Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adventure Part One

Hello Friends!

For the next few days I will be taking you along on my backpacking adventure with my MOM and my gal pal Belle in the wilds of Idaho.  We were in an area called Pebble Creek.  There are so many photos, 298 to be exact.  But MOM says that's to many to show.  So I will be trying to pick out a few for each day, enough for you to get an idea of what we experienced.  Still it is quite a few, hope you don't mind.  Lets get started.

Are we there yet?

We are here!  The view from our tent.

We got our tent pitched and Belle and I are ready for our adventure to begin.  Lets go MOM!

And we are off.  The terrain was so diverse.  From the low scrubby brush you see above to Pine and Aspen forests to sort of marshy areas.  We had it all.  And it was great.

Belle wants to see what's making noise, I want to keep blazing the trail ahead.  MOM let us do both.  It's not like we had a schedule to keep.

I'm on a scent.

The critter got away, but I'm still happy.  You can tell by the look on my face.

Here is a close up of my happy face.  See that joyous smile?

Every once in a while Belle and I would stop and pose for MOM.

Look at this great stick we found.  MOM said it was to big and to far back to our tent for me to bring it with us.

Sometimes the trail would lead to wonderful surprises.  Like haveing to cross this watery area.  You got to know that my MOM LOVES this kind of hiking.  She loves the thick stuff that she has to just push through or crawl through.  She loves to blaze her own new trail or follow the trails that animals make.  How can you not love a MOM who will trek through the thick stuff following you?  It has always led to something amazing and tomorrow you will see what I mean.  But for now lets cross this small obstacle and see what is ahead.

What diverse beauty lays ahead of us.

Soon the storm clouds were moving in.

The rain was about upon us.

Almost back at the tent before the storm really hit.  I think we take a right to get back to camp.

Waiting for the rain to come.

This is the picture of a beautifully good and tired Goose.

The moon shown bright through the clouds.  I hope Remighton heard me and Belle giving him a shout out with my mountain adventure howl.  Woooo Wooooo

There was so much more to our first day.  It was great.  I do have to tell ya that as darkness came and we got into our tent just as the rain really started to pour down, MOM thought to her self, "Now tell me why again I put this tent under this pine tree?"  She asked her self (or me) that because the thunder and lightning was very, very intense.  At times the lighting would light up the inside of our tent like someone was shining 87 flood lights inside the tent.  And the thunder could be deafening.  But we stuck it out together knowing we were in a dip between high points and those pine needles under our tent did make for a nice soft comfy bed.  Normally MOM and I sleep very well in thunder storms, but Belle is not a fan of the lightning and thunder.  But we snuggled up and all was OK.
You will want to come back tomorrow for my post.  I have a very big fish story that you WILL NOT believe.  But MOM got pictures so you would not think I was telling fish stories.



  1. My husband and I went camping thru Idaho a few years back. We try not to visit the same places twice, buy we will make an exception in this case. I can't believe what a beautiful state it is!


  2. What a great adventure. Those storm clouds look scary. Have a wonderful time
    Benny & Lily

  3. Your hiking trip sounds absolutely fantastic! I am so happy you and Belle got to go and have such a grand adventure. I can't wait to see more!


  4. Whoa!!! Goose!!! That trip looks soooooo awesome! I can't believe that your Mom is so cool about hiking and nature and all other kinds of dog stuff! Two words: that stick! I can't wait to hear about the fish story! :-D

  5. What a fun adventure. I can't wait for the next part.


  6. Beautiful! We can't wait fur the rest of the adventure!

    Pee Ess - was there a cook-out during this adventure? MMmmmmmm.

  7. what a beautiful place to backpack

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. Goose, what a great adventure. Thank you for taking me along. I love how happy you look, but of course how could you not be happy?? Camping, hiking and your beautiful lady by your side. Life is good my sweet pal.

    Loveys Sasha


  9. That stick was the best looking stick ever there was! We just love to see doggies wiff smiles like you guys had it makes us all warm inside. Your mommy is super cool and ur lucky doggie to go on such great adventures. We cant wait to hear more.
    Pibble sgars

  10. Now that is a proper adventure. Have the best of times mate! deccy x

  11. Wow! What an adventure Goose! It sure looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I love the picture of you all wore out and sleeping like an angel. :)

  12. what a fab place, i bet you are having the best time ever!!!!! i cant wait for the next installment xxx

    waiting with baited breath

    Charlene and Stormy

  13. That looks like such an awesome place to camp!! We just love running through the fields! LOVE it! Can't wait to hear all about the next adventure!! Beautiful country out there! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  14. What an adventure, Goose ! Your face look so so happy !
    Waiting for the next part...

  15. That is awesome! I luv ur pikshers. :). :)

  16. We're on the edge of the couch Goose with each and every turn you all take. Wondering what is around that next corner.... Such a beautiful place you picked to go camping! So many great smells, sights and a Mom who loves to trudge thru the thick and thin of it all! You are so lucky!!! We can't wait to see the next part.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  17. Brudder Goose, I has to commend your MOM on pitchin' a tent in da wild...my mum would nevers do dat cuz of her abnormal freaky fear of bugs. Dang, your MOM is da WOMAN! Did you happens to get any fotos of hers crawlin' around in daa dirt? I wanna sees dat...hehehe.
    Dat moon foto hers took is absolutely breathtakin'! We nevers gets purty fotos likes dat...sigh.
    I am so glad ya'll had such a good time togedders! I can't wait to sees what ya'll did next. I'll be back same time tomorrow!


  18. Wow Goose, that sure is some adventure..how I'z woods luv's to go to place like that...Willz sure be back tomorrowz :) xx00xx

  19. What an adventure!! That sounds like a crazy storm. Glad the tent held up!

  20. Oh Goose can't wait to hear.... and I'm very impressed, you are the copilot...I have to sit always on the backseat... tied and packed like a parcel

  21. Goose glad you are all having a good time and can't wait for the fishy story. Have a wonderful day.
    Best wishes Molly

  22. Goose first of all I would be happy as a clam to make biscuits on your handsome neck!!

    OMCS what wonderful pictures...and to be able to experience it with your friends. Mom would be happy to just sit and stare at the mountains. Mom says she is a mountain girl trapped in a Piedmont girls body. Whatever that means!!
    My favorite picture of you is the one with your ear delicately
    caressing your mom's leg...that is such a happy picture and truly says I love my Mom
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  23. Woozers Goose - what a great start to your adventure - I hope you had lots of snackies to keep your energy up - looks like you were using a lot of it!

  24. HOLY GWALK A MOLEY Goose... THAT is a bunch of BEAUTY you got pictures of. I can't stand the wait fur the FISH STORY!!! I am sure it is gonna be a WHOPPER.

  25. Goose I love the pictures and hearing about your trip but I was a bit concerned that there might be some bears near by. Glad you didn't get too soaked with the rain. Can't wait to hear today's story.
    Woofs, Noreen & Hunter

  26. Looks like a very cool camping trip! The scenery is amazing, I love the outdoors

  27. Everyone on here is in LOVE with your MOM and I mean everyone...we all want to go camping in the wilds, and run free, and then sleep in a tent during a storm, yep we do....remember goose my mom is afraid of anything that moves outside even if she could step on it, and as far as putting that tent up heck we would have been blown away at the first gust of wind, and no way ever would mom have pushed her way through the brush and ENJOYED it...your mom needs to offer classes to other moms on how to be an ADVENTUROUS MOM!!! Plus I have a really cool backpack that mom could just carry me in while we are treking through the wilds....
    stella rose

  28. Your fish story isn't about the one that got away, is it?! Ha woo.
    Goose, this looks like such an amazing camping trip! The scenery is just so beautiful - and that smile on your face says VOLUMES about the joy in your heart!
    I can't wait to hear and see more. God created such a splendid world for us, didn't He?!? I'm so glad you and your MOM and Belle got to experience this trip - and am thankful you're sharing it with us!

  29. It sounds like a grreat trip! When we got to the picture of your happy face, Momma and I both started grinning. What a grreat pic!

  30. What a glorious adventure yous is having (er) had! Me is a teenie weenie bit jealous!
    Daddy has been too ill for us to goes camping!

  31. Goose, I've been so excited to read about this adventure! Those pictures are beautiful and your MOM is right, it was beautifully diverse. I think that's what makes it so incredible. I love sleeping in tents in the rain, but lightening and thunder storms are another thing. I'm glad the three of you were together to snuggle. And of course, the picture of you snoozing and seeing beautiful was my favorite - though it was a toss up because the others were pretty spectacular. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

    Happy seeing BEAUTFUL!

  32. It looks like a great adventure. Can't wait for tomorrow!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  33. Sure is pretty there. Trees are great, except in a storm with lightening. Not sure I would have slept through that. Can't wait to read the fish story.

  34. Goose,

    What a most wonderful hike, we can't wait to see more fotos!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  35. Woof! Woof! BEAUTIFUL! You guys had lots of FUN. Golden Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  36. Woof to you Goose!!!! Your MOM is pretty awesome to let you ride shotgun all the way to Idaho. It looks like you and Belle really painting the Idaho wilderness red. Too bad you didn't get to carry the stick you found back to camp (I guess the most fun was probably in finding it). Much love to you Goose - XXOO - Mazzie


  38. Wow, That looks like so much fun, what a way to start an adventure. We bet that storm out in the open like that was awesome, glad belle had you and your mom to snuggle through it. We can't wait to read more about your trip

  39. What a fantastic adventure Goose! Glad y'all made it back to the tent in time to ride out the storm there. So fun that your Mom likes to trek through the bushes and marshes with yaz :)

    Waggin at ya,