?  I think not.

When Officer Bear asked Bert if he did it Bert replied "PFTTTT".
Words of an innocent dog.

Bert was incredibly hurt by the accusation that he could even possibly be considered a suspect in this brutal crime.

Please dear friends if anyone knows of a good lawyer let me know.  Officer Bear said the case is all but wrapped up and he has caught the guilty party. 

I told Bert not to worry I would take care of everything to keep him out of the slammer.  Even as I write this I have Bert working on cleaning up the crime scene and I will work on cleaning up his WRONGLY tarnished reputations. 





  1. I think Bert wuz called red-jawed.

  2. Uh oh, I is finking theres a bit of evidences on your chops there Bert!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. At first I wasn't sure if the crime scene was real or not, but when I saw you, Bert, I knew you'd never harm a fly!

  4. Hari OM
    This might be a hard one to beat Buddy and Bert - but you could certainly call on the services of Ernest von Schnitzel and his law-aid Roxy. They've been known to bring about amazing turns of fortune before the Blogville judiciary (the right honourable Frank. E. Furter, esq.) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. He sure looks guilty as charged but if you need a character reference I'm here

  6. BOL! I know Bert must be innocent!

  7. hmmm... the silhouette on the floor looks like a dog... that could be an evidence... butt it looks more like a poodle, so Bert must be NOT guilty :o) note to myself: be happy for silvermistyrey fur, golden hairs& melons are way to evident :o)

  8. BOL Oh, that Bert. I cannot imagine why anyone would think he had anything to do with that crime scene. BOL

  9. When in doubt, blame the squirrels. Or the moose, depending on the amount of carnage. It always works for us! Heehee! BTW, we think PFFTH is a perfectly acceptable response to questions of guilt!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  10. He's INNOCENT!!!! ... and if he needs any help cleaning out that crime scene, please have him call me.

  11. BOL!!! Ma thought it was a deaded pomegranate! Wallymelon is SOOOOO much betters!!! that is...IF you did it...not sayin' you did or nothin'....
    Ruby ♥

  12. I am kind of hoping the judge is lenient Mr Bertster, however, I don't think this is your first offense. First there was the rock, then the rock then the ball, then the . . . It could be hard time, pal.