Saturday, November 26, 2011

Water Fun?

Today my Buddy Bert and his Vickie took me and MOM to one of Bert’s favorite swimming holes.  You know how I feel about swimming, not a big fan.  But Bert made it look like so much fun!  So I got my toes wet.
Not too bad. But look at that crazy Bert!  His toes aren’t even touching bottom.  I would bark to tell him to get back to the bank.

He would come back but right back to the water he would go.  So I got a little braver.  Up to my elbows.  I even crossed to the other side of the river (all be it at a shallower part).

But that Bert would just keep going in to bring back sticks to his Vickie.  OK deep breath here I go…  OK I got in up to my chest!  Not too bad.  MOM did not get a picture of that she was so amazed.

But the best part was helping Bert bring the sticks back and playing a little tug of war.

Yes indeed water can be fun.  Who knew?  Oh yea my buddy Bert.  Thanks Bert for helping me with my fear.  Next time I hope I will go all the way in, and my feet don’t touch bottom!



  1. What a good buddy your friend Bert is to show you the swimming ropes!!
    Have a great saturday!!

  2. Dude, so glad you an your Michelle came along. We have to do this more.....I just know you are going to love it when we swim.

    You may want to wait a few more months cause it is really cold right now. Did you notice you broke a light layer of ice when you first stepped into that pool at the side of the river.

    I am spending the rest of the day sleeping cause that cold water really tires me out.

    See ya soon


  3. hey Goose,

    What fun! Bert is a great friend to share his pawsome swimming hole with you! It looks beautiful! Like you, I am not a water dog. Snow, yes!!! Water, no. But you sure were a brave dog and good sport to enjoy Bert's swimming hole with him! Looks like you both had a blast! Such great photos. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi Goose, Loved hearing that you were able to venture into the water because of your good friend Bert. That is what friends do for eachother, help one another try things they are afraid of. What a wonderful pair you to make-so different but I can tell you were having fun!
    Have a wonderful weekend-I can't believe it's almost Dec. and you are still going in water.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie-dog

  5. You're so lucky to get to hang out with Bert. He sure is one great dude.

    My sister Starr (the Weim) thinks she will melt if she gets in the water.

  6. Hi! We read about your fun outing with Bert over at his blog and though we would come by and say hello!

    Tommy (and the rest of The Poupounette Gang) in France

  7. Goose - that's so cool that you and Bert got to go have an adventure together! Dave and I aren't real sure about that whole "swimming" thing; it's just not in the Siberian Husky handbook!
    Those pix of you helping Bert bring that stick back are terrific! What teamwork!
    Play bows,

  8. Good times with furiends... it just doesn't get any better!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  9. Hi Goose - my name is Stewey! I came across your blog and decided to say "hi". Guess what?
    I don't like water much either. But, I do like snow! Stop on over sometime!

  10. It looks like you two had an awesome day!


  11. Well at least you got your toys wet!

    Stop on by for a visit