Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Indoor Laser

Hello Friends.

Yes I know you have seen me chase my Laser Light inside.  But with our air quality being so bad the last several days my romping around outside has been reduced.  Mostly because MOM is getting over her sickies (she's almost there) and being outside romping around is hard on her.  But the good news is that we will have a storm come in Thursday/Friday to clear everything up.  But until then we get creative with play and exercise inside.  Like the other day playing with bubbles.  We have also created an obstacle course throughout the house that MOM runs with me.  And of course there is playing with my laser light.  So after we played with it for about 20 minutes MOM got out the camera and shot a video.  I hope my pal Ernie is watching.  He is an up and coming laser light chaser who has a bright future.

While all this indoor activity is fun I can't wait to get back outside for more than a walk around my neighborhood.

But as you can see I am still one satisfied Goose whether I am romping in the house or outside. 

One more thing:  Don't forget to join with me in "This Moment See Beautiful" on Friday.  It's simply beautiful really.  Just put together a post how you saw or see beautiful and join us in our blog hop.  There is a whole lot of beautiful out there, believe it, see it, share it.


  1. Oh My Goose!! You make us tired just watching you!! It was neat to hear you barking at the light!

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  2. Ahh, the elusive red dot. We hope you have more luck catching that thing than we do! Happy Thursday!

  3. Oh Goose, you and Ernie would have TONS of fun together!! Catch that ole thing would ya??

    Jazzi and Addi

  4. You make me think we need a laser for Kuster! It looks like tons of fun!


  5. You know Goose, Ernie is a good "wee grasshopper" and learning so much from you. You are the master of laser light! Great video. We're happy to hear that your air quality should be improving real soon.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  6. Goose do you ever stop yelling at that light?


  7. Woof! Woof! My kitty friends in Chitown got one. Definitely will borrow it when we see them. LOVE the video. Looking ofrward on our SB hop. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. An indoor obstacle course AND laser light games! Goose you are a lucky dog & clearly very talented at that chasing game.

    We hope the storm brings you lots of clean & fresh air,
    Wally & Sammy

  9. Well that looked super fun Goose.Glad to hear Mom is on the mend :) Big hugs xxx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. Hey Goose we saw over at Murphy & Stanleys' that the air quality is so bad. We hope it clears up soon. Nevermind mum keeps you amused and getting a romp indoors can be fun too. Have fun. We may get snow this weekend. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Hi Goose!
    We have had some real heavy rain here and I hate to walk in the rain so my Mum has been creative in her way of exercising me too, we loved to see you playing with bubbles so we gave that one a go and we also made an obstacle course throughout the house with things for me to run up and jump over and things, it was so much fun! I have never played with the laser light but I love the videos of you that I have seen and I saw our furiend little Ernie going crazy over playing with the laser light in the snow! I must give it a go, but for now I'm content with playing "fetch" with my new Stagbar and rabbit rope toy I had for chrtistmas, its soooo much fun!
    I love to see beautiful - my Mum posted a picture on the website of me and her hugging in black and white! Will have a look for another photo for Friday!

    Love, Licks and Hugs your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Goose I had no idea you had such a large vocabulary...looks like that laser is an excellent indoor toy.

    We hope and purr Mom feels better and better each day and you air quality clears up soon.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  13. Looks like a ton of fun, Goose!

  14. Any fun is good fun when you get to do it with your mom and boy oh boy were you having fun with that light.

  15. That looks like so much fun Goose! I like the way you are telling that light off!

  16. That looks like fun.....but since me be losin' my eyesight, do they make a "smelly light" I could chase???

  17. Well now that we are worn out! Hers a thought, maybe you need to take your Lazer Light show to Las Vegas, cause you have turned into a great preformer. In front of 87 hundred poochies it would be an awesome show!

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

    Pees; The singing was just Fab!

  18. Well that certainly explains why you are sleeping on the couch right now. The minute your Michelle brought you to Day Care this morning, you went stratigt to sleep.

    So Now who do I play with.......Please tell me I dont have to play with that young pup Harley. He wears me out.....


  19. I love to play with the lazer lights too! Great exercise!

  20. Goose that was so much fun to watch! Thank you. Mommy has a video on my blog today that we see as beautiful, maybe I can repost it tommorow or is that cheating??

    Loveys Sasha

  21. hi Goose, next time could you keep the barking down? i am on the sofa with Jake sleeping and me laptop in lap... when i played the video, Jakes head popped up, his ears came forward and he was on alert for a doggy intruder.... he never pays any attention to barking on TV but he really thought you were HERE... what fun with the lazer.

  22. OMD OMD... Goose it is ME ERNIE... you are a super Light Chaser. I can see that I need to have like 87,000 more practice sessions before I will be in YOUR league.

    Glad that your mom is getting better.

  23. Thanks for reminding me about tomorrow, I will write a beautiful post. I woke up immediately as I heard your voice and was acting like a monkey on a stick ;o) mom said: you wake him-you take this means to me I can visit great is this? ;o)

  24. That is fun but mom saw a show with pups that got addicted and stressed by the laser. Laser Anonymous? BOL
    Benny & Lily

  25. You sure do look happy after!

  26. WHOA! Did you see the way that thing attacked Sneaky Snake?!?! Watch yourself, Goose. That thing is CRAZY!
    Play bows

  27. I'm so glad Frankie saw your supreme light chasing skills! Frankie is quite the laser chaser in the snow! And you, Goose, you are a singer, too. It's so fine, so very fine, to hear your voice.

    Thanks for telling us about beautiful Friday. I must nap on that idea.

    And thank you for your sweet notes on our blog. We're so glad your mom is feeling better, too.

    Blessings to you, always,

  28. That's a good way to exercise, Goose.

  29. Hi Goose, So glad that you are staying inside and keeping busy. Glad your mom is almost better. We are expecting freezing temps here tomorrow and Sat. and I'd love nothing more than staying in but of course training class starts up again Sat. for Hunter. I think he and I will layer on the warm sweaters. Meanwhile, snuggle up with your momma.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  30. Oh Goose, your Moms is so smart. She knows what you loves, and she will find a way to gives it to you. Bonus is it also wears you out!
    You know I LOVE the bubbles, so I'm thinkin' Ma should gets one of those laser light thingies!

  31. We love all your pawesome indoor activities Goose!


  32. Goose, that light got Billy and Sneaky Snake! wow! Your laser light shows always bring a smile to our faces. Your barking serenaded Buddy and Lilly too! Happy seeing beautiful!

  33. Whoo Goosey we got dizzy just wATChING you try to catch the light...I was afraid you were gonna run your head right through the wall and would miss out on our dance, but nope you just keep right on barking and trying to catch that when you finally caught it was it like catching air????
    stella rose

  34. Goose, you crack us up. We love the way you chase the laser, it's fun to watch, we bet your mom has a blast doing that.

    The silvers and more

  35. The air is clean and it's snowing this minute!

    Keep Calm & Bark On,

    Murphy & Stanley

    PS - We still haven't gotten a laser light yet!

  36. To start, THANK YOU BOTH for your kind words of friendship and encouragement. They've helped me more than you know!

    Second, THANK YOU again for the much needed lift! Seeing you has given me a much needed grin at the end of my day!! This should be an event at the next canine olympics! :-D

    PS: Glad your Mom is continuing to feel better too!!

  37. Goose! Yous really knows how to scare the dickens out of that red light! And yous gots it a couple of times! Me loves watching yous. Yous is not likely to see any action shots of me for a while. Me has been watching Mommy most carefully. The minute me sees the camera, me closes my eyes and stops doing what me was doing!

  38. Oh Goose. You have so much fun with that laser! I think that I told you this before but just in case... R struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder. It's been a huge issue at various times in his life. E.g., for a phase, he drank so much water (obsessively) that he "washed out" his kidneys and they couldn't do their job anymore!

    This is relevant because the one thing that our vet told us to "never ever even consider doing with R" was laser light chasing. Apparently, OCD dogs go completely insane over it.

    Thanks for the reminder about See Beautiful!