Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Safe Shelter

Hello Friends.

Many of you know that me and MOM are heavily involved at St. Anne's Homeless Center.  MOM has served on the board of directors for about 14 years.  And for over the last two years my MOM has worked for St. Anne's.  Specifically she is the kitchen manager.  Everyday (almost) she cooks for those who are in need, whether they are homeless or just need a hot nutritious meal to help make ends meet.  MOM says there is no greater job than feeding those who are hungry.  And for those who have followed me for a while to answer a question you may have, Yes my MOM still works at our church as well.

I want to show you something very exciting.  It's right here on my paws.  Butt first a little back ground.  Some years ago during a brutal snow storm it was seen that people waiting to get into the shelter would wait until the last minute, then they were seen putting something in these school like lockers that were donated and left outside.  What were they putting in there you might be wondering.  Well my friends they were putting their pets in the lockers so they would be safe during the night and keep them out of the weather.  Is your heart breaking yet?  Well I tell you what, in broke my MOM's heart as well as the director of the Center.  It was about that time that St. Anne's was beginning to plan for the building of a new facility that would better serve the community.  And while it was met with a little resistance it was decided that apart of the new facility would be a pet area.  It was also decided that until that day came, pets would be allowed in at night (and at lunch time) with their people at the current faclity.  Beginning in May St Anne's will begin moving into its new facility which will be called Lantern House (although MOM's kitchen will still be called St. Anne's Kitchen).  And here is the exciting news (as if that was not enough).

Look right here.  Can you see that?  I have highlighted it in yellow.  Need a closer look?

How's this?  This my friends is the pet area at the Lantern House.  That highlighted part is a heated and cooled building with 18 big kennels!!  And there is of course access to an outdoor area with GRASS. 

OMD!!  As far as we know, please correct me if I am wrong, butt we believe it is the only homeless shelter that has a pet area.  Do you know what this means?  It means that families can stay together as the people get back on their feet.  It means that there is a safe place for their pets to stay as they go out seeking employment or attend classes and programs to help them.  It means that those who would not stay at a shelter because they would not or could not leave their pet will now feel comfortable to step inside knowing that their companion is welcome as well. 

I know that many of you have supported this with your prayers and green papers and believe me when I say MOM and I could never thank you enough.  Ours hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude!!  Thank You!  Thank YOU!  If anyone still wants to help out, we are still a little bit short of total funding, you can click on that St. Anne's box at the top of the screen and when you donate just put down it's for the pet area.  Butt don't you worry friends even though we are short of total funding this IS being built and I can't wait to give you all a tour.


  1. OMD, that is FABulous Goose!!!! You knows, I've been thinkin' abouts all the peeps that need to go the shelter in the cold weather that most of the country is in, butts they won't because they will NOT leave their pets. So both are cold and wet and in danger out in the elements. This is an amazin' step! I am so proud of you and your Moms and the whole community for what you are doin' to help everyone out. I am going to see if there is some extra green papers in my treatie fund, and get it right out to you.
    Keep up the good work Goose!!!
    Ruby ♥

  2. Goose, I'm just crying reading this! I know many homeless and I have a deep admiration for those that have an animal! One guy here locally has just taken on a 2nd pup. I know I would rather sleep in my car than not have my pup with me. This is SO needed... everywhere! Hoping that Lantern House will be a beacon of light showing other shelters how it's done!!! Blessings to you and to Lantern House!

  3. Goose Bro.....we are so proud of you and your Michelle. And we are going to ask our friends to help out again. and we want to to. You are such great examples of kindness and caring.

  4. Oh Goose... this post brought tears to my eyes. Your mom and you are absolutely amazing, making this dream become a reality. I feel like my Angel K helped just a little - we gave in memory of her, back when she died. I love that a tiny bit of this is her legacy.

    You and your mom do so much good in this world. I'm proud to be your friend.

  5. What a fantastic idea and well done for making it a reality, pawsome work!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. Bravo pawsome work there. We applaws you. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. bro, that's so wonderful... i specially love the idea with the pet area. so much people here refuse to spend the night inside, because pets aren't allowed in shelters and they rather take all risks than to leave their furfriend outside. we really need shelters like yours....
    easy rider

  8. Hari OM
    If I had a tail it would be making windmills right now; this is just the most excellent news. Here in UK there are a lot of folk who face the same problem - but there ARE shelters which will take in the pet as well. Just not enough of them.... You and mom are earning your 'heavenly currency', that's for sure!!! Blessings hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  9. that is such a wonderful thing to do - so many that are homeless simply can not leave their pets and now in your area they won't have too

  10. We are crying tears of JOY over this news Goose! That is totally pawsome. Thank you and your Mom for helping those in need.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  11. That is so exciting! I can't think of any other shelter that has a dedicated animal area - it is just wonderful!

    Monty and Harlow


  13. OMD!!!!!!!! Goose, this is the BEST news I have ever heard! Oh, to hear that people would put their pets in a locker before entering the shelter for the night just breaks my heart. But now, NOW they can bring their pet in with them?!? It is making our eyes all teary-eyed with JOY that the families can stay together with their pets. Such amazing grace at that shelter.

  14. That is such an amazing idea, Goose. Thank you and your MOM for doing such grreat work!!

  15. OH GOOSE..... we are so THRILLED to see and hear about this again... it is so FABULOUS... You know... homeless does NOT mean Heartless... these folks have LOVE to give their animals and they NEED the Love their pets give them in return... that is basically ALL that they have... TWO WAY LOVE...
    BRAVO to all who have worked so tirelessly to make life easier for those who need this so much.

  16. That brings happy tears to our eyes!
    God is so good!

  17. Wow Goose, that is great news!!! We agree with Cammie and know with and through God, anything is possible!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  18. That is the most wonderfulest thing ever! We went by just a few days ago and it is gonna by a wonderful place for those who need it. Huge improvement!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  19. We think that will be one of the most grandest places ever for whoever needs it. What a dream come true.
    stella rose

  20. That is fantastic Goose how exciting
    Lily & Edward

  21. You and your mom are so lucky to be part of such a progressive shelter.

  22. Oh that is so cool Goose. I know families will love being able to have their pets with them!!


  23. This is so wonderful and heartwarming! It's a pleasure to donate to such a worthy cause :)

  24. Yes, this post brought tears to our eyes as well...how very sad that those folks had to put their pets in their lockers. We are SO THRILLED that your special shelter will have special places for the pets and their people! WONDERFUL news!! Heartfelt congratulations to you and your mom for making this happen!! Awesome!!

  25. That is SO wonderful! Mom just made a donation and will do another when the Barkley Book month check comes! We love hearing this - no one should have to be separated from their best friend, when life is already hard.

    Abby Lab

  26. Goose,

    This is wonderful news. Just guessing, but I'll bet your mom had something to do with accommodating pets in the new shelter. She who loves animals as much as she does:-)

    This is such a wonderful thing!

    Bella and Ruthie (neither of whom writes in our blog;-)

  27. Oh Goose that is one of the most Beautiful things I have seen! That is truly a blessing :) It is making me cry tears of happiness.
    Marty's Mom

  28. Goose! THis is the bestest News Ever! More shelters need to take people with animals into consideration - just like St Annes!
    Wes is so furry happy!

  29. Hi Y'all!

    Oh that is such a wonderful story! It was so sad when the rescues were overwhelmed with companions of people who had lost their homes. It's so wonderful! What y'all are doing.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog