Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Goose vs. The Rattlesnakes

Hello Friends.

You read the title right.  It was me against 3 rattlesnakes. 

Don't get to alarmed I can explain.  If you have read my blog for any amount of time you know that me and my MOM do a lot of hiking, camping, and backpacking.  That means there is the danger of coming across a rattlesnake.  My MOM has already taken the step of getting me a snake shot each year.  Butt that only means that if I do get bit by a rattlesnake she only has extra time to get me medical attention, and while that is good, let's face it, we are often very far away for that medical attention.  Then MOM heard about this guy who teaches dogs to avoid snakes.  So she signed us up for the class months ago.
This is Wes, he is the snake teacher guy.  He was super nice and he had a real cool dog that you will see later.  If you would like to learn more about him and his work you can click HERE.
My buddy Bert was there too.  I know sometimes Bert gets teased about being a "Dumb Blond" (I don't like that very much).  Butt I am here to tell you my friend Bert is very smart!  In that photo above it is like he knows what is coming and he is closing his eyes to wish it away.
MOM and I listened to Wes talk to us about how important it is for us doggies to avoid those sneaky snakes.  He talked about what to expect from the snakes and how we would react.  Dogs react in different ways and with five us dogs in the class we saw each dog react differently and Wes nailed it. 
After Wes talked to us it was time to get to work.  Do you see my buddy Bert up there?  See friends Bert knows that this is something he wants no part of.  Sure he was a bit curious but he stayed behind Wes, like he KNOWS this is a creature you DO NOT want to be friends with. 
This is how I responded.  While Bert was cautious, I LUNGED forward to get the sneaky snake.
Oh I just had to have the rattlesnake.  Wes had a firm grip on the rope attached to my collar.  Also you may notice that I seem to have two collars on.  One is mine and the other has a shocker thing on it that in the training will be used later to simulate what it feels like to be bit by a snake.  In the video you will see this.  You will also notice that Wes started me on the lowest setting and it had no affect on me, neither did the next level or the next.  Butt finally I did feel it.
Here's Bert and his Vickie.  They are taking a walk (with a rattlesnake placed in the grass, Miss Vickie knows where it is).  Bert sees, butt most importantly he smells the snake up ahead.  Know what he did next?

My smart friend bolted away like a FLASH!  So fast that MOM's camera could not get a clear shot of Bert.
This is me still trying to figure out how to get that thing.
So now it is video time (Thank you Miss Vickie for taking the video).  Before you watch the video I would like to point a few things out to you.  This video is a culmination of several spliced together.  Miss Vickie says that my MOM is more entertaining to watch.  MOM was worried about me and it shows.  She loves me what can I say.  You may notice that I stepped on the snakes head and dislocated it's jaw.  We took a break while Wes got some tools and fixed his snake.  Yep he fixed him, that's just nutty.  Yes the sound you hear is the rattle on the snake not a sprinkler.  Also notice how strong I am, Wes has to wrap the rope around his waist because I was pulling so hard.  I maybe over 14 years old but I could pull a horse out of a sink hole.  That Golden Lab in the background is Wes' dog.  She is barking at me to warn me not to get near the snake.  Notice my buddy Bert wants to jump into my MOM's arms.  ahhahha  Let's get to the video.

What did you think?  Let me say even though it was scary (mostly for my MOM) and it was a four hour class it was TOTALLY worth it.  Some have asked if I will need to repeat the class next year.  The answer to that is NO.  See we doggies are very smart.  The sent of the snake is in my head FOREVER and when I smell that smell I will know to not go near it.  Sight and sound are good warnings butt scent is the best.  I may not see a snake or even hear it, butt I WILL smell it.  That little shock Wes gave me let me know what it would be like to be bit by a snake.  Plus those sneaky snakes struck at me as well.  To put your minds at ease these rattlesnakes had their venom tubs removed.  They still had fangs put the venom was not there.  So did I pass the class?
YES I DID!  In fact I made the most dramatic improvement.  From "I want to get the snake" to what you see in the photo above.  MOM was suppose to take me for a walk.  There is a rattlesnake about another 20 or 25 feet behind my MOM.  We started walking towards the snake (it was in the grass could not see it).  I took ONE step with my MOM and then I stopped and would not go any further.  No matter what my MOM did, call me, pull the rope.  Nope, not going to go in that direction!!  My MOM would also like to point out that this makes hiking for her safer.  When she sees me react in my "snake alert" way she knows to be cautious because a snake is in the area.  I highly recommend a class like this if you live in an area that rattlesnakes are around, you would benefit from this training.
PeeSSSS-  Just so you know I am NOT afraid of my green Sneaky Snake at home.


  1. Yowza! I think you learned a lot from that class. Of all of us, I think Flattery would be the one to need that class. That girl is too fearless for her own good sometimes. I'm glad there are no rattlesnakes around here! *shudder*


  2. Learnin to avoid dose snakes are a good idea!

  3. My Mommy had to watch this in stages, it scared her so! We are so glad you got your snake training and it will help you and your Mom in the future. Kudos to efurrybody involved!

  4. Wow that was a class to reckon with. We have heard of this before and we think it is a good idea as you never know. No real snakes over here to worry about. We are lucky. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Hari OM
    OMD that is just BRILLLL -EEEEE-AANTTT!!! Well done, Goose, for learning that lesson. Like your mom, though, my heart was beating hard for a while there. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. GOOSE and BERT.... THIS is the mostest WONDERFUL and AMAZING thingy EVER. It is FABULOUS that you will now be TOTALLY Safe... and that you two will be able to keep your MOMs and Other Dogs and Peeps SAFE also. OMD OMD it is SUPERB.
    We remember when Bert's furend was struck by a rattling snake. It was HORRID.
    We are SO glad that you took and PASSED the class!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS to Bert and Miss Vickie and to YOU and your Mom fur doing this.

  7. What a great class!! Now you will be safer when you are hiking with your Mom
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  8. I have heard of this class. It is definitely worth the time to take it. Glad you did well, Goose!

  9. Wow what a fabulous training class. You will all be a lot safer out there!

  10. Brother, at 1:27 my mom screamed like an air raid siren, as the snake pushed the head to your face. we had to remove her first, before we could watch your video. You really stepped on the head of that guy! boy! now it's a flatbread snake :o) I'm so glad we have nearly NO snakes here, I probably would act like you and my dad had the leash always to wrap around his waist :o) Congrats that you passed the class, brother, but be always careful on your hikes.

  11. We're glad you learned to stay away from those snakes. At first you probably thought they were sticks.

  12. What an awesome class Goose, we are so proud of you for working so hard and learning to be safe near snakes. While Lady feels punishments like shock collars are often overused, she thinks this is the perfect time and place for it. It could save your life.
    Congrats again!

  13. O-M-D!!!! My Mom would have totally lost it!

    Great Job Guys!

  14. Even though you get electrocuted it is a good way to learn to stay away. During a hike we saw a class being held. They were teaching the same thing
    Lily & Edward

  15. Mom's going to have nightmares for weeks about that first snake picture. However, she thinks its a great idea to have the class. Dog Dad would have to go. Mom would never make it past the first showing of a snake.

  16. cranbeereez food serivss gurl heer in TT wooda pazzed out kleen ......we iz veree happee ewe haz lurned ta keep ewe N yur mom mor safe on yur campin tripz....conga ratz on passin yur class !!! ♥♥♥...... will thiz trainin werk with ALL snakes ?? .... ( forgive if thiz bee menshuned in de video; we due knot haza audio connect two day ) we dunno what a snake smellz like & manee thanx we dont wanna noe .....

  17. Oh, GOOSE! Your MOM is the BEST for taking you through this class! It's so scary!!! I had to put my paw over my mom's eyes during part of that video -- she was so scared for you! (Even though the sneaky-snakes didn't have any venom. STILL scary!) You and Bert are so brave to even go there -- same for your MOM and Bert's Vickie!
    Please give your MOM a lick on the nose for me; she's taking good care of YOU and herself!!! Go, Goose's MOM!!!!

  18. We are glad to know your class is finished and that you passed. Now you will be more careful in the mountains and maybe you can save your mom from any more surprised encounters with snakes!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  19. Goose, wow, are you a VERY brave guy! Our Mommy couldn't even watch the video bcuz she's that scared of snakes. Muffin and I however, commend your Mom for doing this to keep both of you safe. You both deserve a medal.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  20. Goose, I'm so glad you are talking about this! I wish everyone would do this if they hike with their pups! And you KNOW I was worried this would affect how you feel about your green snake! So glad it's all good there!!! You did a pawsome job with those snakes!

  21. Hi Goose...bravo on your steady improvement in snake class. My friend Molly the Golden took that class too she doesn't even like to hear the wind sometimes it sounds like a snake spitting.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  22. Praying for you Goose
    much love
    Bailey, Hazel, Greta & Mom

  23. Nipped in to send you lots of love Goose x x x

  24. Dear Goose and Michelle mom and I are sending lots of hugs, purrs and kitty kisses to you both.
    Madi your bfff

  25. Goose Yous ROCKED the snake aversion class! Now me is purraying yous rocks whatever has putted yous in the hospital!
    Sending yous many many purrayers! The power of the paw is with yous!

  26. Hari OM
    Just got the word via Murphy and Stanley; SENDING OUT LOTS OF HEALING THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS FOR EASE-MENT OF TROUBLES. Blessings, YAM-aunty xxx

  27. OMD this is amazing.. I just heard from Mad and mom that you are very ill. i love you goose and your mom and I ask god now to heal you and protect your from harm

  28. Sending lotsa prayers that you feels better soon, Goose!

    (Dat video gave my Momma da willies...she knows I would be right on a snake!)

  29. Goose this is a very intriguing post. But I'm totally derailed by worry. I hear you are quite sick. Feel better soon! POTP to you! You're in my thoughts until you are home and well again.

  30. Dear Goose..... THIS is Frankie and Ernie ANd Sarge..... we are sending you Prayers and POTP and Strong Dachshund VIBES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    To fight off this scary sick thingy.

    GET WELL QUICKLY Dear FUREND... Get Well Quickly.

  31. I did that training last year. A few weeks ago, mom and I were walking and I just STOPPED on the trail. There were some rocks that I just wanted to AVOID. While mom and her friend could not see anything, my alert helped them know that there was a snake there and we just walked WAAAYYYY around those rocks. -Otto

  32. This was an interesting post. So glad Goose learned you don't run toward a snake to check it out.

  33. We thinks this would be a wonderful class for us to take. Mommy almost stepped on a moccasin (very bad water snake if you don't have them where you live) once. Fenris was very good and backed up like Mommy told him. Tui didn't live with us then. The peeps she used to live with told Mommy Tuiren got bite by a snake once. So maybe she knows to stay away from them now.