Friday, June 15, 2012

Almost Home

My friends MOM being gone is almost over, almost.  

So while my MOM ends her last full day in Colorado at a conference with her colleagues and friends, I would encourage you to pop on over to Bert's Blog (just click on his name) to see what has happened to me and Allred.  Yes friends the meeting has finally happened up close and personal.  

And MOM I am waiting for you by the front gate at Bert's.  I'll be the one jumping up and down, spinning around, singing you the welcome home song.  You can't miss me!



  1. We are so happy your Mom will be home with you soon. It will be a joyful reunion!

  2. Wonderful - your MOM will come home soon! I'm happy with you! Sealed with a kiss Charlotte

  3. Goose, I am scared for you with Allred, I will go over right now. I hope your Mommy will soon be home, I know how you feel.

    Loveys Sasha

  4. Hi Goose mum home soon and we laughed at you and Allred.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I think AllRed is really a scaredy cat that's all fluff! Is that margarita for your Momma when she gets home? Looks yummy!

  6. That drink looks mighty tasty MOM!!!!

    Glad you will be reunited with your sweet boy very soon. His heart will be so happy!!!!!!

  7. me misses your Mom too!

  8. Woo, Goose! She's almost home! She's almost HOME!!! Hang in there, buddy!
    PS: I saw the pictures of you and Allred over at Bert's. Are you OK?

  9. Please film your reunion with your mum. I bet it will be so touching. I am sure we would all love to see You jumping and spinning with excitement to welcome Your mummy home.

  10. I love doing the happy dance when mom gets home!!! Make sure you give lots of kisses!!!!


  11. Yippee Goose, We are so excited for you; there is nothing like coming home and also having moms come home. Glad you had fun at Bert's and hoping your mom had a wonderful time here in Colorado. Hopefully the smoke from the fires didn't bother here; I hope she got to see all the neat stores in old town. Have a wonderful time with mom.
    Happy Paws, Noreen & Hunter

  12. Way to stand your ground, Goose! I'm glad you didn't cow tow to that crazy cat!

    I am sure your mom will come straight to Vickie's to get you before she does anything else!


  13. Hang in there Goose she is coming, wait till she hears that Allred was calling you names, bet she never leaves you again.

    The silvers and more

  14. Having just suffered separation ourselves, we rejoice your mom'a arrival home!

    Your friends,

    Murphy and Stanley

  15. Going to check it out now. I'm sure it's spectacular.

  16. I bet your Mom will be happy to see you.

  17. Woof to you Goose!!!! I wouldn't have had your self-control. As I said to Bert and Vickie, if it had been me and Allred, there would have been a visit to the vet and some "redecorating" of Vickie's kitchen. Much love to you - XXOO - Mazzie