Friday, October 5, 2012

The Office and Little L

Hello Friends.

One of the places I get to spend a lot of my time is with my MOM at church.  I really like going there.  On Fridays this nice lady named Cindy comes to help out and she always gives me my favorite kind of bone.  I spend a good deal of my time with my MOM in her office (but she always takes me outside a lot).  Since I spend so much time there I thought I'd show you MOM's office.

Come on in, let me show you around.

This is Fred.  He holds one of my MOM's robes.  People are always a little startled when they walk into MOM's office and see him out of the corner of their eye. hehehehe.  

I sit here sometimes and work on my blog.  Even if I am not with MOM at work she has LOTS of pictures of me everywhere she looks.

That's my little friend "L" in that picture.  I'll tell you more about him in a bit.

Over here is a lot of pictures of weddings my MOM has done and youth trip pictures and of course this great picture of Pete.  He still watches over her from the bridge.

MOM has a fun office with fun stuff in it.  All the doggies and little peeps love to be in there.

Sometimes strange sounds come out of this thing and I try to figure out what it is.  I guess I should answer a question now about the Topless Fishing thing above my head.  I know there will be questions.  I know because I have seen the looks or raised eyebrows of people who come in and happen to see it.  That is a picture MOM's brother drew and it was put on t-shirts.  It is the name of my MOM's team.  It's a team of her and her friends who participate in the run/walk for Diabetes.  After much thought MOM's team decided on this name because of one of my MOM's favorite past times.  If we do "My Peep is a Flake" again, I will share the whole story with you.  MOM says I won't, but I think I will.  

I am looking out the window and I see someone very special driving in.
Sometimes my gal pal Belle comes with her mom to see my MOM.  And if that isn't special enough they also bring "L".

This is "L".  He will be two at the end of this month.  I love this guy!  And he loves me.  I like playing with him.

"Come on "L" come on down I'll catch ya!"

We are the best of friends.

After we play on the slide we like to sit under the tree.  That's when I get to read one of my favorite books to him.  He really likes my Stick book.  

Then we just kick back and enjoy the beauty of the day.  Everyone should have a best buddy like "L",  I am blessed that I do.


  1. Oh wow, u is havin lots of fun! :)

  2. What a sweet friend you have there, Goose. We wonder if you're still having nice enough temps to sit outside in the shade. Some of our friends have---SNOW! Have a great Saturday, furriends. xoxo

  3. What a life you lead buddy. And if I say so myself,,,,,, you have some of the bestest friends ever. two and four legged.


  4. Oh, your Moms office sure looks like lots of fun Goose! I love how she lets you use her puter when she's busy....I'm banned because of some unauthorized Mr. Chewey shoppin'. Hey, she can't PROVE it was me! BOL
    You are so lucky to have such a wonderul little guy as L to play with! Teach him well, my friend.



  5. Your mom has a nice office

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. "L" looks like an awesome little human buddy! It's very nice of you to read your stick book to him! :-) Your Mom's office is so cool! I would totally knock things over, so you must be very well behaved in there!

  7. I love your mom's office! No wonder everybody likes to hang out in there. It's home away from home! You are very lucky to have a friend like L, too!


  8. It looks like you and L have a special relationship. I like your mom's office especially the scary man in the corner LOL!


  9. She does have a nice office and no wonder you like to go there. It is fun playing with the little kids!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  10. I think you have more fun than most people at work mate! Deccy x

  11. You have a nice office - and I like Fred - he is really cool!!!!

  12. Fred is cool Goose. Great office. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. Ha! Your Mom does have a fun office :) Can't wait to hear about the naked fishing tour ;) Your little pal L is very cute Goose :)

    Waggin at ya,

  14. I love the tour of you momma's office! I like Fred too, that is way cool. Haves a great Saturday buddy!

  15. HEYHEYHEY hey hey Goose buddy I missed you and reading all your fun stories. We did so enjoy the virtual tour of your Mom's (we know it really is yours though) office. Your Mom iwas lots of interest and so many memories. OHD you have a mighty cute little munchkin friend. We are so glad L is learning to love dogs early. His life will be enriched by this love
    Your BFFF

  16. That looks like an awesome office, Goose! How lucky are you that you get to stand on chairs and desks. I never get to do that. Maybe I should start though. Your friend "L" is precious. It's pretty awesome that your friend likes the Stick book just like you.

    Happy seeing beautiful, friend!

  17. Your Mom sure does have a cool office, Love Fred..BOL, and what fun having a little buddie like L.. Love the wayz your tongue hangs out Goose..bol xxoooxx
    Mollie and Alfie

  18. NOw that's a fun place to hang out--- I mean work!! Fred is pretty cool and every little boy should have a friend like you Goose. You are a lucky duck, I mean Goose :)

  19. What a great place to hang out with your mom....everyday should be a 'take your dog to work day' !!


  20. What a great office! Me would like to spend time there to! And your pal L is a real cutie.

  21. Oh Goose, I know little L is more blessed by you and your friendship! What a special bond you have with him. I loved seeing your mom's office and her stuff-gives me a better idea of who she is. Hope you have an awesome weekend buddy.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  22. Great office tour, Goose! Fred is super cool! And, I can tell that you an L have a very special relationship! Have a nice weekend, Goose!

  23. You are a lucky pup, Goose - not that many pups get to go to work with their peeps!


  24. What a fun office to explore - and oh, little L looks like TONS of fun! Aren't little bipeds great?!!? He's real brave to go down that sliding board. Zim did that at the park, but I don't think I'd do that. Not on purpose, anyway.
    I'm glad you'll be joining me in song tonight! "Woo" is my favorite - and I hope you and your MOM like it!
    Have a great Saturday!

  25. This is such a lovely post. I love Fred! And your office/mum's office, so full of fun stuff. Mo wonder you spend so much time in there. And L is just sooooo cute!!! You two look so happy together. Give him a kiss from me, and another kiss for you from my sweet girl.


  26. Goose your Momma's office is very impressive and I really like the name of her robe holder. :) L sure looks like he loves you a lot, but then again how can he not love a sweet guy like you. He sure is a cute little guy. Thanks for the tour of your Momma's space. :)

  27. Your MOM has a very comforting office...and you are so VERY blessed, not just "L" but for for lots and lots of your world.

  28. We like "L" too! He is a special boy and knows how to treat us dogs!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  29. Thanks for the tour! My momma doesn't get to take me to her office, so I think she needs to get a job like yours. L looks like a good buddy too! Those little bipeds are so much fun!

  30. That's a really nice space your Mom has and it all looks so organized, so unlike my desk or office would be! :-) That L is a cutie, I'd love to spend time with him too, I bet he's as much fun as YOU are!! :-)

    I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  31. Thanks for showing us around. What a cool place. My Lily would scream at Fred for sure
    Benny & Lily

  32. That is so lucky for you goose to get to go to your moms office!! I bet she loves getting to spend the day with you. Your such a cutie though I wouldn't get much work done just wanting to play