Friday, September 21, 2012

Dog Fight, Puppy Pile and Prayer

Hello Friends.
I want to start off by saying that I love being a part of Blogville.  The diversity of this community is a blessings.  With that said I in no way wish to offend anyone with my thoughts today (or any day).  It is just what I believe and what I know to be true and maybe these words will find a place in your heart.  I am also placing some photos for your viewing pleasures to help you get through my longer than normal post.  Feel free to just view the photos.

It is football season.  And thus far I have seen the "Hail Mary" pass more than once.  In my life time I have seen it many times.  Earlier this week it got me to thinking about a life of faith, and a life of prayer.

A life lived in faith and prayer should not have to depend on the “EMT” of a “Hail Mary” prayer. A life of prayer should not be a series of 911 calls. A life of prayer and faith should be #1 on our spiritual “speed dial” — the place we punch into on our heart and soul every day, all the time, under all circumstances, whether bad or good.

Grandma had a heart attack — Spiritual Speedial.  Got an “F” on the training class — 911, Please, God.  My friends are such an overwhelming blessing--  Spiritual Speedial.  There is no green papers in the account and it is the 15th — Hail Mary.  The biopsy came back positive --  911, my Lord and my God!  Where is my family? Where are You? — Hail Mary.

Life is unpredictable. Stuffs happens — bad and good — all the time, every day. They say that life is unfair. That is why our faith connection cannot survive on “emergency” moments. Our prayer life needs to keep us connected every day in every way for every challenge and every joy.

That connection is the deciding difference between what James calls (James 3:13- 4:3, 7-8a) “earthly wisdom” and wisdom that comes “from above.”  “Earthly wisdom” inspires apathy, envy, selfishness, and a get-ahead at-any-cost mentality. Earthly wisdom teaches that if you’re not first, you are last — and a loser.

But the wisdom James recommend is a “heavenly wisdom” — a look at life that is focused from an entirely different perspective: A heavenly perspective, a beautiful perspective.

A community of faith is not supposed to be yet another dog-fight for supremacy. A faithful community, a prayer filled soul, is called to be more like a sleeping puppy pile — where members trust and love one another enough to embrace one another completely. 

The difference between “earthly” wisdom — which teaches us to fight for supremacy and to be “top dog”” - and “heavenly” wisdom that offers meekness, mercy, and peace (the “world’s “loser list”) as the highest form of commitment and love is the difference between a vicious dog fight and a peaceful puppy pile-up.

The transforming power of prayer — of a life connected and committed I think bewilders the world.  It simply does not make any “sense” to those who are sensory bound to envy, power and self-advancement.

When we truly live a life of faith and prayer, prayer that is more than those "Hail Mary" moments, it is a miraculous moment of “justification.” Everything changes in life.  Life becomes beautiful.

Yet, some of the same old stuff confronts us every day.  A bad job.  An unhappy family member.  Lost toys.  Illness and stress.  Neglect.  Not enough treats.  A frightening lab report.  It is all still here in the world.

To bathe in the presence of Christ everyday takes an everyday connection. Faith cannot exist on “Hail Mary” moments. We need to be in hourly, moment-to-moment prayer with the power that can transform our lives.

Earlier church tradition has called this daily growth “sanctification”.  Today, maybe we should just call it “life support” — the divine power that makes it possible for us to feel grace and embody goodness and beauty every day, whatever comes our way.

Those are my thoughts.  For this dog, faith and prayer are more than those "Hail Mary" moments.  Prayer and faith are a part of my daily life.  And because of it I am much stronger and more compassionate. I can face struggles with confidence.  I can express joy with abandon.  I can see beauty in just about anything.



  1. Great Post Goose!
    Thanks yous! Yous has lifted my spirits and makes my heart sing!

  2. What beautiful, peaceful pics, Goose. Kudos to your pawtogropher and writer. XOXO

  3. Although I'm not a religious pup, I believe that us dogs are one of the greatest examples of this "heavenly wisdom" you speak about! We don't make emergency prayers, we put all of ourselves in the hands of the highest power! Whatever happens is supposed to happen and we enjoy the beauty and love in every single day!

    Lovely post and absolutely gorgeous photos Goose!

  4. those were most beautiful words

    pibble sugars
    brinks and bella

  5. I am not a religious doggy but what you said then was beautiful, and really relaxing, the pictures were amazing to!!

    Milo :)

  6. Beautiful words and stunning pictures. We love the last pic of you Goose the best. Have a great Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I wanna go to your church Goose! Your preaching (or should I say teaching) is totally pawsome and the scenery is amazing.

    Looking at those beautiful pictures reminds me.... God surrounds us every day, so we should return the favor! He's always in our home and hearts.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. Goose and mom we thank you for this beautiful words and inspiration.
    The pictures wear made especially to go w these words
    Madi and Mom

  9. What a beautiful post Goose, and such lovely photo's to go with it..Thank you. Have a great Saturday xx000xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  10. A gorgeous post, Goose. You never offend me (or anyone else, I would guess) - for we are all one community who love learning more about each other. Enjoy the beauty of this Saturday.

  11. Goose this is a LOVELY post both Visually and Aurally.

  12. Goose tremendous words. I want to be part of the peaceful puppy pile-up. That is going to stick with us for a long time. Your mom must be an a wonderful minister.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  13. wow what an excellent post Goose. I am new to the blogging world and i look forward to coming back to visit your blog often.

  14. Hey Goose!
    Wow, thanks so much for giving me lots to think about today and I loved your pix. What a beautiful post.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  15. Powerful psot! Thank you for sharing it! Your essay on prayer is a must read and is thought provoking- timing could not be better! While still in Ohio, was attending the WOmen of Grace group at my parish and it was centered around improving your prayer life, each and every day- I loved being in that group and missed completing it due to our move to Missouri- This post is a reminder and a wake up call and I thank you for this!

  16. A BIG AMEN to you Goose! Beautiful photos also!

  17. Mom read it to me and I've understood every word. Thanks for this wonderful post and this pictures, have a great weekend

  18. Great post!! Beautiful photos!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  19. A beautiful and inspirational post that has touched my heart and reminded me of things I too often forget. Thank-you...

    I do hope all is well, and you enjoy your weekend!

  20. Your words were even more beautiful than the photos - and that's saying a lot.
    Thank you so much for your ministry, Goose. We love you, buddy!
    Play bows,

  21. Thank you, Goose and Mom, for sharing such wonderful words with us today - all so very true. The photos are incredible, but your message is even more beautiful.

    Hugs and Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom

  22. You made Ma all warm and fuzzy....I just love the post. Now I know just what an amazin' Minister your Moms truely is! I would sit every day and listen to her message. Very comforting and inspirational.



  23. Hey Goose, What an incredibly powerful post, filled with wisdom & truth from above. I love each and every photo-they are beautiful and they reflect the creativity of the Father's heart for our enjoyment. You know, I wanted to thank you for your encouragement today about training with Hunter; I was going to ask you and your mama to pray that I will become quicker in my responses-praise as I had a hard time with the timing today. But don't we all need to be quicker in our response and praise to all that the Lord has blessed us with! Sending much love to you both today.
    Noreen & Hunter

  24. GOOSE, thank you so much for those moving words, your post is always a great place to go to. We really like your new header picture of you. Your one very impressive and handsome guy, and just that makes are day better, cause we know you are out there with words of wisdom.

    We thank your for being our Furend
    Princess Susie & Recliner Bites

    Oh Pees; the pictures were worth stopping and looking at each with peace in mind!!!

  25. That was incredibly beautiful, both the photos and the words. I don't know how you thought that could have been offensive, your words always inspire me. You have a wonderful outlook on life and I have to work some days to have the same outlook. I do sometimes, wallow in my misery, until I read about someone who has much greater worries and then I decide how lucky I am. Thank you for your words. God bless you.

    Anne and Sasha

    p.s. Can you do an exorcism on the puter for Miss Vickie and Phantoms Mommy so they can keep blogging without problems? Just wondering.~Loveys Sasha

  26. Thanks, Goose for this beautiful post.

    Bart and Ruby

  27. What a great post today, Goose! And you have some absolutely gorgeous pictures to go with it. We never know what we'll see when we come ot your blog, but it's always beautiful in some way!


  28. All too often we find ourselves in Hail Mary situations. Giving me plenty to think about. Have a good weekend Goose!

  29. What a lovely post Goose- we have just been reading all the posts we have missed! This one certainly brightened up our weekend!


  30. In no way did you offend us, we love this post <3

  31. Hi again Goose, I just read about your Blessing Day and just have to say I wish we lived close so your mom could bless Hunter. What a wonderful thing to do; I know your congregation just loves your mom and you. May He bless you both!
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  32. Ah, Goose. I wish we could come to your church. But you also remind us that if we cannot come to your church for reminders, well, that life support is available every day through a life of faith and of prayer. You remind us that resisting elegy and embracing life is the process of being present to our hearts and the way to live forward, too, by encompassing the past, being present now, and having faith in the future... not that the future will be "perfect" but that we will be present when it happens. I've probably not articulated this well, but I want to write: you have blessed our hearts with your post.

    Thank you for blessing our Sunday.

    Tootsie and her mom and Dachshund Daddy

  33. Dude, You always say such beautiful, thoughtful, loving stuffs. Thanks for taking care of me this weekend while My Vickie was away AGAIN.....

    I hope you get feeling better. I is kinda worried about you.

    Your buddy

  34. I can totally relate. I may not believe the same way you believe, but I do believe that it's not about having the right stuff or enough money.... . those things don't bring peace. Neither does Hail Mary prayers.

  35. The "puppy pile" is such a beautiful metaphor and you look SUPER handsome in the last photo. Much love to you - XXOO - Mazzie

  36. Beautifully said ~ Goose, you have one wise mama! We try daily to remember who is really in charge, yet some days we tend to forget. So glad we stopped by today for such a poetic picturesque reminder to practice our faith every single moment of every single day.

  37. What a beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you for sharing not only your pictures with us, but also your wisdom. We do pray each and every single day. I wouldn't get through my days without it.
    and Chloe and LadyBug too
    (ps...we really, REALLY love that last pic of Goose!!)

  38. So beautiful. Thank you. <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  39. Thank you for your beautiful words and pictures...we sure wish we could come to your post. Mom said this is just what she needed today.
    stella rose