Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Little Mischief

Hello Friends.
Isn't there a saying that goes, "Into every life a little mischief will fall."?  I think there is.  My MOM loves sports.  She loves to play on sports teams and she loves to watch sports on TV.  She irons clothes while watching baseball.  She studies and does sermon prep while watching football.  Sometimes she takes me to a ball field to watch kids or adults play, and often we don't even know anyone who is playing.  A few times I have gone to her games, but not to often because I can not stand to see she her out there playing and I am stuck in the dugout or in the bleachers.  Anyway.  This past Saturday where I live there was a BIG college game.  They call it "The Holy War".  I am sure you have something similar where you live.  You know, an in-state rivalry between two college teams.  Where I live it is the University of Utah vs. BYU.  This whole state goes CRAZY over this football game.  I will admit I don't get it.
So this past Saturday I thought I would make things a little more interesting for watching the game.  When MOM was not looking I helped myself to a snack for the game... Cheetos!  She came in from outside and caught me orange pawed with my snooter in the Cheeto bag. Bawhahhahha.  There were only a few Cheetos left in the bag so I did not get to many.  So you know what that MOM of mine did?  She rushed out to the connivance store right before the game and got a new bag!!  The crazier thing is that my MOM really does not eat these things.  She only gets them for me and every once in a while I get a few Cheetos as a special treat.  

So here I am during the game.  Me, my Cheetos, and a cool brew in case I get thirsty.  Who knew a little mischief of taking a few Cheetos off the counter would lead to a whole brand new bag.  I have never been a counter surfing dog but MOM says I am starting to live up to the t-shirt she has.

Here is her shirt.  can you read that?

How about now?
It says: A medium-large sized gray sporting dog developed in Germany (I think that explains my fondness for beer) specializing in hunting weed balls (really this is a service for all human kind), digging up flower beds (only when I am burying a bone or rawhide) counter surfing (one time and now I am labeled), and steak snatching (no comment).  Also used for hunting upland game and fox.  Owners should be willing to accept a new sleeping partner (MOM has), cat-eradicator (sorry Nellie Bellie, there have been 3), exercise companion  (I am my MOM's trainer), and loud mouth (I just want to be heard).


  1. Yay for game! Also yay Cheetos. Those are yummy. :)

  2. Oh! Cheetos! Me LOVES them! Me Loves your new header and me LOVES sitting on my Daddy when he is watching football, hockey, golf and baseball!

  3. Oh Goose! We know someone else in Blogville who likes cheetos and beer!

  4. OMD - we think we might be Weimaraners too!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - a 5 mile hike and we did not get any beer or Cheetos. OK, maybe we are too young for the beer but surely we earned some Cheetos. You are going to have to tell us how to train our peeps on this!

  5. Dude, My Vickie loves cheetos and she always gives me some, so we get to have orange paws and fingers about once a month. My Vickie says she came to "Bring your dog to church" night WITHOUT me tonight and she said you had a wonderful sermon. And she saw Murphy and Stanley. Boy I really missed out.

    But I'll see ya at the day care and if you wanted to, you could bring a couple of those Cheetos with you.


  6. Goose, you are so cute laying there with your Cheetos, beer and snake.


  7. Woof! Woof! Oh my Cheetos ... believe it or not 1st time I had one this weekend. Sad to say I got sick ... n we were at the beach. LOVE your header photo. Please say hello to Vickie n Bert. Lots of Golden LOVE n Woofs, Sugar

  8. Mmmm, Cheetos. They're not just fur woofies anymore. MOL! You gots a great Mom, Goose. We enjoyed footsballs this weekend, too. XOXO

  9. Your mom bought you a whole new bag of Cheetos for the game?! Oh Goose, she's a keeper for sure! I'm giggling over that description and will be for quite some time.


  10. Bahahaha, oh man, you are too funny Goose! :-D I love the photo, you lush (beer and cheetos?)! ;-) Did your team win? I absolutely love your Mom's new t-shirt! It's very funny and (apparently) true!

  11. I think we have those but wez call then " cheesy puffs " Daddy gave me a taste of the froth of his was yummy :) You do look cool there Goose..Your name should be changed to RILEY, cos that's the life you have..bol xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  12. That is a great shirt. Your mischief really paid off!

  13. BOL funny cat-eradicator , love it Goose. We were worried you'd gone over to the dark side with your friendship with Allred! Have a wonderful Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. O that sounds so good...cheetos&beer. I like the shirt, but the last thing isn't true or is it? no idea..."Owners should be willing to accept a new sleeping partner" was commented by dad with YEAH! ...hmmm something in his voice I did not like... very suspicious...

  15. What a wonderful MOM, getting cheetos just for you!

    I loved the Serene Walk photos, especially the moose. Thank you.

  16. Imagine that! You steal Cheetos and get a new bag! Your Momma is such a trooper. Sorry you had to see the "disappointing" Lions last night. They were just embarrassing to watch! I bet that college game was exciting to watch though. You can take over counter surfing for Freddie now, since he can't with his hip. What a cool t-shirt!:)

  17. Mmmmm nothing like some yummy cheetos and way to go - you got an extra bag!

  18. You are just so funny Goose; Cheetos I can understand but I hope you aren't counter surfing after your brew-you might fall off and get hurt-bol. Love the shirt! I love to watch sports games in person but have learned to appreciate football & baseball on t.v.-usually I am quilting. Have a great hike today.
    Noreen & Hunter

  19. Now that is a GREAT shirt Goose! It really says it all. We're so happy to hear that you got a new bag of Cheetos, that's pawsome! Glad to hear your team won.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  20. MOL Goose
    My mom loves Cheetos but she rarely eats them anymore....but when she did she told me she loved to drank orange juice with Cheetos. Evidently she likes for her food and beverages to co-ordiante. MOL
    We love your Mom's t-shirt too. You will have to be a pretty fast runner and jump high to be able to eradicate this cat. MOL I'm pretty fast and I jump high.
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  21. Cheetos, a brew, sneaky snake and a comfy bed you got it made dude!! Your mom's new shirt fits you to a TEE!!! Have a great week.

  22. Woo. I counter-surfed when I first got here, but gave it up for Lent. Or maybe I gave it up because my sister Stormy told me to. I can't remember. Ah, the good old days - a bag of powdered sugar (I didn't open it, I just used it for a pillow - it was very comfy!), a CD or two, bananas off the top of the fridge ... woo!
    But I digress. Can I come share your Cheetos? I've never had one, but I'm sure I'd like them.
    Utah vs BYU must be a lot like KSU vs KU. The bipeds here go crazy for that game!

  23. Who knew Goose?? Snatchin' the last of the Cheetos, gets you MORE Cheetos???? Man, I wish I knew this tidbit before! Thanks for the heads time.
    Oh, yea, we have football rivary here, Stanford and Cal. They have a big game in November, and there is an 'axe' as the prize! Yeah, I don't understand, but Ma sure seems to. Glad to hear your team won!



  24. Mmmmmm, cheetos! BOL!!!!!

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  25. You've got your mom well trained!

  26. Cheetos's and beer Wow,and your mom went out to get you more Cheetos's. GOOSE that is awesome, so is your mom's shirt. It's perfect

    The silvers and more

  27. Goose, Loud mouthed BOL BOL that makes me giggle. Steak snatching?? Well who isn't BOL? I am too short for counter surfing, I wish I could do that, it sounds fun. They left out the part about how handsome and kind and fun loving you are.

    Loveys Sasha

  28. Every ounce of this made me smile! I had no ideas the affinity for cheetos. I'm glad I know now. Everytime I walk through the grocery store and see them I'll think of you - just like every time we pick up fallen sticks in our yard I smile as I toss them thinking, "Goose would love this." Or, "This stick isn't worthy of Goose." So glad the game turned in your favor! Being a TN vols fan, we had a horrendous loss against Florida this weekend. It was a bummer, but there's always next week. :)

  29. BOL, that is a great shirt. Have you ever tried the flaming hot Cheetos? My nieces eat those but doesn't share them with me. :(