Friday, February 5, 2016

Don't Stop Me Now

Hey All.

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!!!!  My momma brought me home a gift.  It is the greatest gift ever!  It is called a "Kong Jumbler".  It is FANTASTIC!  It's a big purple ball thing with another ball inside AND it squeaks.  It is so so so much fun. 

Momma kept trying to get me to stop playing with it but I just zoooooooomed by her barking "Don't Stop Me Now!"  I cannot wait to share this super fun ball with my pal Bert.  He is going to go all 7 kinds of crazy.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

How to Lengthen a Shirt

Hey All.

Does someone you know need their shirt to be a bit longer?  Well do I have the solution for you.  I would not give out advice without testing it out first, so the following is a controlled test of lengthening a shirt.

Fist find someone wearing a t-shirt.  In this case my momma getting the red ball from under Bert's big doggie bed.

It helps if your subject puts said ball in their shirt.

It also helps to have a ball crazed friend (Bert) grab the ball (while still in the shirt). 

It also helps if your ball crazed friend pins the subject between the doggie bed and a chest while still trying to get the ball (which is still in the shirt).

To make sure the subject can't move or get up you may have to get involved.  Also giving a little kiss on the subjects ear is a nice touch.

The subject may at this point really want to get up, so you may have to take extreme measures by sitting on the subject.

When your pal has released the ball from the shirt the job is done.  At this point feel free to play "I got the ball" with your pal.
Lets check out the results.  Yep the subjects t-shirt is almost 6 inches longer.
And there ya have it my friends.  I guarantee this works every time.  Give it a try, I am sure your subject will be over joyed with the results.