Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh No

Let me show you how my day started.  Please excuse the low quality photos.  MOM is OK with her camera but with the Android phone camera, well lets just say thank heaven she mostly uses her phone for calls and text.
This is me in MOM's office.  You may notice a tear coming out of my eye.   You might think I am crying because I was suppose to go with Bert to the Nature Center to watch him do a SAR demo for some kids.  Then we were going to play in the mountains.  And true I was pretty upset that in the morning MOM said we were not going.  THEN I heard the reason why.

Guess where I went instead?

Can you guess from this shot of my butt?

That's right I had to go see Doctor Eddie.  And it turns out I am old. WHAT?!  Am not.  

Me waiting in the exam room

Me checking to see if there are plenty of treats

Me trying to find the Blazer keys in MOM's purse

See the problem is MOM noticed my left eye sort of weeping and then there is the problem with my left front leg.  I'm limping.  MOM is such a worrier and so she canceled my fun day with Bert and made me go to the vet.  

That green stuff around my eye was so Dr. Eddie could tell what was wrong with my eye.
Turns out I might have gotten something poked in my eye and there is a little trauma.  Now MOM has to put drops in my eye 3 times a day.  Yea good luck with that MOM.
Listening to the Doc and MOM talk about my leg

Turns out I have a shoulder/joint issue.  I think I even heard the word "The beginning of Arthritis".  "Doctor Dude I am only 12, that can not be."  So now I will take for pill for that for a little while.  
But don't worry pups this is not going to stop me.  Soon as we got back to MOM's office I was off and running through the yard, flower beds and the fields.  Arthritis my foot.  I laugh, or is it run, in the face of this supposed diagnosis .  

This is not and will not slow me up.  I talked to MOM and we will still take our hikes like we always do.  I will still run and climb circles around my young buddy Bert.  Simply put I am still going to live this beautiful life I have to the fullest.  
When I came in from outside I helped MOM with stuff in the sanctuary of the church.

Then I relaxed by playing a cool set on the drums.

I have forgiven MOM for not letting me go with Bert today.  She just loves me, and she did what she thought was best.  Can't fault the old gal for that.



  1. Awww Goose! I know how you feel. Nala is going to be 14 in just 7 months, so she's already been told that she's OLD. She's old only in numbers though, my friend. :)

    She's also had that green stuff put in her eye before. A few years before I was born, Nala got something in her eye and she developed an ulcer! She had to see a specialist, and it ended up that she had her eye scraped at least 3 times! Thankfully, that last time worked, and the ulcer healed. Then she had surgery last year to remove some teeth and a growth on her lid that was scraping her eye and making it all watery and itchy.

    I hope your eye is better soon! :)

    Woofs & huggies! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  2. DUDE!!!, we really missed you. It was so much fun. WE ran and played and rolled in Moose Poop. I had lots of kids to hide from and so after the demo we went outside into the mountains and played hide and seek.

    Haha Like a kid can hide from ME,

    Then of course there was the WATER.

    Well dont want you to feel too bad, but ifn your in the mood you can drop by my blog later tonight and My Vickie and I will post about the really great day you missed.

    So sorry about your oldness


  3. PS, The oldness conmment was from My Vickie, NOT ME. (just because she can relate)

  4. Brudder Goose, I feels soooo bad furs your MOM cuz her is gonna has to put them drops in your eyes. I so hope s her gets dat on video...hehehehe. I thinks dat is gonna be harder on hers than you. Hers will see you moves likes her has nevers seen befores.

    Nows bout these "old" bones and joints, can you takes supplements or sumptin'? We is on a supplement withs glucosamine in it cuz we has tender backs. It would be worth checkin' into.
    You has da right idea bouts not bein held back to do your stuffs...atta boy! You has a great outlook on things. iam just thankful you is okie dokie.


  5. Oh what a day...hope the eye is feeling better soon. Just keeping moving and don't let "arthur" catch up with ya...good thing you got your young buddy Bert to keep you young and active.

  6. I have two years on you, buddy! I am 14 and yeah, the arthritis thing is no fun. My back legs give me lots of trouble.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. I get the same thing from my own doctors. Just yesterday my opthalmologist said she couldn't believe someone MY AGE had 20/15 vision!!! You've got the right attitude Goose and mom...keep going and live it to the fullest.

  8. Sorry you missed some stuffs BUTT Buddy you gotta take care of the eyes. I suppose a Tree Rat was sneakin around when you were nappin and Poked your eye with his tail or somethingy like that. Butt the drops will help... IF your mom can get them in there that is.
    My mom knows that mean old Arthur Guy that you just met up with. SHE says it is bestest to JUST KEEP ON doin stuffs. So THAT is really good news fur you. It sure isn't gonna stop YOU or My Mom either.

  9. Hope your leg is feeling better real soon. Sorry you had to miss out on the action today, but I know those drops will make your eye clear right up. :)

  10. Goose, you have a great Mom for taking such good care of you. Best to get that eye taken care of. As for the arthritis, Phantom has a touch too and he has meds to take. But they bother his tummy too much. He doesn't do much running any more but once in a while he does get a bit of a puppy spurt and takes off really fast. As long as you don't overdo it, you should be fine.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. First of all, I did not know you played the drums. I bet you are awesome! I am glad your health issues aren't serious but I am happier your mom got you checked out! My Mom and Dad had some dogs before us (Leroy & Reggie)and they had arthritis and had to take Rimydal. It really helped them out, especially Leroy. Mom said it turned Leroy back into a pup again because he started jumping again. Just recently there was an article saying you can buy it at Costco if you take a prescription from your doc.

    I also think it would be a good idea to let your mom put in those eye drops. It isn't much fun but surely it can't be any worse than the feeling of that cold ear cleaning wash hitting your ear drums can it? Take care Goose!


    M & S

  12. Goose, you are a big dog and 12 is I'm afraid old for a BIG dog!!! Yes, lots of luck trying to get drops in your eyes!!! I surely know I couldn't put drops in Zoie's eyes alone!!!!!
    Zoie barks at the coons and the coons don't like her to bark at them.
    They are very afraid of Zoie!!! That's the biggest reason I don't get to see them like I use to. Bambi paid no attention to them & them her.
    Sorry you have started Arthritis Goose, Happy has to go to the vets once a month for hers.

  13. Oh Goose!
    Me is older than yous! Me is going to be 14 in May!
    Yous is a baby! But Me feels for yous! My poor hairy slobbery sister Bob (who will be 12 July 23) has slowed down. Mommy was getting worried and then she noticed that Bob's Eyes looked funny. This week we took Bob to see the vest and poor Bob has glaucoma and she has slowed down cus she can't see very well! She has to has drops in both her eyes two times everyday. She says she's not old either, its just that she can't see very well.

  14. Dearest Goose! It's important to go to a check up at the doctor's sometimes - now you (and your MOM) know there are only little inconveniences...
    you are strong, beautiful and healthy - you are handsome, talented, warmhearted and I would say many further things if my english would be better... just let me say I really like you, I think you are the best friend Bert and I could have and you have a strong shoulder to lean on! This I prefer the most! A big kiss Charlotte

  15. Kudos to the "old gal" fur taking you straight to the dreaded vet! We are sending lots of purrayers your way for a speedy recovery!

  16. We are just positive that your mom did what she thought was best for you! And you aren't old Goose! Nope.

    Just seasoned! Hope you are feeling much better today!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  17. Howdy Goose. Old schmold. Don't even think about it. You are only as old as you feel, and by the sounds of it, you feel like a young dog hehe. Our angel sissy Kara, had the arthur ritis and dad gave her fish oil tablets every day and it helped her leggies a lot! She just ate them like lollies too hehe. Take care mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory P.S. Sorry you didn't get to see Bert but your mum was just showing how much she loves you!

  18. Poor Goose! I know, it sucks being told you're old! I'm sure it was quite a shock. But fear not, your Momma just does what's best for you and I'm sure she see to it that you still have lots of fun! Now take care of that eye buddy and don't give your Momma a hard time with those drops! :-)

  19. Goose don't you just hate the way they talk about you in Dr. Eddie's office. I mean like you are standing right there and they never ask you your opinion. Why you are young at heart and yet this arthritis. Take care of your eye.
    Sweet William The Scot

  20. Oh Dog! The NERVE of that vet calling you old! Anyway, DeDe has drops in her eyes twice a day, and all Jen has to do is hold up a treat, put the meds in and reward. DeDe does GREAT, and you will too.

  21. I'm confused. I thought you said the arthritis was in your leg? Then you said "arthritis my foot!" So, Goose, my friend -- which is it? The leg or the foot? HA roo roo roo!!
    Sorry, I might be working too hard....
    And HEY! Tell your vet that 12 is NOT OLD!!! I am 12! Or as my mom likes to say, "12, going on 8 months". You've GOT to live life to the fullest! It's WAY more fun that way!!!!
    I hope your eye clears up quickly - and the arthritis doesn't slow you down. (I take Cosequin, a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement. It helps keep my joints lubed.)
    Play bows,
    PS: And Dave is 14 and said THAT'S not old, either.

  22. Hi Goose, I think you are going to be just fine. I've been having eye drops since September last year and it's not too bad.

    As for your arthritis, well, like The Army of Four say glucosamine and chondroitin is really good for mature joints. I am currently taking a trial of some one-a-day joint treats from a UK pet food maker and they are great. Plus keep up the exercise and keep moving gently and things will be just fine.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  23. Hi Goose,

    This is my first time on your blog, and I have to say that you may be old, but you're still a very handsome guy! I'm nine years old, but a lot smaller than you are because I'm a Cairn Terrier (think of Toto).

    I hope you get better soon.


    Sophie the Rambunctious Cairn

  24. Goose! You're only as old as your heart says you are. Your heart is like a puppy's heart! Now, stop calling your MOM an "old gal". *She* doesn't have arthritis :)

  25. Sure hope your eye feels better soon. My sister Starr (she thinks you're cute by the way) has to go the VET soon but we are not telling her that yet. Hers is just normal vaccines.

  26. "Tut Tut" (said Halle) (who will be 14 in October)... age is just a number. enjoy, run, and do everything that makes you happy. Live every day to the fullest!

  27. Goose you are only as old as you feel! Don't listen to the hoomans they have this age thingie! LOL
    You're looking good and in the prime of life.
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  28. Goose, you act like you're a spring chicken with the world to conquer with kindness and love. You're doing an amazing job of it too! It's wonderful that you MOM is an observant parent stays ahead of things that might creak a tiny bit after you stand up. That's okay. It will keep that spring chicken mentally, springy. You know?

  29. Glad to hear the vet fixed you up Goose. Now be a good Goose and take it easy for just a bit. :)

  30. Hope you are feeling better today, Goose! and you are not old.. hummmpffff ! I bet the vet is older than you heheheh... !