Saturday, August 30, 2014

Game Day

Hello Friends.

Today is game day.  I'm talking football.  Utah State University vs. The University of Tennessee.  My house has for a long time been a Utah State house.  Butt for this game there has been a switch.  See I have a good friend named Jack.

That's my friend Jack-a-roo. 

Like my buddy Bert, Jack does therapy stuffs and makes lots of peoples feel better.  Must be a Golden thing.

He's a silly guy with a great smile.  Guess where my friend Jack lives...... Tennessee.  So I thought I would cheer on The Volunteers in today's game.  {gasp} Much to my MOM's dismay.

Alright Jack-a-roo I'm ready for the game.  Go Volunteers!!!

Of course my MOM is sticking with the Aggies.  And to make the game more interesting my MOM and Jack's Momma have a friendly little wager on the game.  If I heard right, who ever loses has to donate a bag of kibble to a local shelter and the winner has to donate a bag of kibble to a local shelter.  I am not sure this is how betting is done butt if homeless doggies are being fed then it's the best way to bet on a game.
Don't worry Utah State after todays game I am Aggies all the way.


  1. Sounds like da pups at da shelter are winners either way!

  2. We think half the nation was curled on the sofa watching games today. Us kittehz here root for the OU Sooners. They won, so tomorrow we can rest easy. MOL!
    Have a blessed Sunday, furriends.

  3. what will they do if the game ends in a draw? or is that impawsible? I love the way how you watch the game together, even when you root for different teams. Seems the biped-fans can learn a lot from you. Paws are crossed for your team(s)!

  4. Have a serene easy Sunday now and enjoy the game.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Excellent way to enjoy the game! Love the picture of you and your MOM! Jack is quite the handsome pup too!

  6. this is good news for sure, no matter who wins the shelters are the real winners... Jack is almost as beautiful as you... sorry Jack, did not want Goose to get jealous...

  7. I think that's a win. Win for all.
    Looking great in your shirt Goose


  8. OMD OMD Goose.... we don't even LIKE Football (we are Boys of Summer, guys) butt we are shouting GO TEAM... fur this one.... beclaws EVERYBUDDY is gonna be a WINNER fur SURE. WE Love it. GO TEAMS GO.

  9. Those Volunteers have some following
    Lily & Edward

  10. We just run and hide when the foozeball is on - dad yells too much at the tv :)

  11. WE were watching future college football players yesterday - or Mom & Dad were.
    5th grade and 7th graders!!! Go Grandpeeps!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  12. Hari Om
    Gotta admit, gridiron does not reach my radar...but that said, seems to me you have things well sorted. I love orange; but am a Taurean so a fan of all things cattle... I'd be torn!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  13. Mom and Dad are off soon to find a BIGGER BIG screen TV for Dad so he can see even MORE football!!! We hope the best team wins in your game, but we know for sure that some pets will win bigtime no matter which team is the victor! Great work, Mom and Goose, and Jack and Jack's Mom.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Love that last picture of you and your Mom, Goose! A little friendly rivalry makes the game more fun to watch :)

  15. Sounds like an awesome bet! Have a great Sunday!

    Monty and Harlow

  16. Howdy Goose, it sounds like everybuddy will be a winner. Good luck and hope your team (or your mum's team) win, hehe. We LOVE the last photo! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  17. We watched football with our parents last night too.

  18. The last photo is hilarious!!!! Jack sounds like a good guy and the wager sounds fabulous!

  19. Sweet Jack :-) Who WON??? We love TN, location of the 1st established Cracker Barrel :-) We enjoy college football. We like our local team Northwestern and Auburn. Hope you guys are enjoying the long weekend. Golden Woofs

  20. OMD, that is pawsome Goose!! That way someone in the house will be happy right?!
    I hopes, well, I hopes the best team won!
    Ruby ♥