Sunday, September 28, 2014

Taking Care of MOM

Hello Friends.

This is how my MOM's work week starts out.  I know it's all awe and sweet and stuff.  And I love it.  Butt here is the facts.  I know I have mentioned my MOM works a lot.  And she does.  For over a year and a half she has worked 80 to 85 hours a week between her work at our church and her work at the homeless shelter.  (We havn't even had time to take our late summer backpacking trip.  Butt we hope to at the end of October.  Paws crossed for that my friends)  Don't misunderstand, she LOVES her work.  Butt she does get tired sometimes.  It turns out that the next couple of weeks she has some added responsibilities that will take even more of her time.   

What I am trying to say is if my MOM looks like this at the start of her week imagine what she looks like at the end of the week.  So it just might be for the next couple of weeks I might not get to blog as much.  After all if my MOM will be working even more I need to make sure she gets taken care of.  That's what I do.  I will do my best to pop around to visit ya all and MAYBE I might get to put up a post now and then.  Butt know I'll be back on track when these new responsibilities get taken care of.  Thanks for understanding my friends.

Saturday, September 27, 2014