Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Egg Head

Hello Friends.

I know this time of year for many of us we must wear the bunny ears, right?  Butt I think my MOM may have taken it toooooo far.

Now not only do I have to wear the ears, I have egg on my face.

"OK, OK MOM you have had your fun." 
Butt noooooo, there was more.

Really?!!!! Two eggs.

Yes it's true, I have eggs on my face.  Sheesh, when will it end?

Oh come on now, THREE eggs?!!

A Goose could go cross-eyed if this continues.  Good thing my snooter isn't any longer.  If it were I think she would have tried to stick a whole dozen on my nose.  Butt then she had a "Brilliant" idea.....

Raw, uncooked, squishy on the inside egg on my head, on my bed in the living room!  This woman really trust me. 

"MOM this is about as much a smile as your going to get at this point." 
I'm lucky, we only had one raw egg in the house.  Butt you know what my friends?  That MOM of mine then cooked this egg for me as a nice little treat for putting up with the whole balance an egg (or two or three) on your head and she added a side of homemade salmon treats. 
{sorry for some of the blurry photos MOM seemed to forget to clean the lens and she may have touched it a time or two during taking the pictures.}

Monday, March 30, 2015