Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How Do You Greet Your Momma

Hey All.

Buddy's momma here.  First, thank you all for making my Buddy feel so welcome.  I just love this guy.    Each morning (most mornings) I drop Buddy off at Bert's place as I head to the Lantern House Homeless Shelter for work.  As with Goose it's a bit hard for me.  But I know he is in good hands with Bert's Vickie.  And if I had any doubt that Buddy loves me this video will show you I have nothing to worry about.  This is how he greets me each night when I pick him up.

He wiggle runs down the pathway all the way to me and he just can't contain himself.  He's my boy and we were, without a doubt, meant to be together.   I am not sure if you can hear his cute little grunts, they crack me up.  Buddy does not bark much.  I think I have only heard him bark 5 times and each time it was with good reason.  I have to tell you I smile all the way from the Shelter to Bert's place just knowing how excited Bud will be to see me.  Even bad days disappear the moment he greets me.

Sunday, October 4, 2015