Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lamas, Mud, Turtles

Yesterday MOM got a text from her niece who asked if MOM had a trimmer and if she did could she bring it to her house cuz she had some stuff that needed trimming.  MOM and I had plans to just spend the day together just being at home and relaxing.  MOM really needed some down and reflective time.  But we loaded up the trimmer and headed to Tasha's house.  We had never been there before so it would be an adventure.  I did not know what an adventure it would be for me.

When we got there what do I find?  2 turtles on the back deck.

I had never seen a turtle in real life.  I was fascinated.  They would come to the surface and I'd give them a lick.  Yummmm turtle.  

At the back fence along the length of the yard there is this cool little stream.  It was so over grown, if you had not heard the water trickling along you would not know it was there.  And all the vegetation along the stream was thick and TALL.  This job needed more than a trimmer.  So while Tasha and her mom (My MOM's sister) hung out in the front yard with Tasha's 4 kids MOM began working to clear the tall stuff and the stream.

On the other side of the fence just behind the stream were Lamas!  I have seen them from afar but never up close.  This is Larry.

And this is Lucy

I went over to say hello, being the friendly dog that I am.

Well hello Larry and Lucy, I'm Goose, it's nice to meet you.

And then....... Larry spit in my face!  He spit at me!  I don't know much about Lamas but if this is how they greet I bet they don't have many friends.

GROSS!  I have Lama spit in my face.  I need to go stick my head in the stream.  Note to self- do not get within spitting distance of Larry.

Checking out MOM's work.  Before you could not see the stream.  And the vegetation was way taller than me.

Good job MOM, but you forgot a stick over there.  I'll get it.

MOM said I was a big help in clearing out the sticks and a few small trees.  "Hey I am Goose, and I do sticks."

I got a little muddy helping MOM.  This was just the beginning.  At the end I had mud up to my shoulders.  All in a days work.  If you think I am muddy and dirty you should have seen MOM.  You would think I would get some sort of reward for helping.  This is my reward.

A BATH!  Really?  I don't see why I need a bath.  We are just going back tomorrow cuz there is so much more to do.

"Am I dry enough now to go chew my stick in the grass?"

I was.  nom nom.  

Woo I am one tired pup.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.  


  1. Woof! Woof! Oh I've seen a turtle while swimming in the ocean. Oh MY!!! How dare is that Lama spit at you ... Glad you guys had a chance to relax. Is that a real tattoo? Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  2. Dearest Goose I didn't know that you're a prince of mud too....
    Sealed with a kiss your Charlotte

  3. We hope you had a lovely 4th July. Sorry we laughed at you getting a spit in the face Goose! Have a happy Thursday!
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Oh dear, we've come across lamas here in a children's farm nearby and we were warned they have terrible filthy manners, not like us schnauzers that just like to bark and woof in greeting, no apparently lamas ALWAYS spit as schnauzers, now we know that they spit at you too Goose, are you sure you're not a schnauzer in disguise?

  5. Your Mom is very good, Goose, to go help Tasha. That is a lot of hard work she did. But fun for you. Thunder is a great pal to turtles. He once made friends with Tony the Turtle. It is waaaaaaaaay back in a very old post. We have met donkeys, but we don't think they spit. Larry sure needs to learn some manners.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Wow GOOSE... that was NOT NICE of that Lama to SPIT in your FACE. (Note to self: Check to see if I can Spit) It was good that you had that nice cleared out STREAM to wash it off with.
    DOUBLE WOW... THERE you are... TRAININ fur Bathtub Wrestling Event!!! THAT would be a PERFECT ENTRY!!! IF we can ever consider ANYTHINGY to do with a BAFF as being Perfect, that is.

  7. Boy, it's awfully nice of you and your Momma to do all that work over there. I can't believe Larry spit in your face! The picture of you walking away, (hee,hee....sorry), you look so sad. Thank goodness you got a big stick to chew on after that embarrassing moment!
    I do have to say Goose, you shine up like a new penny after your bath! :)

  8. Goose buddy, you live in the country, skunks spray, racoons attack and llahma's spit. Have I taught you nothing....

    Sorry caue My Vickie and I laughed but it was kinda funny.....It wasn't funny the first time My Vickie was taking pictures of a llahma and it spit on her and her camera, but it was funny when we read about the llahma spitting on you.

    Was it the smelly, gooowy slightly yellow spit?


  9. Lucy and Larry are hysterical, but spitting is no joke! I wonder if there's a Llama Olympics coming up and they're vying for the spitting podium? Yeah, don't worry Goose, they were just practicing.

    That was so sweet of you to help so much in your family's yard. Life is better with cleared debris, even if we get a little dirty in the process of clearing it. Thanks for reminding me of that today, Goose. You're the best!

    Happy seeing beautful!

  10. Poor Goose! Those llamas weren't very friendly. Good thing you had that stream to clean up in after the spitting incident.


  11. That was an adventure alright. Turtles and that weird looking doggy behind the fence. Nutty
    Benny & Lily

  12. Dear Goose!
    Woowie! What a adventure! Turtles, Llamas (does llama spit stink?) and lots of glorious mud! What is it about peoples that we can't stay muddy, that wes has to has baths - better yous than me though!

  13. Wowzers, Goose! I thought when your MOM cleared the brush by the stream, you found those Llamas! HA roo roo roo! I can't believe Larry spit at you. What's up with that?
    You and your MOM are awfully kind to go do all that very hard work. I'm glad you were rewarded with some mud and a nice stick. Really sorry about the b-a-t-h, but maybe your MOM was just trying to get the Larry-spit off you?
    The fire was very scary - and Dave really didn't let our mom say half the stuff she wanted to about the fireworks. Her bottom line is that (1) people should show personal responsibility and if we're in a SEVERE DROUGHT like we are, they should restrict their own activities and (2) since people are too self-serving to do that, the City should issue a restriction to protect the citizens from incidents just like what happened. And why don't they? Because they get a lot of MONEY from the fireworks sales.
    Sorry. My mom hijacked my comment for a minute there. We've now seen our neighbors, so we know they're OK, and we're very thankful for that. Our hearts are breaking for them, though - what a thing to go through!
    One last question - did the turtle taste like chicken? :)
    Play bows!

  14. We are so glad you got into the mud. That is a good thing. Of course the best thing would be to get into the mud AND chew sticks at the same time! Good job Goose! About Larry, that was a close call. I was afraid he would get his spit on your new collar (which was looking mighty fine I have to say). Sorry you and mom didn't get to kick back yesterday but maybe today can be more relaxing?

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. You had quite the busy day. I think you should practice your spitting and get him back. That would be funny!

  16. Woof to you Goose!!!! What does turtle taste like? Separately, my assistant thinks that you were very lucky to walk away from your meet and greet with Larry with only his spit on your face. When she was hiking in the Andes a few years, the llamas there were always charging at and trying to kick 2 legged tourists. So please continue to be very careful around Larry and his sidekick!!!! Much love to you - XXOO - Mazzie

  17. Oh Goose! Blueberry and I had a run in with rude llamas once before, too! I can't believe people want to associate with those rude beasts. Honestly! I am curious about whether or not you've tried turtle stew, though...

    I hope you have a lot of fun helping out again today!


  18. Hi Goose, I have heard that Llamas spit; personally I like Alpacas more. Yuck, you're right-spit in the face is not fun. I'm sorry your mom didn't get down time yesterday! Hope she gets some this weekend; I worry that she might push herself too hard.
    Hunter seemed fine with the fireworks but when we got home he was so wired, I had to stay up and play with him for two hours. That's what love does. I hope you have a wonderful evening.
    Lots of licks.
    Noreen & Hunter

  19. At first we could not imagine what lamas, mud, and turtles had in common! What a great day you had, Goose. You and your Mom always have the best adventures!

  20. Woo..that does sound like an adventure. I don't think I have ever seen a turtle in real life either. I saw a frog once. I tried to eat it. BOL

    Sorry that mean Lama spit in your face, that is just gross. Darn Lamas.

    Starr got all bright eyed when she read your wink-wink comment to her. :)

  21. Thanks for this great post! I loved following your busy day. Good lesson to stay out of spit range.

  22. Goose, I agree with the comments, you have some great adventures, and I think they are worth getting a bath for, just so you can have another great next-day to get dirty all over again!

  23. Yuk! At least you could wash the the Lama goo off your face in the stream ~ good luck there, huh? I've never met one, but I think I'll take your advise, and stay out of goo-range. Bathies doesn't seem to be a nice reward for all your hard work; well, if it makes the peeps feel better,huh?

    Nice day you had!



  24. BOL! A bath as a reward? You met some cool friends though, I like those turtles!

  25. BOL, my Mom was yelling (like you could hear her) "stay away from the Llama cuz it will spit on you"!!!
    Why does our Mom's fink we always need a baff??

    Your furiend,

  26. Goose, we about fell over laughing when the Lama spit at you, Sorry it's pretty funny though. You and your mom are so kind to go help clear the stream, it looks really nice, did the turtles come from the stream?

    The silvers and more

  27. Those lamas sure don't sound like fun! Some of our Chessie friends have an Alpaca farm. Alpacas spit too. lol Sounds like a fun day anyway.

  28. OMD they spit at you?! BOL! Very good thing your Mom had been slavin away to clear a path for you to the crick to wash that spag off! What do turtles taste like? Just curious ;)

    Waggin at ya,