Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hello Friends

Hello Friends.

Well friends here I am.  Guess ya can't keep a Goose dog down.  Don't get me wrong I still have my problem with the tumor squishing my intestines and spline, and it of course will grow and it will get squishier.  MOM just looks at me in amazement.  She was sure that Wednesday was the day I was going to take my trip to the Rainbow Bridge.  Butt it seems I missed the train to the Bridge.  hehehhe. 
I do sleep a lot, and I will only eat eggs and chicken.  Which came first, "The chicken or the egg?"  In my case the egg comes in the morning and the chicken in the evening.  Mystery solved.  Don't know why people have been arguing over that for 87,000 years.  Sheesh.  MOM has been trying to slip in some meds in to my meals.  Butt I know they are there.  YUCK!  If she does that then I won't eat after I taste it.  Eggs and chicken should not be bitter!  How does she fix that???  Ketchup.  Just a wee little squirt. 
I am hoping to have my buddy Bert over on Sunday.  My MOM took Sunday off so she can spend the whole day with me.  MOM almost NEVER takes a Sunday off.  So I thought why not have Bert come over so he can run and play in my big yard.  I can kick back and watch him.  Then I thought, "Bert should bring his siblings: Momma, Willa, Josie, and Scrappy."  If it all works out I'll be sure to share the fun they all have.
Thank you again my friends from the bottom of my heart for all your thoughts, prayers, POTP, good vibes.  Again I am one Blessed, Blessed, Blessed pup to have you all as my friends.  I wish you all could come over and romp and play in my yard.  How cool would that be?  VERY COOL!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Still Seeing...

Hello Friends.

I'm still here my friends.  MOM helped me outside and we wanted to send you all a message.  We are indeed still seeing beautiful in our time together.  I was going to head to that Bridge on Wednesday.  Butt I looked at my MOM and said, "Not today MOM, not today."  Thank you for all of your wonderful messages to me and my MOM.  She has read every single one of them to me.  And I am indeed feeling the comfort prayers you have been sending.  I am comfortable.  You all are the best, you ALL are beautiful.  I am sending you all nose pokes and big heart felt thank you.

I agree with Goose.  I can't thank you enough.  Here is an update on Goose.  Not much has changed.  He is still on that road to the Bridge.  He was going to cross over on Wednesday.  On Tuesday night Goose and I talked and I told him it was OK and not to worry about me.  On Wednesday I had an early morning appointment and when I was done I picked Goose up at Bert's place.  He greeted me with a little more liveliness and when Bert came over to me with his ball to play Goose barked at him.  He also ate a piece of bread that Miss Vickie gave him.  (He had not eaten since Sunday).  He even got in the car a little easier.  In all his actions he seemed to be saying "Not yet".  So we drove passed Dr. Eddies.  I know as Dr. Eddie said, it is close to Gooses time.  But for now we are still together, for how long I don't know.  I really feel that Goose will let me know.  He is comfortable.  He is eating as long as it is chicken I cook him or small piece of bread.  He will not take his medicines no matter how I try to get him to take it.  And I have decided that is OK.  We are living moment to moment and a enjoy our time together.  I will return to work at the shelter today.  But he will be in good hands with Bert's Vickie.  I'll keep you all updated.  And thank you again for all the love and prayers and POTP you are sending.  I know Goose and I preach Seeing Beautiful all the time and you all have really showed us that there is indeed beautiful in all things, even in the most difficult times of life.

Goose and Michelle