Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stroll Through the Wildflowers


Each Sunday morning, Spring through Fall, I always take a stroll through the wildflowers that grow and bloom along the garden and canal of our Community Garden at my church.  It was something that I would do with Goose a few times a week during the evening hours.  It was so peaceful and a time of reflection.  And a time of beautiful joy to watch Goose weave in and out of the colorful and fragrant blooms.  This past Sunday I happen to have my phone with me as I strolled along and took a few pics of my walk among the beautiful.

O flower! Attired in pure natural innocence,
You are ignorant of your enchanting aroma,
Unaware of your Charm,
Dances freely with flirtious breeze,
Hardly cares about worldly things,
You are neither selfish nor altruistic
Full of Self yet so Selfless!


I am fascinated by your tranquil disposition,
At dawn you bath in sun's rays,
Flirt with buzzing bees,
Fall a deep sleep in afternoon warmth.
Enjoy melodious sound of chirping birds

Your love, up there - the sky,
Gazes you with intense admiration,
Sky kisses you tenderly through its winds,
You spread your fragrances in its arms,
Sky grows enamored of your presence,
What a beautiful bond!


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bert Update


I stopped by Bert's place on Tuesday to see how he is doing with his Phenomena.  Despite his pitiful look he is doing better.

"Oh I am doing A LITTE better.  Butt I think I need more treats."
"More treats?  But Bert Bert you are sick."
"I think if you played ball with me I would feel ALOT better."
"Dr. Eddie said you needed to rest, so I don't think playing ball would be a good idea."
"NO, I think what Dr. Eddie said was I needed extra treats, more ball playing and an extra week off of work so I can get in more treats and ball playing."
"Oh is THAT what he said."

"Yea, I am pretty sure that was his exact instructions."