Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hangin' With My Friends

First let me fill ya in on a few things.  1- we had several correct answers as to what that tree is in my yard.  My next post I'll let everyone know and tell ya who won.  2- Remember how I told you about my MOM's bad luck with mowers and how Mo the 6th died and she went and bought Mo the 7th.  Well MOM went to mow the yard and boy did it do a good job.... for a while.  She mowed about a 1/8th of the yard.  Stopped for the 4th time to empty the bag and when she tried to start it again...NOTHING!  She tried and tried.  The mower promises  to start with the 1st or 2nd pull for the first 3 years.  hahhaha.  So she took it back to Home Depo explained the whole matter.  They sent her to the other end of the store with Mo the 7th and two guys squirted some carb cleaner in it.  MOM said "why would they need to do that it is brand new."  But they kept doing that and sticking a screwdriver in the carb.  But some how it started and ran ruff.  They kept doing that then it ran fine.  "There ya go little lady".  OH dude do not call MOM little lady.  She questioned them some more, but they said "should be fine, if it's not then bring it back."  BRING IT BACK?!  But we , well MOM, loaded it back in the Blazer and we went home.  She got the thing out and went to start the mower.  Guess what???  IT WOULD NOT START.  I suggested we just get a few goats.  MOM did not think that was funny.  So guess where we are going tomorrow?

OK now for some funner stuff.  Before the whole Mo the 7th died thing I got to spend some time with my friends, Murphy and Bert.  MOM put together this video of us.  The song has no rime or reason other than my MOM really likes it and it has meaning for her.  She asked her friend to do it last week in church (it was Dogs in Worship Sunday) and she thought she would share it with you.  Who am I to say no.  Besides I like it too.  Enjoy the video.

I am sorry if what I wrote on some of the pictures flash by to fast.  MOM was to tired to fix it.

To borrow a line from the song with a little change, "My friends fill me up."  It is true, true, true.


  1. Me is so happy that yous my friend!

  2. Boo to Home Depot! They should have taken Mo 7 & given you Mo #8

  3. I promise you I is not laughin' at your MOM, maybes I just glad somebuddy else has bad luck...hehehehe. But seriously, a brand new grass cutter shouldn't needs to be "fixed". I'd go withs da goats long as they don't drinks beer and eat cheetos then all would be fine.

    I can't sees da video but I just wanna says dat I i glad you is my furiend and you be so specials to me. OMD, I thinks I was gettin' a little sappy theres.


  4. Well, it seems that your Mom needs the Mo 8 .... I agree with Ina in Alaska, they should have taken Mo 7 !!
    I love the video, Goose ! You all look so happy !

  5. You boys sure have a good time when you are out playing. Thanks for sharing. It always makes me smile.


  6. Your poor Momma! Since you're so good with stick's Goose, I thought maybe you could include a stick when your Momma tells Home Depot what to do with this mower.....just sayin'! I love your video and the song my friend!

  7. Goose, that song is simply beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for introducing it to us!
    Wonderful photos, too!
    The news on Mo VII, not quite so good. !!!!

  8. Wonderful video Goose! Now about the Mo . . . using a tip mom got on TV about handling complaints, she suggests contacting the PR department for Home Depot. She did this when she had a problem with Lowe's and they got the local store people hopping and she got taken care of right away AND they gave her $200 off her appliance to make up for the problem. (It was a tip from "Get Gephardt". Good luck!

  9. What a beautiful video, Goose!
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. Woof to you Goose!!!! Did you do something to Mo the 7th behind your MOM's back? Just teasing. Sorry that you're having so much trouble with lawn mowers. Nice photos of you, Bert and Murphy. Murphy looks just like my dear friend and neighbor, Hawkeye the Goldendoodle. Maybe they are long lost brothers or cousins. Much love - XXOO - Mazzie

  11. Love the video!

    Just wanted you to know we are heading out on another cross-country RV adventure, destination- Oregon Coast. We'll be gone a couple of months...please don't forget us!
    Kit and The Pups

  12. Howdy Goose, Sorry about Mo7 not working. Maybe the "Little man" could fix it again? Hope it gets sorted out. We loved your video and you are right, wonderful friends make our world a great place to be. Have a lovely weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. Goose , what a beautiful video! I loved it and had to watch it again. Mommy is so sorry to hear about Mo and feels your Mommies pain. Those dummies at the store made her waste more time and gas and they deserve a good chase from some crazy squirrels just to scare them a little. I hope it works out and Mo #8 works. I like the goat idea myself.

    Loveys Sasha

  14. Sorry about your mom's lawn mower problem. We had a riding lawn mower when we lived in MO because we had a lot of acreage. I have to tell you Goose, that EVERY SINGLE TIME hubby mowed, he broke the lawnmower. I mean every single time! He just had a way with the mower. Finally, we actually had to hire the neighbor to come over and use our mower and mow for us. I loved your video, where you live is simply gorgeous. Goose, you are just adorable. Your friends are real cuties too! Take care.

  15. Hi Goose, It is lucky it happened to your mom and not me, because I would have wanted a brand new one-can we say grrr? Your poor mom! Hopefully, you'll now get a new one and never have any trouble again-a girl can hope & pray can't she!
    Have a great weekend.

  16. Oh Goose, your Mom was too kind to Home Depot. We sure hope when you go back you either get your money back and run or else get a brand new machine. That is so NOT right.

    Great video, and Mom LOVES the song. You will have to post for us the name of it and the singer too.

    Have a great weekend with all your beautiful and fun friends.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. Yes, Mom needs Mo-8. Number 7 is not a good one!!!
    Loved the video!!! I think Zoie is taller and longer then you are Goose!! She is a big big girl!!
    Loved your post!!

  18. PS, No, thank-goodness Zoie doesn't like strawberries!!! She runs through the garden and pays no attention to what is below her!!

  19. I think that goats are a great idea, Goose! We're planning to have some visit our little clearing after things start growing (seriously).

    I'm glad that your MOM has a sense of humor!

    Yes, our friends fill us up... So very true.

  20. Goose, you are F-U-N-N-Y! Hanging with nothing "butt" your friends. I'm oh so sorry about Mo the 7th. If you do have to get a new one, and I hope you don't, just remember he probably can't be Mo the 8th. You know why? Because 7 8 9. Get it? Seven "ate" nine... sorry. That was a fun joke when I was young. I couldn't resist.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  21. Nice slideshow. I like the picture of all of you on the fallen tree.

    Hope you got the mower fixed. We stopped buying mowers from the big box stores because they do not seem to last. We try to go to a store the specializes in mowers. They cost more but last forever. The last mower we had for about 15 years and then sold it because my hubby wanted a bigger mower. Of course we do not have the amount of lawn that you do. :)