Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Mischief Mystry

Hello Friends.

The story you are about to hear and the photos you are about to see may be disturbing to some viewers.  Viewer digression is advised.

Goosie what you got there?

Is Cheeto stuck in the couch?
Yummm....a  Yea... Stuck.  I was just trying to get him out.

Wow, he is all the way under the couch cushion.

Now how did Cheeto get all the way under the couch cushion?
I don't know.  Maybe he just needed to get away.
Why would Cheeto need to get away?
[at this point MOM pulled Cheeto out from underneath the couch cushion.  It is here that I must Warn you again]

Oh my goodness!  MOM look!  Cheeto's leg has come detached from his body.
How did that happen?

  I don't know.  Oh this is terrible.
Goose, are you sure you don't know why his leg is ripped off and he was stuffed under the couch?

I wish I knew.  Maybe, maybe he stopped a pack of squirrels from entering the house and in his heroic effort he lost his leg.
A pack of squirrels?
That or maybe he crawled under the cushion when he heard the squirrles coming in and his leg got stuck and he had to gnaw his leg off to get unstuck.
Gnawed his leg off?  Maybe the squirrels gnawed it off to free him.
Yea, OK.  Let's go with that.

Maybe if I lick it we can stick his leg back on again.
Haha.  I don't think that will work.
But, I feel bad for him.  He gave his leg to save our lives from the evil squirrels.  Can we fix him please?  Can we call Dr. Carolyn?  Remember she fixed Sneaky Snake when he lost his eye.
I'll call her in the morning.

OK Cheeto, you just rest comfortably under the table and in a couple of days you'll be good as new.  You don't remember anything do you?
Oh good.  I mean, it's probably best you can't remember.  Just rest now.


  1. :-/ The Horrors!!! Poor Cheeto! Those evil squirrels got the best of him, but I'm sure that your Doctor friend will be able to make him as right as rain!! Take care!!

  2. Oh Goose I'm so glad you have someone that can help Cheeto. I know your mom isn't handy with a needle and thread so I'm glad to hear Dr. Carolyn can help. Those squirrels are just terrible to do that to him. I hope you can get back at those squirrels someday.


  3. Woof! Woof! Oh Goose and Poor Cheeto. I'm sure Cheeto will be good in a few days, MIRACLES!!! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Ouch! Poor Cheeto! Glad you know a stuphiologist!

    Bart and Ruby

  5. OH the humanity!! Poor, poor Cheeto...what a hero, sacrificing life & limb (literally) to keep you and mom safe! We do hope Dogter Carolyn can put him back together again.

    Be strong Cheeto & Goose,
    Wally & Sammy

  6. Poor Cheeto! We're glad he will be able to be fixed. Oh My Goodness.. we didn't mean "fixed", we meant repaired. Whew! Happy Monday, furriends. xoxo

  7. Nuuuuuu horrible death by Goose... dismembered body parts... hidden evidence...oh wow, I sound like a psycho fan...

    Cheeto will be fine...I hope.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  8. Poor, brave Cheeto! Glad you found a doctor to treat him. Grandpa is the one who takes care of my broken stuffies. Keep a good watch over Cheeto.

  9. .,oh noh.... what happened to Cheeto? that's Horrible...Call Dr. Carolyn immediately to fix Cheeto. Hope she can fix it.

    Patio Dog Door

  10. BOL! Pack of squirrels Hardy Har Har Har Hohahohaho! Ahem...moment of silence for Cheeto..................

    K, moment's over Hoahahahhahhahahahhaaaaaa ;P

    Waggin at ya,

  11. Yea we know it was those horrid squirrels. Let us hope Cheeto has a successful operation. Hop a long now. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. The squirrels come into our house all the time and destroy our toys. Hope Cheeto is ok.

    Happy Monday.

  13. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA...ahem, sorry I shouldn't laugh at poor Cheeto in his time of need (I should be slapped silly). Dis is so terribles but da good thing is dat he not remembers anything...or at least I hope not.
    I will be thinkin' of Cheeto durin' his surgicals.

    Okays can I laugh now? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


  14. Watch out for those Squirrels Goose, they are really distructive..Bawaahhaaawwaa :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  15. Oh poor Cheeto, those squirrels are naughty! Hope Dr. Carolyn can help him... a bird never flew on one wing :o) ...but better to lose one leg than the head ?

    I know who did it it was Puddles D. Rainwater...she must have toured your fair city with Pip and got in your home and dismembered
    Bless your heart.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  17. I bet it was Alred ...or one of his other bad boy kitty friends!

    Your pal, Pip

  18. Say it aint so Goose! Your poor furend Cheeto looks like he is hurting. I'm hoping that he can get fixed up real soon. He did a great job from protecting you and your Mom from that nasty pack of tree rats.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  19. Hmmmm....squirrels eh? This is quite the mystery. We'll certainly be thinking of Cheeto. Maybe he'll come back to his senses when his leg is reattached. ;)

  20. OH GOOSE.... you may not have heard this... butt WE hear that when a LIMB is severed.. you are supposed to submerge it in a

    Cheeto did an amazing and HEROic Job of Pawtecting you. Maybe he will get a MEDAL from Mayor MADIson.

  21. Yep stuffie parts, seems it always happens they just don't make them last. I have one that Lee sewed his leg on backwards what's up with that.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  22. Oh no! Poor Cheeto! To have all that happen after he was so brave and heroic! I hope the doc fixes him up nice.

  23. Poor Cheeto. He was such a good guy too. Now this makes me wonder if Stanley came to your house or something? We have several stuffies that had a leg amputated, then another leg, and eventually arms and heads went too. You need Dr. Carolyn. We need a morgue director.

    Keep Calm & Bark On (and deny EVERYTHING!)

    Murphy & Stanley

  24. Oh, the horror of it all! I had to put my paw over my mom's eyes -- she gets a little squeamish over scenes like this. I'm just glad Cheeto's leg was there. I mean, this one time, I was playing with an octopus and the next thing Mom knew, it was a 7-legged octopus ... and no 8th leg to be found! ...until I started doing the horka-horka-horka ...
    Oh. Sorry. I hope no one was eating or anything. Yeah. Especially calamari. Ha woo.
    Anyway - can Cheetos' leg be saved? Can Dr. Carolyn work her magic? Maybe she could perform a squeak-ectomy at the same time and implant an extra SQUEAKer. Just an idea. That way, in case there is another attack by errant squirrels, you'll be able to hear it and can save Cheeto.

  25. Poor Cheeto! I trip to the stuffie ER right away and I think the leg can be saved!


  26. **Gasp** Poor Cheeto! This is terrible! I hope he can be saved!!

  27. Oh no poor Cheeto!

    Stop on by for a visit

  28. OH NOOOOOOES! Poor Cheeto! The carnage is nearly too much for my poor eyes!

  29. Oh oh - Cheeto has become a wounded warrior - bravely protecting you all from marauding squirrels while you slept.

  30. He deserves a medal for his bravery!


  31. Hee hee hee! I mean, *gasp* That's terrible! Poor Cheeto, sacrificing himself that way to protect the rest of you! He deserves a holiday in his name. National Cheeto Day has a nice ring to it now that I think about it... Mmmm! Cheetos!


  32. Oh My, must of been a bad weekend for the monkeys!! I have one just like Cheeto except he is brown. And I aa aa decided mmm to do a little brain surgery on him. Now he is waiting for Mom to sew his scalp back together. At least Cheeto lost his leg in an act of bravery.
    Bailey & Hazel too

  33. Hi Goose, You make me smile! Do you know that it must have been those evil squirrels or their cousins who came here and ripped ears off of some of Hunter's favorite stuffies? I think we should put a bounty of their heads.
    Hope you've scared them all away.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  34. Poor cheeto :( Those squirrels must have got my peasant Nigel too, he's got tears on his back and belly... those squirrels are so cruel.
    Love Milo :)

  35. looks like a nice clean break Goose...Cheeto should be good as new real soon...(pssst, glad he don't remember nuthin pal...lucky for you )

  36. Are you sure his leg didn't fall off when you pulled him out of the couch? He could have been caught on something and it fell off when you pulled him out. That sounds innocent enough.

  37. Oh yes Goose, Zoie had the same problem with her stuffies!!! Things kept coming off them some how??!! LOL

  38. Oh Goose, we are SO sure that you didn't have anything to do with that leg, except for helping Cheeto. So absolutely sure. A pack of squirrels gnawed his leg off? Please come up with something better than that so that i can keep believing you! :)

  39. Tell your mom we saw the pack a squirrels
    Benny & Lily

  40. Goose buddy, Are you sure that Willa wasn't over visiting you? Anyway, I am 100% sure your human will get Cheetos fixed up good as new soon.

    See ya tomorrow

  41. OMD!! The HORRORS!! Poor Cheetos! Those Nasty evil official Squirrel Patrol Officer for the Dive Mayoress Madi, I will gets to the bottom of this squirrel situations Goose. No squirrels gets away with dismembering stuffies on MY WATCH!!
    Which way did they go?

  42. NO!!! not Cheeto, please say it's a bad dream. If it's true I'm sure Dr. Carolyn can fix him up good as new. Those stuffie doctors are amazing. All we can say is we're glad it's wasn't Cheetos head--- :)
    gracie and Schatzie

  43. Cheeto at least has a chance with Dr. Carolyn's help...unlike OUR Snakey, who face imploded this morning. Absolutely nothing left to attach. Momma was able to stop the bleeding at the neck, but Snakey just isn't the same.

  44. oh no! Poor little cheeto...get well soon xx