Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Little Mischief

Hey All.

On the weekend momma took me on a stroll along the river.  It was so much fun and I really focused on stick rescue, but at one point momma stopped the rescue operation and wanted me to pose for a photo.  So I decided to have a little fun with my momma.

"Hey Bud how about you sit down and I take a nice photo of you?"
"What?  Now?  But I'm looking for sticks in need of rescue."
"Buddy-bo it will only take a moment and then you can go back to looking for sticks.  Please?"

"OK.  How's this?"
"Seriously?  I was hoping for something more distinguished."
"Really momma?  Distinguished?  My butt is sitting in mud, I don't think distinguished is associated with mud."
"OK, how about just serious?"

"What's so funny?"
"Hehehehe, Guess who I am?"
"Who you are?"
"Yea, who do I look like?"
"I have no idea."
"I'm Bert trying poop out a ball he just ate.  Hahahhahhaaaaaa"
"Buddy that's not funny."
"Is too.  Just wait until my friends read about this, they will laugh their tails off."
"Come on Bud give me a serious look."

"How's this for serious?"
"Ummmm, well, not quite what I was looking for."

"What ya talkin about momma?"  {snicker snicker}
"Funny Buddy, very funny."

"OK, OK.  How's this?"
"Well, it's better, but you're holding your breath."
{muffled} "No I'm not"
"Are too, I can see your cheeks puffed out.  Do you want to get back to saving sticks like that one right over there floating down the river?"

"STICK!!!  Where?" 

So there ya have it my beautiful friends, a little mischief fun with the momma."