Saturday, November 2, 2013

Famous Peak and Football

Hello Friends.

So how was your Saturday?  Mine was, well some would say uneventful.  At least for me.  It was indeed a beautiful day.

That there my friends is Ben Lomomd Peak.  It is right in my back yard practically.  Besides being so beautiful against the autumn sky it is all so famous.  Do you know why?  I bet each and everyone of you has seen it's likeness, and probably seen it many times. 
That's right it is the logo for Paramount Pictures.
The unique Paramount Pictures logo depicting a pyramidal mountain has been the main emblem of the company since its existence. The emblem is the oldest surviving and the most eminent Hollywood film logo in history. It is evident that the mountain is inspired by a sketch drawn by W.W. Hodkinson during a conference with Adolph Zukor. The pyramidal mountain in the logo is said to be a depiction of the memories of his early life in Utah. It is also said that the mountain drawn by Hodkinson is the Utah’s Ben Lomond Mountain.
Cool Drool huh?  Butt back to my Saturday.  Like I said it was a beautiful day.  Butt MOM had to do stuffs.  Stuff like, finishing a message for Sunday, laundry, cleaning, ironing (the pile was about as high as Ben Lomand Peak).  So I just kicked back, napped, patrolled the yard, supervised.  Then when late afternoon came MOM kicked back with me.
We watched a little football.
"Who's playing MOM?"
"Tennessee and Missouri."
"Those guys in orange are not doing so well."
"Yea, but that is who we are rooting for."

Then I got off the sofa to take a closer look. 
"Hey MOM do you think the orange team could use a real fast dog that can catch just about anything?"
"I am sure it could not hurt."

"How do I get in there?"
"Goosey, you can't.  You would have to fly to Missouri.  And by that time the game would be over."

"Looks like the game is over already."
"It's just the first quarter, there is hope."
"Yea OK, I am just going to take a little nap with Billy.  You wake me when the game is over."
"Is the game over?"
"Did the orange team win?"
"Next time book a flight.  I'll help them out."
"I'll get right on that."
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  1. Looks like you had a very relaxing afternoon. The girlz had a "dental appointment " so now they are exhausted!! Thanks for reminding us of the Christmas card exchange,we nearly forgot!!

  2. Ah Goose, the impawtant thing is that you had quality time with Mom. We kittehz love to help coach from the sidelines. MOL!

    Have a blessed Sunday. XOXO

  3. Assisting the 'rents in their activities can be exhausting!

    Bart, Ruby Otto

  4. Too bad you couldn't have jumped through that tv and helped that team out. Our mom was happy that her WVU Mountaineers won today so we didn't have to help them out.

    Millie & Walter

  5. Hari OM
    Goose, you sure know how to relax mate!! Hang loose.....errrr..

    Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. well Goose, the next to the last shot of you with the big yawn is exactly what football does to me... hubby is a football lover though... your mom is blessed to have a beautiful companion who loves football and is so SMART...

  7. Goose you look so darn cute. Sorry the oranges lost but may be next time with you there , there will be hope LOL. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Maybe they need some orange cheeti power....send them baggies next game!

  9. Oh Goose. Good day to just relax with mom. Mom says she likes that "more or less" book. Have a PAWsome Sunday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. Very cool about the mountain. I never knew that. I had a busy Saturday catching up on things around the house, (that goodness for that extra hour of sleep). Of course brown dawgs napped the whole time. :) Have a great Sunday.

  11. Ooooh, cool, we have a Ben Lomond hill here too! Ah, too bad about your team Goose, I guess they really did need you! What position would've you play, or would you have been a one man team? Haha!
    Have a super week,
    Pippa :)

  12. Sorry your team didn't win. We are sure if you were playing they would! Lee and Phod

  13. OMD OMD YOU can SEE the REAL PARAMOUNT Mountain from your YARD??? WOW buddy... THAT is amazing. WE always thought it was just a PRETEND MOUNTAIN.
    THAT is some very RELAXING time you and you mom had. Sorry your mom's team didn't win. We can Sympathize... our Cleveland Indians do that to US a LOT.

  14. Ha HA Goose I loved your narration and will to help the orange guys .lol
    By the look of your fast moves you probably would be an asset to them .

  15. Nice try Goose. We know you can help your team out especially if they would just carry sticks up and down the field. So who is your friend over there in the right hand corner next to the TV.?? He is pretty cute. Take care.

  16. I'm sure they will win with your help... or they had a chewed football LOL Have a super sunday!

  17. You should have come on a hike with us. Did it snow at your house today?

    Your Pals Who Got Snow Today,

    Murphy & Stanley

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  19. That is so cool about your mountain Goose... Momz and me watched some football last night...Miami vs FSU It went OK for the 1st half but by the end of the 3rd quarter Momz was throwing pillows at the tv...I told her Miami needs a tough terrier like me to put the bitey on those big dudes ankles...With you receiving and me on defense no team could beat us! Happy Sunday

  20. Hi Y'all!

    BOL!!! Too funny! Thanks Goose!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  21. This is the best way to spend an afternoon--And I had no idea about the mountain, what a fun piece of trivia!

  22. Oh Goose, I'm sure you'd steal the show!

  23. You'd be an awesome kickoff returner, Goose! I can't wait to watch the next game :)

    Love your peak. You don't even need to watch a movie to see it!

  24. Sorry your team didn't win :(

    Stop on by for a visit

  25. That team could have used you on the field

  26. Oh Goose, if you were on the team, they DEFINITELY would have won!!! Tell your Moms to use her frequent dogflyer miles and book you a trip!!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I drank your margarita...sorry...hehehe

  27. Goose, I watched football with my Daddy!! It looked like a pretty nice day for you, hanging out with your Mommy and a nap.

    Loveys Sasha

  28. Mr. Goose, I would love to have such a wonderful view as you have from your garden. As a child I coul see the highest mountain in our area from my window. It's name is "Katzenbuckel" and it is 628m high. Now I see you yawn again :-)

  29. Bawahwhahhwhahaw looks like they really could of done with your help Goose BOL. xxooxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  30. I am curious as to why you are rooting for TN. We used to live there, and they haven't done well since we left. Just sayin.....

  31. Haha love it. You totally could have helped them. Sounds like a lovely day! Our boys went to the USU/Hawaii game so that had a good outcome for them. Such a beautiful day!

  32. Goose...that looks like the best Saturday ever! I get "shots" everytime my team every team is my team! :-)

  33. You look very relaxed after that nice weekend. My mama has five baskets of laundry to fold when she gets home from work! Shesh, she better play some sports with me before she digs into that pile!

  34. MOL Goose...too bad you couldn't help out but when all else fails take a nap!
    Madi your bfff

  35. Oh, I wish you had gone to Missouri! Do you know why? Not only are Mags and I from Missouri, but we're right on the way there!!!! You could have stopped here at Ao4 Headquarters! Our mom could have cooked special "people only" food for your MOM and us pups could have played and played and played! Hmm. Of course, then you wouldn't have gotten there in time for the game ...
    Maybe you should forget the football and come here!

  36. Sweet Goose, we need you in orange OH SO BADLY! Did you see that team in orange again this weekend? They were playing tigers. They lost so badly. They really need your speed...and mind....and moves...and ....oh, the list goes on and on!!

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