Saturday, June 23, 2012

Love Me Some Veggies

Today I helped MOM in the garden.  I really enjoy being in the garden.  More than that I love to eat what is in and comes out of the garden.  MOM and I have a small garden at our home.  But we also have a really big garden at our church.  The Community Garden is where we where today.  This garden not only offers veggies to our church family but it also supplies hundred and hundreds of pounds of veggies to St. Anne's Homeless Center where MOM serves on the board and volunteers.  Let me show you how the garden is coming along.

I'm standing in the garden looking back at my church.

Here are just a FEW of the tomatoes.  There are about eight different varieties.

Here are some peppers.  Several different Bell peppers and all kinds of those hot types too.

These are squash.  I think there are four different types,

Onions.  I am not allowed to eat these.

Here we have some beans.

Look the corn is now taller than me.

You know lettuce is pretty soft to sit on.  Probably should wash it before we eat it.  hehheehe

Can ya see me way down there by the beans?

I'm checking out the ditch that supplies the water for the garden.  Raccoon's like to live in here and feast on the garden.  No coons today.  

A few of you asked me if I really do eat strawberries (from my last post).  Yep I sure do.  I even pick them myself.  The strawberries you saw me eating from are mine.  My MOM planted them in a big old pot just for me.  I can go out and eat whatever and whenever I want.  MOM is amazed that I only pick and eat the ripe ones.  Hope you enjoyed my little garden tour.  I sort of feel like Wyatt today.


  1. Wonderful garden, Goose!! I nose you help out wiff da weeding, and tilling, to keep you garden in good shape!!!
    Have a Blessed Sunday,
    your furiend,

  2. What a wonderful garden!! Looks great and I love that it helps so many people. We too, are enjoying the bounty of blessing from our garden, it fact tonight we had beans, tomatoes, corn and cucumbers. We love summer!! YOu're a lucky dog to have your own strawberry patch :)

  3. That is a big garden! Good thing you are there to keep the raccoon's away.


  4. OMD OMD GOOSE that is a HOOOOOOOOGE church garden... HUGE... and so very well tended. I did not see ONE SINGLE WEED. WOW ! Wyatt would be as PROUD of you as I am.
    Ernie and I helped mom pick Sugar Snap Peas this evening... we only ate 7 of those each... and then after she put those in the Sink to get a "BAFF".. we went BACK and picked two rows of green beans.. and we LOST COUNT of how many of THOSE we ate... We LOVE Us Some VEGGIES too.
    AND we saw that our little blue berries are starting to turn... soooooooon, we hope.
    I love it that your mom planted strawberries JUST FUR YOU to pick. I wonder why it surprises her that you only eat the ripe ones? It does NOT surprise ME at all. I'm just sayin.

  5. Wow Goose, I knew your human had a big garden but I never figured it was that big. We are so glad your mom is on the board for St. Annes, cause we know she does so much for them. all the time.

    I missed our walk this week, but My Vickie says it is tooooo hot for her, yet there you were out there working hard in the heat in your garden.


  6. Goose, Goose...I have a question. How do you do this all the time? Making me crack up with your jokes. You are just so smooth.

    I read your comment on Bert's blog and I was giggling loudly. So, I pop over to yours and upon seeing you sitting on the bed of lettuce, my stomach started shaking, again.

    Come over as often as you like :) Love your jokes.

  7. Goose, you sure know your way around the garden! Good thing you stay away from onions!

    Your friends,

    Murphy and Stanley

  8. you are such a bit help out there
    Benny & Lily

  9. What a nice garden that is truly making a difference for those who really need it--The best kind of garden!!

    You know, our dogs only eat the ripe blackberries--I'll bet they could do the same thing with strawberries too!

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend and it's not all work in the garden! :-)

  10. Hey there Goose!!! Hope all's well!!! We have been away but now we are back! It looks quite hot where you are...but what a wonderful garden and a beautiful church!!! Looks like you had a great day!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  11. Pawsome garden, Goose! It's beautiful and does a beautiful thing. You are a great helper and we are amazed by your strawberry pickin! XOXO

  12. What a great garden Goose, looks like you have a real green paw! Mom loves it that you have your own strawberry plant, that's terrific!

  13. Beautiful crops Goose! And your OWN strawberry patch! Lucky boy.

  14. Hey Goose lucky you and what a cool garden and great idea for the homeless shelter. We salute you Wyatt 2nd. Have a great Sunday!
    Best wishes Molly

  15. Beautiful garden! I love all those peppers! Have a great Sunday!

  16. That is so nice of your church to have a garden to help take care of the people who need it. Need more people like you in the world. :)

    Starr said to tell you that you're looking mighty fine! :)

  17. that is one awesome garden and it looks like the veggies are all coming along nicely.

  18. I am jealous of your garden!

    Stop on by for a visit

  19. Hi Goose, What a generous wonderful act of love for you and your mom to do as an outreach! I loved seeing all the different plants; our daughter's lettuce is done for the season-but it was plentiful. I know that the folks at St.Anne's are blessed by the work of your hands & paws. A very thoughtful thing for your mom to do by planting you some strawberries. Hunter doesn't like fruit at all, so filly because every other dog I've had loves fruit.
    Have a delightful day!
    Noreen & Hunter

  20. What a fantastic garden! Mom says she would love to be there to help. We don't have a garden here, wonder why? Such a great community project. That is so nice of your church to do.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. Woo, Goose! I love strawberries! I especially love them in ICE CREAM!
    Your garden is really cool! My mom is thinking about growing foods next year - maybe. Kansas is so quirky ... and mom really hasn't grown much produce before. She has a lot of respect and admiration for those (like your MOM) who do!!!
    That lettuce looks good. Since your MOM is a pastor, she probably talks about it a lot, right? You know ... as in "Lettuce rejoice!"? Ha woo. I've been on a roll, ever since my "vamoose" joke.
    You didn't sit on the zucchini, though, did you? It's delicate and you wouldn't want to SQUASH it! Ha woooo. I just crack myself up sometimes.
    Have a great rest of the day, buddy! And stay cool!

  22. Wow the garden is really wonderful! How great that you get to eat what you grow- love that

  23. Sorry Goose we are laughing at Dave's comment to you.
    WOW huge garden, how wonderful to be part of that project. We are so impressed that the strawberries are just for you, and that you get to eat them whenever you want, it's awesome!

    The silvers and more

  24. Love the garden, Goose. And you look just grand overseeing it.

  25. Great garden!! My mom needs to plant a garden, but I am afraid that the weeds might take over!! Yummy, the fresh strawberries sound good....maybe my mom could just plants some of those for me!!


  26. Goose, thank you for that very informative tour. I can't wait to see how the garden grows over the next few months. Do you have critter problems?? We had a garden and Mommy got frustrated cause the critters would get to the goods before she could. Good luck my pal.

    Loveys Sasha

  27. Mmmmm, vegetables! Tasty. :)

  28. That is sure a beautiful garden. A old farmer friend once told me that the corn should be knee-high by the 4th of July around here (midwest) Looks like you corn is well on its way.

  29. Goose, you and your MOM are so thoughtful! The veggies look delicious and I'm sure the people who eat them can taste the love and kindness you put into growing them (after being washed, of course). I wonder what your favorite veggie in the garden is?

    Happy seeing (and growing) beautful!

  30. wow! That garden is awesome! Your crops are doing so good and they all look so healthy. good job!

  31. What a great garden. Our main job is to keep the squirrels out.

  32. Goose that is so great that you have TWO gardens! One GREAT BIG GIANT HUMONGOUS one and another boutique one ;) Someone sure does have a green paw or four :) Pretty cool your Mom planted a strawberry pot just for you. Sweet! :)

    Waggin at ya,

  33. Hey Goose!
    Wow, what a pretty church and a beautiful setting for it! Love that huge garden. I bet you help with all of the digging. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  34. How cool your church has a garden for the community! You're certainly an inspiration Goose!

  35. Woof to you Goose!!!! Love that you sat on the comfy lettuce. Much love to you - XXOO - Mazzie