Friday, August 22, 2014

MOM and the Moose

Hello Friends.

Earlier I promised to show you some pictures of my Crazy MOM and the moose she came upon, actually it was 3 moose, 2 bulls and one teenager moose.  She also stumbled upon some deer and ducks.
I did not go with her on this outing.  Even though I have Moose Manners I do not have Deer Manners.  Bert and I chilled at his place and watched a movie.  Here are some of the animal pictures my MOM took including the mooses.

Did you see how close she was to that moose?!!  Some of those photos were taken without the zoom.  I am not kidding.  SHE IS CRAZY!  She said she scoped out the situation and had a plan, "Just in case".  If you ask me MOM needs Moose Manner training.  MOM wants to say that no one should try to get this close.  She knows it is dangerous.  Some who have seen her pictures do not believe that she was that close and she DID use the zoom.  I can understand that.  BUTT I have video evidence that she was indeed that close.

There you have it friends, my CRAZY MOM and Bullwinkle and his buddies.  Miss Vickie took this video and said she was standing about 40 yards away, and even then she felt uneasy being that close.  And in the video my MOM is not lecturing the moose as she is pointing at it, she is counting how many points are on the moose.  There were 12 on one side and 10 or 11 on the other side.  It was a very big moose. Again friends, DO NOT try this at home.  And feel free to let my MOM know that she shouldn't either.  Sheeeeesh, who is the grown up in our relationship.
When she got home I tried to put my paw down about the situation.  Butt MOM said my face said, "Let's play."


  1. Very cool pics! I don't got no kindsa manners.

  2. At least you got some manner Goose my peeps says I have NONE. Great shots. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hari OM
    OMD that was CLOSE... you are absolutely correct Goose - this is not sensible at all.
    I can totally understand the lure of the 'beauty shot'. However. Zoom lens was invented for reasons good... (but nicely done Mom Michelle - just sayin')... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. We have never seen a moose but I do hear they can be quite grumpy.

  5. Wow, moose are funny! They have sticks on their heads.

  6. We never saw a moose in the furs, but in your video I saw how big that guys are... and what giants antlers this one had! I'm glad the moose was a cool guy and nothing happened to your mom... and maybe he liked that your mom counted his points, so the moose knows now how old he is. Have a super saturday, bro!

  7. Maybe you should put a leash on your mom and have Miss Vickie hold it so she can't get too close.

  8. i love those antlers and yes, i agree with you, it could be dangerous that close to a moose, but i might do it to....

  9. Wowsa!!!! Your Moms could've counted his nose hairs!!!! Geesh, you should put a string on her so she doesn't try that again! BOL
    Butts, I can see why she wanted to get that close ~ they are FABulous!!!
    I hopes you had a wonderful play time afterwards!
    Ruby ♥

  10. She sure needs some Moose Manners Training! Just like you went to the Snake Training, that's exactly what she needs too. We know your Mom has a direct connection to the Big Guy, but still she's a little too close for our liking!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  11. Your Mom is very brave ( and a little crazy:) We bet she was really hoping you wanted to play, Goose.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. You are both very brave, some magnificent and beautiful photos, I have never ever seen a real live Moose before, they look nice and the deers are nice too, Mum says that I have a chew that is made of thier antlers, I'm not sure I feel comfortable gnawing on it now I have seen what it was once attached to! BOL! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX

  13. WOW! Those pictures of the moose are wonderful! Of course it was a very dangerous thing to do and we are glad your momma didn't get hurt.

  14. Our Lady would get that close. In another life she would be a wildlife photographer. She loves animals. She understands why your mom did it. We are glad she did because we get to enjoy the beautiful pictures. So glad she is safe too!

  15. Wow Goose that was kind of scary. I don't know much about moose's but they are a lots bigger than your Mom and she should be careful The pictures are really cool though. I am glad she is home and safe with you. Put your paw down more often.

    Love Sasha

  16. It looks like your Mom has the touch... to keep Mooses calm. You are definitely the adult though, Goose!

  17. While that was truly incredible, your Mom needs to be careful! Is she a Moose whisperer? I mean, we already know she's a Goose whisperer. ;)

  18. I can't believe your mom got that close to Bullwinkle!!! She must be the Moose Whisperer!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher