Monday, October 24, 2016

My Weekend

Hey All

Sorry I've been gone for a bit.  I've been real busy and momma has been crazy busy.  And since momma won't give me the password to the computer, something about me ordering stuff online ..whatever, I have to wait for her to be not so busy.  Anyway, I did have a super great weekend.  My gal pal, Belle (momma says I can call her that, that brother Goose would be OK with it) came to stay with us for almost a whole week.  We had a wonderful time together, we even went camping!  Of course my pal Bert was apart of the weekend fun too.  Here is a short video of just a little bit of the fun we had.

I really do have the best friends. 

One more thing happened this weekend.  My Dr. Eddie had a Howloween party for all of us doggies.  We gat to go trick or treating, dress up, had treats and just had a howling good time. 

Here I am with my Golden friends.

Beautiful Belle was a Bumble Bee and Bert borrowed Angle Brother Gooses Pirate costume. 

Belle makes a beautiful Bee don't you think?

I was an Alligator. 
Could I ask a favor from you my friends?  Could you go to Bluegrass Animal Hospital (just click on that link) and vote for me?  Actually I would like to ask you to vote for Belle, Bert, and me.  All ya have to do is click on our photo and hit LIKE.  It's super easy and I would appreciate it.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Being Subdual

Hey All.

I love belly rubs.  But sometimes you need to be subdual in asking for a belly rub.  Let me show you,