Sunday, July 27, 2014

Morning Hike

Hello Friends.

For the last two weeks my MOM's work schedule has been INSANE!  Butt on Saturday MOM said, "Enough is enough".  We woke up early and to my surprise after MOM had her coffee she put on her HIKING BOOTS.  Wooooooo to the Hoooooo.  And we were off on an adventure, a morning hike.  Come along with me my friends.

Oh MY Oh MY!!!  Did I have a great time!  I also wanted to point out in the video you saw a picture of some thick brush.  Then the next picture is of me coming out of that brush.  Let me tell you why in one word.....SNAKE.  MOM at first could not figure out why I came bursting out of the brush.  She even said, "Come on Goosie, lets go."  Butt I would not budge and I would not keep following that trail.  I stayed behind her and kept wiggling back.  Then MOM realized that is my "snake alert" action.  Now, MOM never saw the snake, and I may not have either.  BUTT I now know what a bad snake smells like and I was having none of it.  So we went another way.  Hope you enjoyed coming on my hike with me.