Thursday, August 25, 2016

Flyin' Friday

Hey All.

Hey is a little video for your viewing pleasure.


Gal Pal

Hey All

Many of Ya All know my Angel Brother Gooses gal pal Belle.

Goose and Belle were the bestest of friends.  They had so many adventures together hiking and backpacking through the mountains of Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.

One of their favorite places was Gooses Rock.

Here ya see Goose walking his gal pal Belle to Gooses Rock in May of 2015.  This was the last adventure they took together.

On Saturday I had the honor of escorting the beautiful Belle to brother Gooses rock.

We had a grand time together.

Like my best pal Bert she is a great swimmer.  I have learned so much from my Golden Pals. 

And like my brother Goose she always Sees Beautiful and she spreads beautiful wherever she goes.