Monday, September 17, 2012

What Is It

Hello Friends.

Today I supervising as my MOM trimmed a "bush".  It gets out of hand and makes mowing around it difficult.

There it is, the big bush.  As you can see MOM has made me a big pile of sticks from it.  But right now I am enjoying chewing on a treat thingy that helps clean my teeth.  It is suppose to be in a big rubber ball thing.  But I am to smart for it.  I always get the big spaceship like treat thing out of the rubber holder.

Nom Nom.  This is so tasty.  Nom Nom.  Anyway back to the "bush".

 See this "bush" gets these fruit on it.  MOM has no idea what they are.  And this bush has lots of these sticks coming up from the ground.  Not like a peach tree with one or two big trunks, but lots and lots of sticks.  And they keep spreading out.  Although MOM keeps them cut down so they do not spread into the lawn.  But she has to keep mowing over them or cutting them with clippers.

Here's the fruit.  As you can see it has this cool little nub on the end of it.

Here is what it looks like on the inside.  Last year when she cut one open it was sort of star shaped.  If you have any idea what it is let us know.  Now back to me.

Later that evening I went and dug back up my teeth cleaning thingy and tried to come in the house with it.

What do you mean I can't bring it in the house?!  Don't you want me to clean my teeth before bed?  It is not disgusting.  Just has a little dirt and grass on it.  Sometimes mom's can be confusing.  They want us to clean our teeth, then they don't want us to bring the thing that cleans our teeth into the house.  Sheesh.  What's a Goose to do?  I'll tell you what.  Sneak it into the house and cleverly bury it in the bed.  hehhehhe.  What's a MOM to do?  Remove the thing, change the sheets.  And then hold my paw as we go to sleep.


  1. Goose, I am kind of scared of that thing. It looks like an alien. Be careful and watch yourself around it ok?? I don't get the Mommies sometimes either. I go kind of nutty if I have to leave anything outside ever. I hope you snuck it in, it looked perfectly fine to me.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. Gotta luv the Mom. The clean up the muck, and come back for more loves. XOXO

  3. Bahahaha, yeah, I don't know why your Mom didn't want that in the bed! ;-) I'm not allowed to bring outside toys in or inside toys out! Dude, how about the Black Sapote fruit but yours isn't ripened?! Kind of looks like it!

  4. You are funny Goose! We kind of agree with Sasha is a little scary looking! We do not recognize that kind of fruit at all. Hope you find out what it is!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  5. Nice one Goose we too bring our chews to bed. Nice manky dirty raw hide ones which we bury under the pillows for a midnight chew. Not appreciated here either pal. Life is confusing. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. When you find out what fruit that is,let us'a a strange one. Goose that tooth cleaner looks awful..I wouldn't be allowed to bring that the house either..bol I think you might want to come over today :) xx00xx

  7. Humans are so confused ! They don't know what they want! I'm with you Goose !!

    could it be apple quince ???


  8. It does look like apple quince. I read that it's tart and chalky tasting when eaten raw butt when cooked its sweetness comes out and has a wonderful aroma. Maybe if you bit into it raw and then cooked it and compared what you find to this, you would know for sure :)

    Yeah Goose my Mom won't let me bring my bones in bed either. What's up with that?

    Waggin at ya,

  9. Ewww.... what did you dig up? Mom is amazed by that fruit, she's never seen one before.


  10. Definitely looks like a quince to me - there are excellent for making jams and jellies as they have a high pectin ratio - apple and quince jelly is the best!

  11. What in the world is that? It's like the burning's has me burning with wonder about that fruit? Goose, that tooth cleaning thing doesn't look very appetizing. I'm glad MOM had you keep it outside - though sneaking it in was pretty funny. I'm sure you wonder at MOM all the time when she's brushing her teeth and spitting into a sink. That must seem weird to you. Lilly and Buddy certainly wonder too. I can tell they think I'm crazy. :) Their looks just make me see beautiful though!

  12. Momma doesn't let me bring toys in bed either. I can have them on the bed during the day, but she clears them off when it's time for bed. I guess she thinks I'd play with them all night instead of sleeping.

    ...I guess she knows me too well! :)

  13. It could be worse not even bein' ables to take your toys outside...OMD , da HORROR! Orrrrrrrr, a teefbrush to cleans your teef. Actually da teef brush is more horrific. in my opinion.

    Dat fruit is eithers a Thingamajig or a Hickamathing. They make scrumptious pies withs a beer to wash 'em down withs. Paw lickin' good I say.


  14. Those fruits are so weird! It's not figs? The ones you've got look harder than figs. I dunno Goose, stick to the sticks!

  15. Oh Goose, someone mentioned Quince? so now we gotta go and look that one up. Very interesting.

    And as far as your tooth cleaner bone goes, yeah for sneaking it in! Don't Mom's know that the more gunk on it, the better it cleans our teeth? Geez.... We gots to teach them everything!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  16. Goose you crack me up with your chewing thingy pictures.
    That is truly a mystery 'friut' tree in your back yard. At first it looked like a fig shape but we just don't know. Obviously the way it is growing it must love living in your back yard.
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  17. I looks like the rotten pear which I found in my back yard today, but it could be a mushroom too...hmmm...hope it isn't a nuclear mushroom

  18. Well goose mom and I thought your picture was a big head of brocolli
    at first, until we read your story.....that is one weird thing growing out of that brocolli tree..
    sammer brought a almost dead mouse into mom and dads bed once, they don't complain about bones or toys after that...
    maybe thats what you need to do....stella rose

  19. Heehee! You are a sneaky Goose! Sneaky must have rubbed off on you!

    What an interesting fruit...


  20. mmmm Goose! I love NASTY things...actually I just love EVERYTHING i canz eats!!

    I nominated you for a bloggy!


  21. Moms can be so confusing can't they? We are so glad that your mom held your paw when you both went to sleep. That would make a nice photo you know.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  22. Goose, come save your prize..Doggy's changed his KYLAGOOSE, to get your treat...Come see what he's doing..bol xx00xx

  23. HI Goose, The fruit reminds me of a Quince; my mom & dad had a tree that had them and they used the fruit for jam. Great job trying to clean you teeth, but really in bed??? You are just too silly; I know your mom was o.k. with it though.
    Have a great afternoon; hope your mom is doing o.k.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  24. Haha - nice try in sneaking it into the house! That looks very gnarly though - maybe you could hose it off first? ;)

  25. Woo. I think I saw some other puppies say it - but I'm in the quince camp. Well, actually, I'm in the kitchen (Mom's making homemade spaghetti sauce ... can you smell it?) helping with din-din. Our mom and dad dug out a MESS of those bushes - they get WAY out of control. If you ever want to see my dad's head explode, just mention Texas Quince Bushes. Especially ones that are supposed to be of the dwarf variety that apparently aren't. Woo.
    I see no problem with you bringing your cool toy in the house. What's up with that?

  26. Howdy Goose, we don't know what the fruit is either. Love how you clean your teeth before bed and then your mum doesn't appreciate it. I think you will love our story today about angel Oscar's breath hehehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  27. Thank goodness your mom isn't a hair stylist! Imagine the hair cuts!

    I have no idea what that fruit is - sorry.

    Love the funny teeth story. Maybe you and your MOM should both clean your teeth outside before bed. She can brush and you can chew!

  28. LOL Goose. You did not really sneak that thing in the bed did you? :)

    the brown dawgs

  29. At least you don't have Billy Bob teeth! I think your mom should be glad that you're so dentally conscious!

    That's quite the shrub to trim!


  30. Not sure what that fruit is, Goose. In fact it doesn't look too appetizing to us - we would much rather have a bag of those cheetoes in yesterday's post:)

    Sorry we have been slow in getting here, the Momster can be a tough one some days:(

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  31. Sometimes moms are just no fun.

    Oh...and Starr says she LOVES your new header pic (or new to us since we are so behind in visiting all our friends)