Monday, June 29, 2015



I am back from taking my kids, the youth from my church, on their annual retreat.  We went to the Blackfoot Mountains in Idaho.  It was a wonderful time.  We played in the water, skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding.  We tubed down a river (no photos of that as I didn't think my camera would survive).  We played games, ate, camp fire, devotions, prayer, sharing, and so so much more.  I am exhausted, but it is the good kind.  Here is a short video of our fun.

Part of our retreat we focused on a movie called The True Cost.  It is a new documentary movie and it had a dramatic impact on my kids.  I recommend it to ANYONE and I would like to thank See Beautiful for sharing it with me.  It was incredible to see my kids reaction to this movie and how it affected them.  You can click on the The True Cost link above to watch a trailer of the movie.  I hope it inspires you as well, maybe even share it with those you know. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Time with Bert


On my journey on the "Road Less Traveled" I did have Bert with me.  It's different than hiking with Goose.  With Goose he would forge the way (mostly).  Run ahead a little ways, turn, run back to me, run ahead, come back to me and so it would go.  (and when I say run ahead I don't mean 100 yards, it was more like 10 or 15 yards at the most).  In between Gooses runs ahead and run back he would walk a few feet ahead of me for a period of time.  With Bert it is different.  Letting me lead, and then just be a foot in front of me and the rest of the time right beside me where my hand could rest on his head.  That is until he sees WATER!  Then he SPRINTS to the water, stands there, then sprints back to me.  That part is actually very comical.  "Hey Michelle there's water over there, RIGHT OVER THERE!  Come on let's hurry.  There is WATER!"  Here is a bit of a video of some of our time together.

I'm blessed that Bert's Vickie lets me have these moments with Bert.
In a few days I am headed to the Blackfoot Mountains in Idaho, taking my kids (the youth at church) on their annual retreat.  Be back with you soon and I am sure I will have some things to share with you.