Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Little Mischief

Hello Friends.

Sit right back and let me tell you a tail.  It started with a phone call from my buddy Bert.  "Hey Goose do you want to go for a walk?"  "Sure I do, butt I thought you had work to do at your place."  "Yea I do butt the BOMB SQUAD said we have to leave."  "WHAT?!!, bomb squad?"

"Yep.  Fire guys are here and they are telling us we have to leave."

"And the police people are waiting for the Bomb Squad to show up.  So I figure if I gotta leave I might as well take a walk.  And who better to walk with than you."
And so that's what we did friends.  The bomb was not at Bert's place butt at the storage units next to Bert's.  Actually it was a storage unit full of explosives!
So we walked.  Look how we are in perfect stride.

I found a stick.

Bert found a rock.

I was going after a stick floating in the water, Bert is looking for rocks on the bottom for the river.

Gotta say my buddy Bert really holds nothing back when he searches for rocks.  The only thing he holds is his breath.

THEN he came along and tried to steal MY stick!

Butt I held on real tight.

And I pulled with all my might.  I did get it back and gave Bert that look like, "Dude I don't steal your rocks."  He just laughed.  So I gave chase.

He ran and leaped into the river. 

He tried to hide under the water.  "I see your Golden Butt dude."

And behind a little tree.  "Oh yea like I don't see you there."

He then hugged the bank on the opposite side of me.  Butt nothing can hide that snooter of his.

He came back on shore, said he was sorry and we romped and played. 
When the police gave the all clear we went back to his place.

That's when I stole his BALL!!!!  There is a saying my friends at Army of Four said to me, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."  In my case what is good for Bert is good for the Goose.  Hehhehhehhe


  1. Looks like so much fun playin in da water.

    Da only bombs round here are stink bombs, launched by Finley, da kitties, and yours truly.

  2. Wowza, I sure am glad that everything is ok now over at Berts place.It looks like you guys had a great day out there playing. I can't believe Bert had the guts to take a stick from "Goose the Stick Hunter". I guess you showed him with his ball(snickers).

    Loveys Sasha

  3. Boy were you a life saver Saturday Dude. Sorry I tried to take your stick but you always do pick the best ones. Thanks for being my pal

  4. That Bert is a RIOT! So glad that you two have each other and get to go on such fun adventures!! We are also happy that the bomb squad took care of the problem...and you were able to return to Bert's house!! We have never heard of a dog that likes to search for rocks!!

  5. OMD the bomb squad???? So glad you managed to have some fun whilst waiting for them to do what they do.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Oh my Pugness, what a crazy day you had with the bomb squad asking Bert to evacuate, that is scary stuff but it's great that you made the best of the situation by going for a wonderful walk! I love seeing you and Bert playing together, it's funny seeing him go after those rocks, he really does love them as much as you love your sticks and how dare he steal your stick from you, it was funny seeing him try to hide from you, I'm glad you got your own back and took his ball, I agree with that saying, what's good for the Goose....BOL! Enjoy playing and I'm glad that you are all safe! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX

  7. i enjoyed this post so much i called hubby in and we went through it together, i liked it even more the 2nd time. the photos of the two of you just make my heart so warm it almost burst into flames.
    OMD OMD on explosives that close to all of you... butt glad you got in that walk.. a diving dog is a wonder...

  8. what a wonderful romp in the river - we can never get enough of Bert doing his duck diving - that boy sure loves his water ....glad to hear you got the all clear to go home and you managed to save some sticks too

  9. Oh we just loved those pictures of you two a playing in the water, we laughed at you fighting over that stick, that is what mags and gussie does with their bully stick, although it is much smaller.
    stella rose

  10. We thought you were going to help sniff out the bomb. But there was much more fun in your watering hole
    Lily & Edward

  11. Oh deer - the bomb squad - My, My, MY!!!! Sorry it took the bomb squad to get you and Bert on that wonderful adventure. Great pictures of you and Bert having a fun afternoon.

  12. Oh why this stuff was storaged near Bert's crib? I'm glad there was a happy end and the pawlice and the bomb squad gave the all clear. At least Bert had a ROCKING good time with you, even when you disliked to share your stick :o) I like the saying with the goose and the ganter... not sure if Bert would agree too lol.

  13. Goose what a great story today...and how nice of Bert to invite you to join him for a romping in the river. Bombs how scary that must have been to think they were hiding so close to Bert's. I love how you and Bert play tag. Bert golden tush was too funny
    Hugs madi and thanks for stopping by while my peeps were away.

  14. What an awesome day! Best friends are wonderful!

    Monty and Harlow

  15. You boys have too much fun together.

  16. BOL! What a grreat time you had.

  17. Hari OM
    What a great day you had together inspite of the scare-oonies. Glad mom was on hand to record it all! Hugs and wgs, YAM-aunty xxx

  18. We love seeing the two of you together!

  19. Off to a scary start with the Bomb Squad, but what a wonderful adventurous day you two had! Loved all the pics! (especially that golden butt shot! BOL!)

  20. You two really know how to have a good time! Bert always amazes us with his rock diving, and you are quite impressive with your stick retrieval:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. Nice that the story had a happy ending and nobody got bombed! We were surprised the newspaper hasn't said anything yet!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    "Use Your Noodle & Vote For A Doodle"
    Blogville Mayoral Election - Nov. 2014

  22. What a fun story of your walk, all except for the explosives next to Bert's place! I hope they search every unit to make sure they're all gone.

    It looks like you two had a rolicking good time!

  23. except for your friend having to leave his own house, looks like a rockin' good time had by all. never saw a rock divin' dawg before ... cool!

  24. Has it been confirmed that Bert is indeed NOT a merman?

  25. Ha roowooroo!!!! That is scary about the bomb threat, but glad you and Bert got to go for such a fun adventure! I love the photos of you two playing together -- and YES! What's good for the Bert is good for the Goose! :)