Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Questions Answered

My friend Puddles tagged me to answer a few questions.  So here we go:

1.     Describe yourself in 7 words.
Goose: protective, smart, friendly, sneaky, strong, funny, loyal
MOM: adventurous, faithful, creative, casual, committed, funny, forgetful
2.    What keeps you up at night?
Goose: When MOM is sick, when MOM is out of town
MOM: work, when Goose doesn’t feel well
3.     Who would you like to be?
Goose: I just want to be me.  I mean being Bert would be cool.  But I don’t think I could pull it off.
MOM: a younger me and know what I know now
4.    What are you wearing right now?
Goose: I am NAKED! The only way to be.
MOM: Jeans, T-Shirt (the “my dog is the boss of me” t-shirt)
Not true, she is topless.  Am not.  Are too! Where is the camera I’ll show them. Let’s just move on to the next question.
5.     What scares me?
Goose: ALLRED the Devil Cat!!!!!  Nuf said.  Oh and when MOM starts to slip into a coma, that’s scary.
MOM: Loosing Goose. Failure
6.    The best and worst of blogging
Goose: All the great friends I have met.  The worst is reading about sad stuff and not being able to help.
MOM: The incredible community that we are a part of now. Worst same as Goose and not having time to comment on all the blogs
7.     The last web site I visited.
Goose: Army of Four.
MOM: General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church
8.    What is one thing I would change about myself?
Goose: I want to say nothing, but the truth is I wish I did not have separation anxiety.  But then again if I didn’t have separation anxiety I never would have met Bert and his Vickie and then I would not have met so many wonderful peeps and pups in Blogville.  So I will stick to NOTHING.
MOM: To be more musically inclined, specifically to be able to play the drums.
Oh the neighbors would love that. But I know where I can get ya a couple of sticks to beat the drums.
9.     Slankets yes or no
Goose: NO NO NO
MOM: I have to agree with Goose on that one, no
10.    Tell us something about the dog that tagged you.
There is so much I can say about Puddles.  She is GREAT!!  She is witty, confident, mischievous, lovely and oh so funny.  I would love to kick back with her and have a beer and some Cheetos and bark our heads off about our peeps.  If I need a pick me up all I have to do is read one of her posts and I am flyin’ high with a big smile on my lips from ear to ear.  The world should have more Puddles in it.  Could imagine what that would be like? 
OK now I have to tag 8 other bloggers because the rules say I have to, and I’m all about following the rules. I tag: My buddy Bert and Allred.  I would also want to know what makes Allred tick (as frightening as that may be).  Then there is Fred and Gloria.  Zim and Dave.  Iris. And finally beautiful K.

There a go.  Play along if you wish.


  1. I just want to smooch that nose!! Fun to learn more about you and your mum. Have a great wednesday!!

  2. Dude, I just love the last picture of your schouser.....Me and My Vickie want to play so when we get back from our adventure in the land of the sequestered tomorrow, we will do mine, Can't promise anything will come from Allred cause no body knows where he is right now.....but I'll sure tell him. you know, I think he is beginning to like you a little.....(very little) but thats better than the very very very little that he likes me.

    later dude

  3. I loved your answers, and I have to get mine typed up for later this week! You look like a hound who knows how to use the couch!


  4. We luf these awards where you learn more about furriends. Great pics, too! You haf a very snorglable bellah, Goose. xoxo

  5. What great photos, Goose - your MOM took some wonderful ones of you for this post!!! I knew that it would Allred who scares you. Why doesn't he scare your MOM?

    I thought that Goose's answer to what he'd like to change about himself was actually very philosophically deep. Isn't it funny how our greatest weaknesses can bring changes in our lives that are GOOD!

    Thanks for tagging K... I'm not sure that we're as interesting as you two are but we'll have fun answering them!

  6. Hi Goose

    Great pics ... I love your nose !!!!
    Yes, i'm going to try to answer all the questions (in my poor and bad english ....)

  7. How fun. I wonder what Goose would think of drum playin'? :)

  8. Hehehehehe...Oh Goose...you has me doin' dat snortin' laughin' thing dat da hoomans do.
    Haves mercy, I hads no idea dat your mom was a topless dancer. Oh my bad, you just said hers was topless. You is a riot!
    You knows some of our weaknesses and challenges can be our greatest assets...depending on hows you look at 'em.
    And I has to say...I thanks you furs da super sweet things you said bouts me. I do believes my head is swelling...OMD, it's huge nows.
    But, I am so thankful dat I has met you and your mom. You makes me laugh from your posts to your comments...and you blog opens me up to thinking. Ya'll is wonderfuls!

    PS; Sorry I wrote you a novel

  9. Goose great answers from you and your mom. Your photos were well chossen to go with the answers!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  10. I am sure you aren't surprised butt # 4 is my Favorite!!! BaaaWaaah

    NO WAY could the world Survive MORE Puddles.. The Mold was Broken when She was Made.

    PeeS... Perhaps if we get to know More about Allred.. we could find some..weakness!! THAT would be a good thingy.

  11. That was fun....love the last photo!

  12. nice answers to some good questions Goose!! You look pretty snazzy in your pics.


  13. that was wonderful getting to know you and your Mom and I am glad to have met you through Bert....you guys are the best and we love seeing all your photos.

  14. How wonderful it was to get to know you and your Momma a little better. Those are some great pictures of you too, Goose! Thanks for tagging us we'll do our best, but you're a pretty hard act to follow! :)

  15. I sure liked learning more about you and your MOM, Goose! What is a slanket, though? A slippery blanket? Hmm...
    Hey, thanks for tagging us!

  16. Goose, you are HYSTERICAL! The way your mind works never ceases to bring a smile to our faces. We love your daily doses of inspiration and laughter!

    Happy seeing beautiful.

  17. Oh, Goose's Mommy, I was wondering if you could shoot me an email. I didn't see a "contact" here, but wanted to toss an idea I have your way.


  18. I have separation anxiety, too. It's eased up over the years (I've been with my family since 2001), but it's still there a little. I was abandoned by my former people so I guess that's part of it.

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S: My mom is forgetful, too. She was going to add it to her 7 words, but she forgot. Bawahahahaha

  19. That is so great! Me loved to read the things about yous and your Mommy!

  20. I love these challenges because we end up learning so many new things about our friends. Goose, you and your mom are the perfect team!

  21. Hi Goose, we wouldn't change anything about you either. We love you just the way you are. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  22. It's so nice to learn about you and your mom! We love the pictures too buddy!

  23. Hi Goose!

    I wanted you to know that we plan to answer the questions... but we need to have an instant of extra time in a day to think about them first!! We promise that we'll do it sometime very soon!

    K, The Chocolate Lab

  24. We learned lots of cool stuff about you Goose!!! Love the drum idea! Our favorite pic is the snooter picture!!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  25. Sure loved learning new things about you and your mom. :)