Friday, May 18, 2012

Successful Surgery

Friends I am happy to report that my beloved Sneaky Snake has made it through surgery just fine.  If you remember earlier this week my gal pal Belle came over to my house.  Unfortunately Sneaky Snake sneaked up on her and it frightened her and she then ripped off half his Sneaky face.

Poor Sneaky Snake.  Eye missing, face torn.  I felt bad for him.

Friday morning MOM called in a specialist.  Dr. Carolyn.  Oh she is good.  Many times she has hemmed MOM's pants and taken them in.  I have seen her work miracles.  But would she be able too help Sneaky?  I could only hope.

I could not bear to watch the procedure.  So I waiting outside in the flowers.  I thought I could pick him some get well flowers.

But then the storm clouds started to loom large.

There was lightning and thunder and rain began to pour from the sky just a short distance away.  I headed back inside.  I thought the storm would make Sneaky even more scared.  So I needed to Goose up and be there for him.

When I got back in the operations was under way in the capable hands of Dr. Carolyn.

I could not bear to watch.  But I know he knew I was there.

Bleck.  I took a peek.  Oh it was a gruesome sight.  What a brave snake.

The stitching went on for what seemed like 87 hours.  I was worried what Sneaky's face would look like.  Would he have a scare.  But Dr. Carolyn is a pro.  Just look at her arm below.  She really knows what she is doing.

That's not a tattoo friends.  That's the real deal.  11 stitches.  She said Sneaky Snake would most likely have about 87 stitches.

Almost done.  I think he going to make it.  Dr. Carolyn said he would have to take it easy for a while and the stitches would have to stay in forever.  But she felt confident that Sneaky would make a full recovery and be back to his old self soon.

Sneaky all curled up in the recovery room.  They let me in to help him along.

Oh my Dog!  Sneaky is missing an eye.  Dr. Carolyn said that it was missing and that there was nothing she could do with out having the eye to work with.  But she said Sneaky would grow use to it and in no time would not even notice it was gone.

Sneaky gave me a real big hug when he finally came out of the sleepy drug.

You know I don't mind that Sneaky Snake only has one eye now.  It's like he is winking all the time.  
Thanks Dr. Carolyn for fixing my friend.  I hope you enjoy the treat I left in your purse for payment.  Very reasonable price to pay to have my friend back.


  1. I am so glad you and Mr.Sneaky Snake are back together again....Dr. Carolyn did an excellent job. Love the last shot of you and Sneaky Snake:) Have a great weekend.

  2. OH Man Goose, I am so glad that he made it through the surgery. I know how you feel about Sneaky Snake.

    I hope you will be able to leave him and come and go on a walk with me, Logan, Baci and Murphy.

    See ya soon. (And stay out of the quicksand mud this time....K!)

  3. That was so nice of Dr. Carolyn to fix Sneaky Snake for you. Just make sure you hide him of Belle comes over again. I am not sure he could take another beating like she gave him.


  4. What a close call, yous got to protect your little buddy, glad he is fixed


  5. Oh Goose! me is just so happy that sneaky made it through the surgery! He sure came out looking good so Dr Carolyn is a miracle worker in my books!
    Sweet Goose
    Nellie Bellie

  6. OMD.. Dr. Carolyn is an amazing Stuffie Surgeon fur SURE. I am sooooo relieved that Sneaky Snake is all mended and ready to have mor adventures with us. WHEW. The MARVELS of MODERN Stichery!! I think that just 87 Months ago... Sneaky Snake.. would have been a Gonner.

    We have Soooooo much to be thankful fur!!!
    I agree with you.. he looks like he is constantly WINKIN.. Not a problem at all.
    THANK YOU DR. CAROLYN... fur helpin MY FUREND's Furend.
    PeeS... Did she prescribe any Snake Oil fur Sneaky Snake? I'm just askin.

  7. Dr. Carolyn did a great job. We could send her lots of stuffies in need of surgery but there isn't much left to work with after Mr. Lightning gets his toofers on them:( We bet you and Sneaky Snake are going to have a lot of fun together.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. OH! My dogs have a sneaky snake too, and they love it. I'm glad that the surgery went well!

    That picture of Goose in the flowers is priceless. Beyond priceless.

  9. Sneaky snake looks almost as good as new!

  10. Dr. Carolyn sounds like a great friend to have!


  11. What talented hands Dr. Carolyn has!! I'm glad that Sneaky Snake is on the mend! :)

    Enjoy your weekend--You're so handsome in those flowers!!!

  12. We are so happy to see an ER nurse lives with you too. Yea for snakie. Most of our stuffies are blind
    Benny & Lily

  13. We were wondering bout poor, poor Sneaky. So good to see him back to himself. He better be more careful who he sneaks up on from now on. xoxo

  14. Goose I am so relieved and happy for you. I am sure sneaky snake will be fine now in your very capable paws. Let him rest and soon he will be ready to play.

    Loveys Sasha

  15. Goose,

    I love your blog, Bert told me about you so I put you in my favorites! I am so glad your Sneaky Snake has been fixed and is back hugging you! What a smile you give me, thank you so much!

    Take care,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  16. Feel better soon Sneaky Snake!!!

    Goose looks adorable in the field of blue blossoms!

  17. Will Sneaky have to stay in his crate during recovery??

    -Bart and Ruby

  18. Wonderful news - Dr. Carolyn has healing hands und you were so brave to watch the scenery...
    Good luck for Mr. Snake's recovery! And you look great between the flowers!
    Sealed with a kiss Charlotte

  19. Oh that was nerve racking!! We were on paws and claws waiting to find out, bol Glad that everything is A-ok!!


  20. Good news ! Mr. Sneaky Snake is back!
    My little Pink Bunny needs a surgery too ... I'm going to call Dr. Carolyn !!

    I love your picture in field of flowers !


  21. OH great news about your friend the snake. Those surgeries can be a little dangerous for our stuffie friends! Your doc did a great job!

  22. Goose, you're seeing so beautiful! You're right, Sneaky's just winking at everyone. In fact, I think it makes Sneaky snake see even more beautiful. What about you? I do wonder if this sneaky expression makes Sneaky Snake more sneaky? Hmm...I guess we'll have to wait and find out. I'm proud of you for getting over your fears and being by your friend's side during surgery. You're a faithful, wonderful friend.

    Happy seeing BEAUTFUL!

  23. Happy Saturday Goose, So thankful Sneaky is back recovering and almost as good as new. Last night I was in a pet boutique and saw a huge snake that must be a relative of Sneaky. I actually thought of you and looked for a small one for our Hunter but they didn't have any. Of course he has his blue one and seems happy with it.
    Have a great day and give Sneaky a lick for us.
    Noreen & Hunter

  24. Hi Goose,
    We are so glad that Sneaky Snake is OK after his operation. Please give him hugs and kisses from us. If your friend Bella comese to play with you agian, perhaps Sneaky Snake should hide. He is very cute.
    Sally Ann and Andy

  25. Howdy Goose, thank goodness for Dr Carolyn. She is a fab surgeon for sure. Does she like to practice on herself to make sure she gets the stiching right? (Sorry, it's just mum's sick sense of humour!). Now you could call Sneaky Snake, Winky Sneaky Snake! Glad you have your friend back Goose. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  26. Mommy has been so down in the dumper today, fanks fow making her smile! I think Sneaky Snake looks like a brave Pirate, he just needs an eye patch!

  27. Dr. Carolyn did a fantastic job. I think Sneaky Snake looks like a pirate now. maybe he needs a patch over the missing eye? Glad you are reunited!

    Your Friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  28. Hey Gooseberry!
    Wow, I have tallied all of your nickname votes and this is your (only) name for the next week! That's really fun and I like this name alot for you. Good luck in the drawing!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Host

  29. Woof to you Goose!!!! You are truly an amazing boy for bucking up and supporting Sneaky Snake in what I imagine was a very scary time for the both of you. And I love that you're embracing his new one eyed look .... you are a very old soul to know that it's what on the inside that matters and that he's still the same old Sneaky Snake, pre and post procedure. Much love to you and Sneaky Snake - XXOO - Mazzie

  30. So glad to hear it was successful

    Stop on by for a visit

  31. He won't have to wear the cone, will he?
    We can see the pix on this post! YEA! I don't know why we couldn't on the others.
    Sneaky looks great. I'll bet he was real brave about the whole thing. It was so kind of you to be there for him - I know he appreciates it.
    Take good care of him!
    Play bows,

  32. Where did you get that long stuffed snake?