Friday, July 31, 2015

Meeting a Princess


On Friday afternoon I had the unbelievable pleasure to meet a princess.  And not just any ordinary princess.  Oh no no no.  Many of you know of the princess I speak of and you are going to be so jealous.  I am of course talking about Princess Harlow!!!!!  I am not kidding.  Harlow has been on assignment with her Momma in the wilds of Wyoming for two months and is now headed home to Arizona.  When I heard they would be passing through my neck of the woods on their way home I knew I just had to meet Princess Harlow.  Not only did I get to meet her royalness, but Bert brought his Vickie along for the meet and greet AND AND the one and only Dr. Liz (Fi and Abby's mom) came too!!  You may remember that Dr. Liz did a beautiful photo shoot of my boy Goose this past February.  The Princess was in her element with all her adoring fans taking photo after photo of her.  I alone took 533 photos.  I have a little video of SOME of those photos for you to enjoy.

You know I had know idea what I was getting into all those years ago when Bert suggested to Goose that he do a blog.  One of the surprising and unimaginable blessings that I have received is being apart of a community that is so loving, caring, and just down right amazing.  I am overwhelmed with the relationships that have developed.  And the whipped cream on the fresh fruit is that on occasions I get to meet some of you.  Thank you Harlow for stopping by and letting me meet you, pet you, give you belly rubs and thank you for the sweet kisses you gave.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stroll Through the Wildflowers


Each Sunday morning, Spring through Fall, I always take a stroll through the wildflowers that grow and bloom along the garden and canal of our Community Garden at my church.  It was something that I would do with Goose a few times a week during the evening hours.  It was so peaceful and a time of reflection.  And a time of beautiful joy to watch Goose weave in and out of the colorful and fragrant blooms.  This past Sunday I happen to have my phone with me as I strolled along and took a few pics of my walk among the beautiful.

O flower! Attired in pure natural innocence,
You are ignorant of your enchanting aroma,
Unaware of your Charm,
Dances freely with flirtious breeze,
Hardly cares about worldly things,
You are neither selfish nor altruistic
Full of Self yet so Selfless!


I am fascinated by your tranquil disposition,
At dawn you bath in sun's rays,
Flirt with buzzing bees,
Fall a deep sleep in afternoon warmth.
Enjoy melodious sound of chirping birds

Your love, up there - the sky,
Gazes you with intense admiration,
Sky kisses you tenderly through its winds,
You spread your fragrances in its arms,
Sky grows enamored of your presence,
What a beautiful bond!