Friday, March 24, 2017

New Adventure

Hey All

This summer momma and I are going to embark on a new adventure!

Today we got our Kayak.  I am so excited!  This is something momma and I have never done so you know it's going to be an exciting and wet adventure.  Momma always wanted to do this or paddle board with my Angel Brother Goose.  But Goose was not a big fan of water.  And since I have come to LOVE water the time seemed right to go for it.  Momma was going to get a paddle board but after seeing me and how much I love to dive into the water momma thought it was a better idea to go the kayak way.  Oh dog oh dog, come on warmer weather get here fast!!!!  Now all momma has to do is figure out how to take pictures and not get the camera all wet.  Stay tune my friends and come glide across mountain ponds and lakes with me.  I bet we can even fit Bert on this thing, now that would be an adventure, momma, me and Bert.  HA!!!!



  1. Hari OM
    I am pretty sure that there are waterproof casings available for cameras... such an adventure most DEFINITELY be recorded!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Sound like your mom needs to invest in a water proof Go Pro camera.

  3. BOL kayaks are fun. Wear your life vest
    Lily & Edward

  4. OMD OMD a KAYAK??? Do you have a Life Vest fur your mom? Just checkin.. gotta keep the moms SAFE you know.
    You two are gonna have a BLAST with that thingy.

  5. You all need a video camera on the bow of the kayak pointed back at you so we can see how much fun you're having. Bert on there with you - OMD, I am laughing already.

  6. Yep! Definitely need a WATERPROOF camera!! You can get one of those cute little Polaroid Cube cameras...they have a waterproof case! I think they are about a hundred bucks or so on Amazon. Oh boy this is going to be SUCH a fun adventure to watch!!

  7. OMD, kayaking with your momma?! We can't WAIT to see some pics of that!