Sunday, February 12, 2017

Flood Water and Fun with Bert

Hey All

For weeks and weeks we were inundated with feet and feet of snow.  Then this past week we had unseasonable warm weather and lots of that snow melted and we had days and days of rain, so now some flooding has started.  But does that stop me and my best pal, Bert, from taking our humans out in the wet to have fun?  Nope.

For safety reasons however instead of walking along the West side of the river where there are lots of access to the river, which is overflowing it's banks, momma took us on the East side at The Fort where access is not so easy.  But as you can see even the channels and small streams were overflowing, but at least they were not running as fast and deep as the river.

Bert has made up a new game to play with me and he thinks it is so funny.  In the video below you will see him teasing me with a piece of wood.  He runs with it in his mouth, stops, shakes his butt at me, looking over his shoulder just taunting me to take it and when I swoop in to get it he takes off then does it all over again. 

I will admit it is a lot of fun!  And as you saw I got it in the end.



  1. ha you got it! and then you shaked you butt at him... hahahaha
    I hope there is no huge damage with the flooding water... stay safe and dry :o)

  2. You boys sure have fun together. We're glad you got that piece of wood in the end.

  3. How awesome!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. Ha ha! I love the keep away. Shyla does that same thing with almost every dog who she's not scared of. She wants them to chase her with her stick. It looks like you two friends had tons and tons of fun together!