Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Buddy, Belle and a Boy

Hey All.

A couple of days ago momma's friend came over to meet me.  I sure have been getting a long of visits.  But this one was even extra special.  I have seen photos of this beautiful Golden Girl around our house.  Momma to me she was Gooses gal pal Belle.  Momma also said that her friend was bringing Belle to our house so we could meet AND she also said in January that Belle will be staying with us for a while so we should meet and get to know one another.

Oh she is so beautiful.  And she was very sweet to me.  But I was a bit to puppy like and had to learn how to be around an older lady.  I gave her my bumble bee as a friendship offering.  She liked it.  But that's not all, Belle did not come alone.

She brought her boy, "L" with her.

For someone so young, "L" give some of the very best belly rubs.  Oh My Goodness, he is fantastic!  His Belle is one blessed dog.  WOW!

Not only did "L" give me belly rubs but he took me for a walk.  I'm not sure how this new life of mine could get any better.

Oh yea I know... just looking at the lovely Belle makes it even better.