Sunday, February 14, 2016

Celebrate Love

Hey All.

Today is the day, I would say is A day we celebrate LOVE.  We should celebrate love everyday.  Blogville is celebrating in a big way with a "Celebrate Love" parade hosted by the Crabby Girls at Sarge's place.  Go over and check out all the festivities.

Here is me and Bert at the parade.  Woooo Hoooo for love!!

But ya know my friends, it is my opinion that this Valentine's thing is not just for "romance".  No no.  Love is so much bigger than that.  Want to see what one of the ways love looks like?

Here is my pal Bert looking at the river from this bridge.  The thing about this is I am to short to put my paws up on the bridge to see over.

Oh sure I can run under Bert, and that is kind of fun, but I really wanted to see what Bert was seeing.  What is a Buddy to do?  I'll tell ya what.

Bert saw that I was having a hard time and that I really wanted to see the river below, so he let me lean on him.  That's love.  And you know what we saw? 

Ducks!!!!  Thanks Bert you are one selfless class act and I love ya dog.


Friday, February 12, 2016

A Day of Beautiful Surprises

Hey All.

You may know that tomorrow, February 14th, would have been my angel brother Gooses 16th birthday.  He gave my momma 15 and 1/2 years of pure joy, love and beauty.  And like I said already he paved the way for me to my momma's heart.  Well he also touched many other hearts.  Yesterday momma and I were overwhelmed with emails, texted and phone calls in honor of Gooses birthday.  Every single one very touching.  We also received three gifts, two of which I will share with you today (the other one later on). 

First I received a package from Easy Rider.

He sent a beautiful card in honor and memory of Gooses birthday.

And he included Greenies for me!

"giveittothepitbullgiveittothepitbull"  Did I say that right Easy?

Thank you Easy my bro.  Now even though there is water that separates us we can still share a snack together.  My momma loved the thought and card behind your beautiful gesture.

Then my momma's friend, Cindy, stopped by the house and she brought momma a gift for Gooses birthday.  Momma and Cindy have been friends for years.  Cindy's kids use to be in momma's youth group.  But they are all grown up now and have families of their own.  In fact momma officiated both Cindy's kids weddings.  AND at Thanksgiving when Cindy's daughter, Amber, and her family came to town they asked if I could come over because Amber's kids wanted to meet me.  They even took me on a walk. 

This is what the gift Cindy made for my momma.  This is my momma's favorite picture of her and Goose, it was take one year ago today by Dr. Liz.  But this is not just a picture in a frame.

Nope.... Miss Cindy took that picture and she cross-stitched it!!!  Isn't it beautiful?  Momma was so overwhelmed by it.  It looks just like the photo that was taken.  Amazing! 
Thank you to everyone who has reached out to share your love of Goose with my momma.  Momma says that she must be the most blessed woman in the world.  And she said that she is even more blessed because me and her are together.