Thursday, August 28, 2014

Funny Friday

Hello Friends.

We all go through it, training.  Sit, stay, down, retrieve, fetch, wait, heel, roll over, get me a beer.  Yea we have all been there, mom's and dad's training us to be the best we can be.  BUTT what the parents don't know is we really are training them.  Oh sure we follow their commands and directions.  Without a us barking a word we have trained them to do what we want.  Case in point: While at my buddy Bert's house, Bert's ball went under some furniture where he could not get his Golden butt under there to get it back.  What were we to do.  Enter my very well trained MOM.

"That's right MOM it's right under there."
"Goose you have a very well trained mom."

"Bert buddy I have been training her my whole life."
"Dude we didn't even have to ask her to get my ball, she just got down here."

"The key, Bert my friend, is constant reinforcement.  Well that and lots of love, kisses and cuddles.  It is VERY important to have a well trained MOM."
"True that Goose."
Friends I would like to point out that there are TWO balls totally in reach for Bert and me right behind Bert.  Yet that is not the ball we wanted.  A well trained MOM knows this and will retrieve the one we want.

As you can see MOM got Bert his ball.  Now she is making sure there is not a wayward stick under there for me.  Hehehhe.  So friends go ahead let them think they are "training" us.  We know the real truth.  Gotta go now, MOM needs a beer.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Giving Me

Hello Friends.

Oh My Dog did I just read the BEST book.  It is so good I just have to share it with you.  MOM and I received it yesterday.  It's called "The Giving Me" and it's written by my good friends Lilly and Buddy's mom, Lydia.  Some of you may know Lydia, she is the See Beautiful lady, and we just love her and how she spreads, creates, and shares so so much BEAUTIFUL.  And this wonderful book is no exception. 

MOM and I settled right in and she read it to me.  It is wonderful!  AND it's inspired by a wonderful person named  Trey Lefler who was a big time giver his whole life.  We could not help butt be touch and inspired by his story.
This book is so good I had MOM read it to me again.  Yea it's that great.
Then I wanted to read it to MOM and Jeremiah and Billy.  They LOVED it.
Want to know what I love?  I love when I read to my MOM she holds my paw.  And if a word is to hard for me she helps me.  Friends if you have any little peeps in your life this book is a MUST.  If your mom and or dad have little peeps in their lives, children, grandchildren, neighbors, church peeps, any kind of little peeps, I would encourage you to get a copy of "The Giving Me."

I give "The Giving Me" FOUR paws up plus a tail.  You can click HERE to order yourself a copy or two. 
AND you know what makes this even more beautiful???  Lydia is giving 100% of all sales the author receives from The Giving Me will be donated to one of  Trey's giving initiativesWhen you order your copy tell Lydia in the comment section that GOOSE sent you.  Happy reading friends!
DISCLAIMER: I have not received anything in return for giving my opinion about The Giving Me.  In fact Miss Lydia doesn't even know I did this.  I just loved this book so much I wanted to share.