Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dogiversary Hike

Hey All

On September 23rd marked the one year dogiversary for me and my momma.  On that day one year ago I met my momma for the very first time and we became a family.  Our plan for this weekend was to go backpacking and camping to celebrate.  But....

It was a WILD weather weekend in my neck of the woods.  We had thunder, lightning, wind, rain, hail, snow AND we even had a tornado that touched down about 2 miles from where we live!!!  So we decided to postpone our trip.  But on Saturday morning we woke up early and decided we would take a hike.  The photo above is what the mountains looked like when we headed out.  Sure it looked like it was going to be a wet one, but we just wanted to get out.

And it was a bit wet, but it sure was beautiful.

We took a route along one of momma's favorite trials.  The beautiful was overwhelming despite momma's camera deciding to not work properly.  It would only take a picture every once in a while.

But I told momma that it didn't matter as long as we were together. 

She agreed and we hiked on taking in all the beautiful around us.

We watched fishes swimming in pools of water along the river. 

Momma tried to take pictures of the wildlife we encountered, a moose, deer, rabbits, squirrels, but like I said the camera was not cooperating.  This was suppose to be a shot of the moose. 

We had a wonderful time.
Tomorrow I hope to show you a year in the life of me and my momma.


Monday, September 19, 2016

All in a Days Shoot

Hey All.

As promised her is the low down on what when down on my photo shoot.  First of all let me tell you how I got to do a photo shoot.  Several weeks ago I told momma to use some of my treat money to make a donation to Utah Faces.  They help animals.   So we did and everyone who made a donation got their name put into a drawing for a great gift basket and a photo shoot.

Look who won!!!  Me!  There is so much good stuff in this here gift basket, all kinds of things.  Woo Hoo.  plus lets not forget I also get a photo shoot.  And guess what?? 

My friend the amazing Dr. Liz is the photographer!!

It was a perfect day for a fall photo shoot.

Sky was blue and the autumn leaves were full of all beauty and splendor.

This time of year I am almost camouflaged in the foliage.

Of course I had my best pal Bert with me.  Oh dog we were having the best time, even though I had to stop every 87 seconds to have Dr. Liz take photos of me.

As you can see I am not a professional poser like my pal Bert.  Then it happened....  Bert and I had raced down a deer trail.  After a few moments I sensed danger just off the trail. 

It was a black and white Kitty.  Oh wait that's not a Kitty Kat, and my pal Bert was headed right for it and he didn't even know it!!  So I ran as fast as I could and pushed Bert out of the way.  But in the process I got hit in the face and mouth by the stinky Kitty.

Dr. Liz captured the moment I returned to my momma's call all smelly.  I was jumping on her with excitement to tell her what had happened. 

I smelled so bad even my pal Bert could almost not bear it.  It was at this point that my momma's camera for some reason stopped working.  (So most of these photos after the skunk picture are what Bert's Vickie took, and a couple that Dr. Liz took).  So what else could go wrong, right?  Well.....

As we were headed to the next spot, me and Bert riding with Miss Vickie and my momma and Dr. Liz following behind us.  Momma and Dr. Liz had to stop for a moment (momma says it's not polite to say why, hehehhhe).  When they caught back up to us and pulled along side of us, I stepped on Miss Vickie's lap to say hello to my momma.  Then my momma said, "Is that blood on my boys chin?"  Miss Vickie checked and sure enough my chin was bleeding.  Then Miss Vickie said, 'Oh that must have happened when he fell out of the truck" (I was riding in the cab NOT in the bed of the truck).  I did not exactly "fall" out of the truck.  Seems that the smell was so bad that Bert swung his big fluffy butt around to get his snooter out of my smelly face and his fluffy butt bumped me right out the window.  But would this stop us....NOOOOOOOO Way!  We continued on.  I didn't think it was such a big deal and on the plus side the girls at Bert's place seem to like a doggie with scuffed up chin.  They think I got it protecting Bert from a vicious giant skunk-bear.  Hehehhehhe

We stopped at Gooses Rock to take photos.

And Bert and I had a diving contest.

He won biggest splash.

On this photo shoot I have my own Pit Crew.

I love love my momma.  Even though I was a stinky mess she still had treats for me.

Momma did not mind me swimming so much, something about I needed a bath anyway.  So she kept throwing rocks and sticks in the water for me.

From how dirty Bert is in this photo you would think he would be the stinky one. 

We had a great time despite the skunk, the broken camera, and the death defying fall from the truck.  It was a BLAST!!  Life is what you make it, you can go home early sulking in the stench of the day, or you can keep moving onward to make beautiful memories.  Oh and see that collar I am wearing?  Dr. Liz's friend made this collar just for me!  She saw photos of me and matched the fabric of the collar to match my furs.