Monday, April 29, 2013

About that Hat

Hello Friends.

Yesterday I showed a funny hat I had on my head.

Yea I'm rockin' the hat.  But this is not how you are suppose to wear it.

This is how you are to wear it.  And there are some pretty smart pups out there.  You guessed right.  It is a bee hat.  The kind Bee Keepers wear.  So why am I wearing it?

Well my Friends, me and MOM's church are going to have two beehives!  This is me checking out where the bees are going to live.
I am going to show you a lot of photos of the whole process of getting the bees moved into their new home.  

We received 3 pounds of bees.  This is a pound and a half.  That is a lot of bees!

That's my MOM putting on her bee gloves.  Safety first.

MOM needs a little help getting the bee gloves over her biceps.   MOM opted to not wear the whole bee suit.  I guess MOM takes safety only so far.

MOM is giving me instructions on Bee Manners and safety.   

We are about to take the Queen Bee out of the travel box.  She is in that round can at the top of the box separated from all the other bees.

The Queen Bee is in that little box.  It has a plug in it.  MOM replaced the plug with a special plug that is made of bee type food.  In a couple of days, with the help of the other bees, they will eat the food and release her into her hive.

That is my MOM and the church Queen Bee, Kristian, hanging the Queen Bee in her new hive.  This is a very important step and must be done very carefully.

MOM waiting to place the bees in their hive.

MOM and Kristian putting the bees in their new home.  This is interesting.  There is a round hole at the bottom (where the Queen Bee was) and then you slam the bee box on the hive to make the bees fall out into the hive.

Then my MOM added the rest of the cone dividers.

Next MOM added that "feeder" box, careful not to squish any bees in the process.

Then you fill the feeder box with liquid bee food.

Then you sprinkle the bees with powder sugar.  This helps to keep parasites away and off the bees.

That my Friends is some happy happy bees.  I think they like their new home.  We will gradually add more levels to the hive in the coming weeks ahead.

And this is a happy MOM because I did so well around the bees.  I did not chase them, or try to bite them when they were flying all around me.  I did not bark or act all crazy.  Which is very important if you don't want to get stung.  I did get stung once when a bee flew into my mouth.  But I was OK, no worries.

And this is a happy Goose because these bees are going to bring so much beautiful into this world.

Did you know how important bees are to all of us?  I can say that our very existence depends on them.  It's true.  Of course they pollinate the flowers of plants and trees.  And when the bees do their thing we all get to eat.  Even if you are a meat lover you still need the bees cuz those yummy cows and such need the bees to care for the food they eat.  These under-appreciated workers pollinate 80% of the flowering crops with constitute over 1/3 of everything we eat.
A personal benefit I hope my MOM will enjoy is that when you (people and dogs) consume local raw honey it can reduce and even eliminate allergies!  MOM did not start the bee thing with herself in mind.  The whole bee thing at church started a year ago with just the idea of having beehives to help the environment,  the community and a way to help fund mission and outreach buy selling the honey.  MOM just found out about her allergy in the last week or so.  But now this has come full circle.  And to you, my doggie friends who have allergies, this just might help you.  Just have your peeps mix in a tablespoon of Local Raw Honey (very important it is local and raw) in your kibble or make treats with it.  What happens is that the pollen in the honey will help you with your allergies.  It's true.  I have a couple of friends who do and it has helped them a lot and even got rid of the allergies all together.

Bees are BEEutiful!


  1. Goose! This is so wonderful. We do not keep bees but have several beekeeping friends. It is very important. I'll look forward to your beekeeping posts.

  2. What a great thing to do. We tried bees once and had absolutely lousy luck. We'll be following your bees closely! Enjoy! XOXO

  3. Oh Goose - what a GREAT post - and you were soooo good around those bees. Scarlet has a habit of snapping at bees - but faced with that many - she would probably not wanna chance it. Mum has added honey when baking my doggies biscuits and I agree Bees and Honey are Beautiful!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  4. Wow Goose that is what it was. LOL we didn't guess. Gosh that is so brilliant. Bees need all the help they can get after the awful weather. You are going to have lovely honey too. Nice one. Have a terrific buzz buzz Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Hari OM
    An amazing post Goose! All is true - LOCAL and RAW honey is an amazing healer in many respects and I recommend it for wounds also. BUT - and this is important so forgive my seriousness for a moment - there are folks who have serious allergies to that very same pollen product!!!! Usually they know who they are themselves though.

    All care taken, this is a wonderful and truly beautiful project for the church community to have taken up. I'm sure we all look forward to progress reports! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty

  6. i know they are important and do good things, and God bless bee keepers. but i am terrified of bees, and Jake attacks them, we have a bee tree full of them and they bite him and he bites back. baby can stand under the tree and they ignore her. Jake has been stung in his mouth several times... good luck, stay safe. also wasps send me screaming in the house

  7. We have been listening to the news about bee's, they are having a real struggle surviving.. Wonderful photo's Goose and youz so brave, I run'z when I see a bee..BOL :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. We'll well how darn perfect is that ...especially after mom mentioned the relationship between local honey and allergies. Mom will have to send you her infamous honey buns recipes...they would be paw some for a bake sale.

  9. YAYAYAYAYAY Goose what an amazing post!! OMDs you all do the most exciting things.
    We have been hearing about lots of folks starting bee hives and we also heard the honey bee population is decreasing so Double yay for you all helping the guys.

    Tell your Mom I think she is a fashionista in that hat which is suitable for high tea QE.
    Hugs your BFFF

  10. That is very cool and very interesting. How long before you will have the honey?

  11. Goose, ask mom is she has any of her metal art she can let you show us. and i can't believe she had to be punished.,

  12. Woof! Woof!That's is sooo cool. Glad you are okay to be near the bees. Hopefully the honey will helped out with your mom's allergies. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. That was very interesting - thanks for sharing Goose. Mom's great uncle is a bee keeper too. He not only has the Honey, he also makes mead, booze and even cosmetics from honey and royal jelly and candles from the wax. Mom said it's great to make your own candles and they smell like honey too (but the taste is awful, I tried it). I agree Bees are BEEEEEautiful

  14. How exciting! Momma used to have some beehives when she was younger, but we don't have any now. We sure love honey, though! Mmmmm.

  15. We loved learning all about the bees (will the birds lesson come next? - BOL). Seriously that is awesome - we hope your bees are very successful at their work and you get lots of yummy honey to help out your Mom with her allergies.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. What a great idea to keep bees. They should also help pollinate all the veggies you grow. Glad you were good and didn't upset the bees and get stung.

    Millie & Walter

  17. Oh my word! You have a new job. We knew you were as sweet as honey! What cool info and pictures
    Benny & Lily

  18. WOW GOOSE that is terrrrrific... your church garden will REALLY appreciate having all the bees to help pollinate everythingy.

    We know a guy (TWO HILLS OVER from ours) who is the President of the Ohio Bee keepers Association. He SELLS Honey and it is WONDERFUL..

  19. This is so cool! We know a lot of businesses and people who are beekeepers so we applaud your efforts!!! Can't wait to see more! (Glad you didn't get hurt Goose!)

  20. Good for you and your Mom! Bees are so important to our environment and they are struggling. They often don't do well in our part of Oregon. The queens generally come from California and can't adapt to the wet, cold winters and many of the hives don't survive.

    I can't wait to hear how catching the first swarm goes!!

  21. Goose this is a wonderful project! Glad they are happy bees!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  22. are brave. I am sooooo scared of stung me on my bum when I was a pup and haven't like them since then. Maybe if I had your hat.....

  23. Thanks for the very interesting schooling on bees buddy, so now are you the Head Bee Keeper, you look mighty find in the hat!

    The Mad Scots

  24. Very interesting! We will be waiting for updates on the bees!

  25. Hi Goose, What a great dog you are-so obedient to leave the bees alone.
    I have a friend who has bees here and lost most of her hive this summer to yellow jackets and wasps. It is a lot of work to have bees but the honey is incredible. I know it will help your moms allergies a lot and the keep you all healthy.
    Have a great day!
    Noreen & Hunter

  26. Goose, Bart has major bad allergies and his mom loves honey! I can't wait to share with them!

    Are your bees going eat locally or will you always feed them???

  27. My husband wants bees but Mesa is super allergic

    Stop on by for a visit

  28. My grandmother was a bee keeper. I love bees and have never been stung! GMO crops are killing our bee populations and most of the "honey" sold in the grocery stores is not even honey and comes from China. Real raw honey is very healing. I feed my fish and shrimp bee pollen. Hale to the BEE!
    Ryker is a bug snapper, he hates bees, and all matter of flying bugs...he would not do well as a bee keeper. Good job Goose!

  29. Mom had to suit up at one of her parks and help remove a hive of africanized bees. She always wishes she lived somewhere where she could have friendly bees.


  30. How wonderful, Lee has had hives. Bees are such busy workers. There is such beauty in the different colors of honey.
    Bees have two stomachs like cows ~ well cows have more than two.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

  31. Goodness that is a lot of bees. I actually heard at one point that bees were kind of dying off. They were worried about nature if anything happened to the bees.

  32. My mom thinks honey is the bees knees..I didn't nose bees have knees but guess they do! Be careful around the bees, loud noises! Mom said I wouldn't do as well as you because I don't have a bark inhibition!

    Your furiend,

  33. Three pounds of bees?!? Gosh I bet that's a lot of honey! And are so brave to get stung in the mouth and still be calm, Goose! I can see why your mom would be so happy :)

  34. I like bees as long as they don't sting me. Lee

  35. well that was very interesting honey info goose! thanks for that!
    how exciting to have your own honey factory.
    are you gonna BEE around the bee hive or is it off limits to you? please BEE careful if you are!
    my mom is laughing because she is imagining me wearing that bee hat. she said it would BEE like me wearing a tent! i could go camping in there. BOL

  36. What a great post! Mes learned lots about bees!

  37. What an awesome post Goose...Momz & I both learned a lot about bees today...We've never seen pictures of a hive being set up before...Thank you so much and best wishes for healthy bees for a long time to come

  38. That was really interesting, Goose. I have seen how important bees are in my own garden at my house. I could not get any fruit from my squash crops (squash, cukes, pumpkins) because we do not have enough bees to pollinate them. I am trying to plant other things to attract more of them to our area. They are very important! Good for you for behaving so well around them too!

  39. We have always wanted to keep bees so we are very jealous! It looks like such fun, and I agree about the environmental benefits making it worthwhile.

    Around here, the bears are very attracted to bee hives... but a neighbor managed to make a triple electric fence to keep the bears away. I have allergies so they gave me a jar of their honey. I'm sad to say that it didn't help :( I hope that your MOM has success with it!

  40. Goose, that is so COOL! I wish I'd been there. I'd love to make friends with bees; I think they're really special little bugs.
    And you're right - you TOTALLY rocked the bee hat!
    Play bows,