Sunday, August 31, 2014

Everyone Wins

Hello Friends.

As you know MOM and I were cheering for two different football teams.  I was cheering on The Tennessee Volunteers and MOM was going for The Utah State Aggies. 

MOM had a friendly wager with my friend Jack's Momma.  I thought I would make things interesting and help cheer on my buddy Jack's team, The VOLS. 

Any guesses who won?  Hehehehe.  The VOLS!  I was reenacting a tackle during the game.  Oh football is so much FUN.  Tackling is FUN FUN FUN! 

The thing is that everyone wins.  MOM and Jack's Momma both win because they both will be making a donation to a local animal shelter, so the shelter dogs win too.  AND my MOM wins again cuz I gave her a big smooch at the end of the game, after I tackled her (again).  I think they should make that a rule in football; after you tackle someone you have to give them a smooch.  Bawhahahha, now that would make the game even more interesting and fun I think. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Game Day

Hello Friends.

Today is game day.  I'm talking football.  Utah State University vs. The University of Tennessee.  My house has for a long time been a Utah State house.  Butt for this game there has been a switch.  See I have a good friend named Jack.

That's my friend Jack-a-roo. 

Like my buddy Bert, Jack does therapy stuffs and makes lots of peoples feel better.  Must be a Golden thing.

He's a silly guy with a great smile.  Guess where my friend Jack lives...... Tennessee.  So I thought I would cheer on The Volunteers in today's game.  {gasp} Much to my MOM's dismay.

Alright Jack-a-roo I'm ready for the game.  Go Volunteers!!!

Of course my MOM is sticking with the Aggies.  And to make the game more interesting my MOM and Jack's Momma have a friendly little wager on the game.  If I heard right, who ever loses has to donate a bag of kibble to a local shelter and the winner has to donate a bag of kibble to a local shelter.  I am not sure this is how betting is done butt if homeless doggies are being fed then it's the best way to bet on a game.
Don't worry Utah State after todays game I am Aggies all the way.