Thursday, September 3, 2015

Close Encounter


Wednesday evening took a bit of a stroll near Gooses Rock.  It has been a trying week so far and the best medicine for that is to get out, get away, and get some peace.

How can you not find peace when this is your view?

Just a small pond high in the mountains.  I just sat myself down on a rock to take it all in.  And then...

And then this young male moose came through the tall grass and cattails.

At this point he sees me.

What a cutie.  He was only about 10-12 yards away.  Even though I was so close he did not seem to mind.  I just sat on my rock and he got a drink and nibbled on the tender reeds.  We can co-exist when we respect one another.  Good lesson in life.  Then later on, at another spot...

The big guy.

Check out his huge waddle, it touches the water.

I thought he had an injured eye.  But upon closer look it is just the felt from his antlers that he had been rubbing off, that's why his antlers are a bit bloody.
More to come later with more moose, deer, turkeys and other critters.  Much needed peace was found.  The rest of the week will be a breeze.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Are You Coming?


A few have asked how I got the photo below.  Quiet simple really.  Bert and I are hiking along a moose trail along side a marshy area.  Fairly ruff going as the ground next to the water area is soft and when you follow a moose trail along there are holes, extra soft spots, mud, mud, mud.  After trekking a ways I thought, and Bert was certain, that we should cross to the other side of the marshy area and see what was over there.  The problem with that is it's a THICK area with brush, bushes, mud, mud, mud.  But nothing ventured nothing gained, right?  So we set out.  Bert just busted through the stuff with the greatest of ease.  Me however....

"Hey what's taking you so long?"
"Well jeeeez Bert, I don't know.  Maybe a little things like all the brush and branches.  The squishy ground and the mud."
"Hummmm.  Really, I did not seem to notice.  I didn't have much problem at all."
"So I see."
"Come on Come on.  Nothing to it, just follow me."
"You see those four things attached to your body that you are standing on?"
"Yea, my legs, what of it?"
"Well my Golden Friend, you have four of them, I only have two and I'm higher off the ground than you." 
"Yea, and your point is?"
"My point, Goldie Locks is that while you are in four wheel drive all the time I have to get on my hands and knees in order to get through."
"OK, OK I get it. But I see you are in four wheel drive now, so what's the hold up."
"The hold up, my oh so inquisitive pup is, you are standing on my hand!"