Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update & Clean Teeth

Hello friends.

Let me give you and update on Boyd.  If you don't know Boyd please read yesterdays post HERE.

That's Boyd laying in my MOM's lap.

The plan was that on Tuesday my MOM was going to the animal shelter to check on Boyd and give him some toys and treats.  The plan changed just a bit.  Instead she went to the shelter to get him out.  Then take him to Bert's place where he would later set Dr. Eddie (me and Bert's vet).  He would get all checked over and fix anything that needed fixing.  Then he would stay at Bert's place to get well and to gain some weight.  And then when he was A-OK we would find him a loving and caring forever home where he would be treated and cared for like he deserves.  MOM says there is a saying, "The best laid plans..."  MOM did go to the animal shelter and they could not find Boyd in the system.  So the nice lady at the shelter and my MOM went back and looked in every kennel to find him.  But Boyd was not there!   So they went back up front.  MOM showed the lady photos of Boyd, even ones of him being loaded in the "pick up" van.  The lady asked for MOM's phone number and said she would call when she found out something.  They both were concerned about Boyd.  A while later the animal shelter lady called and told MOM that the guy who picked up Boyd at the homeless shelter (yes he was an employee of animal services) somehow located Boyd's "owner" and instead of taking him to the animal shelter took him to the "owner".  When the lady questioned him, he said "Oh the dog was fine, he did not need medical attention."  The lady said she disagreed because she saw the photos.  You know those HBO words sometimes peeps say, well lets just say my MOM may have not said them but she sure was thinking them.  So friends I ask you to pray for Boyd.  He clearly was not well cared for by his "owner" and now he is back with him.  MOM is very much upset about this.  But at this point there is nothing we can do, well we can pray.  MOM told the people at St. Anne's homeless shelter that if Boyd turns back up to call her and she will take him and make sure he is cared for and gets that loving forever home he deserves.

I don't want to leave you on such a sad note, so let me show you what I did a few nights ago.  I was back at my gal pal Belle's house and we were a BIG help to her little peep "L".

While "L" brushed his teeth I sang the brush your teeth song to him, you know to encourage him.

Belle came in to offer her help too.  You can tell "L" is very excited to have us help.

I helped also to make sure he got the teeth in the back.

Time to spit.  (I think that is the best part, spitting)

And at the end I gave him a BIG kiss on the forehead for a job well done.  Not sure why some do not like to brush there teeth.  I think it is loads of fun.  Especially when you do it with a friend.



  1. Woof! Woof! Sending Lots of Golden Prayers and LOVE to Boyd. Oh how cute that little peep ... I bet he saw your beautiful teeth. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Aww how nice of ya'll to help "L" brush his teeth :)

  3. Goose, I have paws crossed for Boyd and Mommy will say a prayer. I love how you were a tooth brushing helper, that is a pretty cool job.

    Loveys Sasha

  4. We are definitely sending lots of prayers for Boyd and tell your Momma not to worry I said the HBO words for her. That "L" sure is a cutie and it sure looks like he enjoyed you and Belle helping him brush his teeth! :)

  5. We'll send purrs and purrayers for Boyd.

    Looks like you and gal pal Belle will put all the local dentists out of business! MOL! Happy Wednesday! XOXO

  6. :-/ That's soooooo not cool of the animal control dude!! I truly hope that Boyd either finds his way back to St. Anne's and your Mom and Miss Vickie or that he is better treated by his "owner!" Pft!

    Hehehe, show little "L" how it's done Goose!! Brush those teeth little dude!

  7. Now we are worried for Boyd. That is not right. We have paws crossed your mum finds him again and he can find another GOOD forever home. Prayers and paws crossed Goose. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. This is really upsetting. Paws crossed that Boyd is going to be okay. Thank you for posting about him.

  9. Oh that is so sad about Boyd, do you think someone will keep their eye on him :( What a real little cuttie, I could snuggle him up :) xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. Oh dear me Goose we are so sorry about Boyd and how messed up everything got. How in the "HBO word" did the van driver locate Boyd's owner? Your Mom tried her best and had a very good plan.

    Little L is adorable...what a fun little guy he is and he obvious loves you a lot. OMDs Goose you are very tall standing by him.
    It does Mom's heart good to see little children being raised with puppies and kitties. She says they can teach 2 leggers so much.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  11. It was very nice of you to try so hard to help Boyd. I am wondering about animal services in your area. I know around here they would not just deliver a stray animal back to the owner. I think it is odd that the person did that without notifying you or the shelter. I think at first you said that you tried to find Boyd's owner so at least the outcome is what you were tying for before the shelter was involved (get Boyd back to his owner). I hope Boyd will be cared for properly.

  12. Poor Boyd ! he surely deserved a loving forever home ! We are so sad !

    WE loved "L" smiling face ! he looks so happy having you and Belle helping him on the "brushing teeth" thing !!

    A lot of kisses for you and Belle


  13. Oh thats terrible news, I have paws crossed for Boyd and am sending my prayers and love! I hope that your Mom gets a call real soon!!
    I love that you got to spend time with Belle and "L" it was very kind of you to give him encouragement to brush his teeth by singing a song, I know you sing such beautiful songs!
    Love, Licks, Hugs and Tummy Rubs from Frank, your Furiend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Sigh.... I don't understand why the shelter would do that......and why they can't report the owner for neglect. You know you can always make a report yourself.....maybe the animal control or police can rescue Boyd?

  15. On no! We hate to hear that!! We will keep Boyd in our prayers, you can count on us for that. Someone needs to have a little talk with that man. That's just not right bringing Boyd back like that.

    Goose, you are such a good helper. We loved all your pictures helping the little man brushing his teeth.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  16. I cross my paws for Boyd. Boyd an all other pets should have a GOOD home... I think "L" deserves a big kiss ;o)

  17. I hope Boyd is found soon. Thoughts and prayers for Boyd.

    You are great help with L, Goose!

  18. I send a hug to Boyd. {{{Boyd}}}

  19. So sorry to hear about Boyd!

    You are a good snoopervisor with that little guy!

  20. Crossing my paws for Boyd.

    xo Cinnamon

  21. So sorry to hear this about Boyd. Let's just think like this..
    Boyd somehow got loose and was running loose for DAYS and DAYs and this is why he was thin and had the hurt leg. We are gonna PRAY that all is well now that he is back at his home.

    Goose you did a super job of tending to the two legger's teefs brushing.

  22. I did say a prayer for Boyd, breaks my heart to think about him back where he was. I hope he comes back to the home and can be rescued.

  23. Okay, we're praying for Boyd and will continue to do so. I'm a little sad that the person who picked him up "knew" his owner and circumvented the system. This just reveals more for me to pray for which is good. Thanks for that smile at the end of this post, Goose. Brushing teeth with friends is beautiful. ;)

  24. Boyd is in our thoughts and prayers....

  25. Crossing paws that Boyd somehow finds his way to you to be taken care of xx

  26. Oh no, all are feets are crossed for sweet Boyd
    Benny & Lily

  27. Boyd will be in my thoughts!

    Looks like Goose does a fantastic job helping out with the kiddos, he might not be a bad babysitter--making sure they brush their teeth!

  28. Dangit Dangit Dangit....we are sending some big prayers that Boyd makes it back to where he can be helping by people who really love and care right for him.....as far as brushing that little boys teeth well you should apply to dental school goose, I bet the kids would love you!!
    stella rose

  29. Oh no...I am worried about Boyd! I hope he finds a loving place this Christmas.

  30. Oh we will be praying for Boyd. There is definitely a reason to be concerned.

  31. Dearest Goose, we are visiting for the first time and are very sad to read about Boyd. We will most certainly be including him in our prayers.

    We also just wanted to say a big Thank You for our Christmas card which arrived today - it was very kind of you!

    licks & love,
    Wally & Sammy

  32. We are praying for Boyd to show back up, and leaves that terrible home. Why brush your teeth when you could have done it with lots of kisses!!!

    Your Pals
    Susie & bites

  33. Dude, I am so sorry about Boyd. WE will pray that his owner will realize how lucky he is to have Boyd and treat him better.

    I think you should hire out your teeth cleaning with kids time. I bet it would make brushing your teeth time much more fun.


  34. All our prayers mates, we at least believe in the power ofprayer,


  35. good job with the kid....

    We are sorry to hear about Boyd. We hope someone can find him and get him the help he needs....

  36. Poor Boyd, prayers for him. Hey Goose your pretty good at helping brush teeth, we love helping with that also. BOL....

    The silvers and more

  37. Oh, we thought fur sure you or Bert had Boyd. We are sad that the employee "located the owner". Can you get a copy of the paperwork that the employee must have had to fill out and go see the owner? Our paws are crossed!!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  38. This is not good news about Boyd. I hope some follow-up can be done, starting with the Animal Control Office's procedures. The dog was wandering around and not getting proper nutrition. At the very least, Animal Control should do some sort of follow-up to check on Boyd's welfare. If nothing satisfactory is done, maybe a letter to the editor or some other way to bring attention to the problem. This just really sticks in my craw (I'm not sure what a craw is, but Animal Control's behavior is stuck there).

    Love the teeth brushing. Goose, you are a funny dog.

  39. Oh no! Our mom would have had a lot of those HBO words bouncing around in her head, too. We will sure be praying for Boyd! He seems like such a sweet boy - he needs GOOD THINGS to come his way.
    I'll bet L really loved having you and Belle help him brush his teeth! I didn't know there was a song -- how fun is that?!? Wish I could have joined you!
    God bless your MOM for trying to help Boyd. Please give her a great big snuggle for me, OK?

  40. Poor Boyd, we hope his owner gets a bit of a wakeup call and gives him better care. If not, he definitely needs to come to your place where we KNOW he would be loved and cared for.

    That little L sure is a cutie - what a sweet smile!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  41. I think your an awesome babysitter!
    But on the sadder note we are really upset with that outcome for Boyd. I was thinking that your mama was gonna make things right. She is a kind and giving person. We are praying for Boyd.

  42. Our mom read this last nite an'wuz gonna leeve a comment butt we had tue shoo her off tue bed b-4 she erupted in an overflow of HBO werdz b-cuz of what that animal service guy did. Mom sed she wood not b the leest surprized if he wuz the owner or knew the owner an'wuz scared sumbody wood git in truble. An'also, at leest where we live, if animal control takez in your dog then u hazta pay tue git the dog bak - not shure if yourz iz like that butt may-b the guy wuz worried 'boutz a fine. Whatever happenz, we iz hopin'n prayin'only fur the best fur Boyd - he lookz like such a sweet guy an'duzn't d-zerve anything bad happenin'tue him.
    Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta

  43. Working in rescue this happens all the time. The animal laws are just awful. We will keep him in our thoughts.

    You're such a great helper. Did you get your teeth brushed to?

  44. We are sending good thoughts to Boyd

    Stop on by for a visit

  45. Aaargh, with regard to Boyd. It is just amazing what people think is okay treatment of animals. It appalls me. My Shyla is a case in point. In any case, I hope that Boyd shows up again so that your MOM and Vickie can help him.

    I love the photos of you and Belle helping L brush his teeth!

  46. Paw Prayers for Boyd. I hope he escapes again and finds his way to you!

  47. I hope Boyd gets the love and care he deserves. Keeping everything crossed that he'll be fine and happy.

    Critter Alley

  48. I hope all the Power of the Paw and prayers help get Boyd back to your mom. So sad and sorry that this happened. I'm glad you are still your helpful self, Goose. Job well done.

  49. We is purraying for Boyd. We wants the best for him and Goose, yous is the bestest tooth brushing supervisor. Does yous gets your teeths brushed? MY hairy slobbery sisters gets theirs every morning.

  50. Oh, poor Boyd. I'll be hoping and praying that that owner gets some sense and takes better care of the poor fella.
    I love that you helped 'L' with his teethers!! Good job! Very cute.