Sunday, February 19, 2017


Hey All


Smile, don't let the day get you down.
Smile, it's much easier than frown.
Greet the morning with your laughter.
 Know that dreams may still come true.
Pray for happy ever after,
 For your neighbor and for you.
Smile, share it with the world
Smile, share it with the world outside.
  Smile, dry the tears that have been cried.
 Be a ray of hope that's shining,
Like a beacon in the night.
You're an architect designing,
Ways to fill the dark with light.
Smile, give a hand to those in need.
Smile, Gently watering love's seed.
 Your life is music, sing it's song.
Shout it from the mountain top.
Invite the world to sing along.
The melody will never stop.

Smile, it's a gift you have to give.
Smile, it's the only way to live.