Friday, February 27, 2015

Help Needed

Hello Friends.

Do I look worn out?  Well I am.  See this PILE in front of me.  Those are some of the gifts I am sending out to all those who commented on my Birthday Blog.  I've been stuffing, addressing, and licking flaps for hours.  Butt friends I need your help.  It seems I do not have the address of some of those who made a comment.  You will find a list below of those sweet pups and other critters who wished me a Happy Birthday whom I do not have an address for.  If you are on this list could you please email my MOM at Pastormichelle13 (at) gmail (dot) com your mailing address.
Duncan, Angle Prancer Pie, Whitley Westie, Princess Leah, Yamini MacLean, Laika, Lovable Lilly, Cora Wade, Tootsie, Seaside Shelties, Liparifam, Mad Snapper, Margs Animals, Miley's Daily Scoop, The Florida Furkids, Braeden & Seth, Hawkeye Brown Dog, Gentle Stitches, Tom, Tama-chan, Sei-chan, Bibi-chan, Gen-chan, Vidock, Violette.
Your help is greatly appreciated.  I will also be contacting Mayors Murphy and Stanley to see if they can help me out.  I mean the Mayors of Blogville should have everyone's address right?