Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hello Friends.

Thanks to my friend Jazzi I now know the joys of National Taco Day.  And that day is TODAY!!  Please pop over to Jazzi's for a complete list of every dog and cat enjoying tacos.  I hope you are enjoying your tacos today.  

MOM made me a ground turkey TACO with cheese and tomatoes.  She even added a side of Cheetos.  Plus to balance it all out an apple pear and a beer.  Let's dig in!

Oh right, first I want to give thanks.  "Lord, thank you for this wonderful food, for Jazzi, for a MOM who loves me so much, and I pray for all those doggies and kitties out there that have no idea that it is  National Taco Day and have no tacos to eat.  I hope their bellies will be filled and they will soon have a loving forever home.  
Amen and Let's Dig In."

nom nom nom nom.  Oh this is sooo good.  Nom nom nom.  

Yummmmmm.  This is Taco Heaven.  I know there is a mess.  But soon you will  not even know there was a taco anywhere near here.

Burrrrrrrp.  Oh excuse me.  It is a compliment really.  

Look MOM my plate is clean.  You don't even need to wash it.  I did the dishes for you.  Can I have seconds?  Burrrrrrp.

 THIS JUST IN:  My MOM received a call from Jenni, the director of St. Annes Homeless Center.  She said that one of the people who is living at St. Annes has a sweet sweet dog, she is this woman's companion.  

This is Grace.  
She was just attacked by two dogs roaming the streets and received multiple injuries (among the MANY lacerations, she had a big chunk bitten out behind one ear, she will have to have a tube put in and stitches and medications).   Jenni and MOM made sure that Grace got to a vet right away to receive treatment for her injuries.  And they decided that St. Annes would make sure the vet bills are paid.  Paying for vet bills is not a part of the budget, but they will do it.  But if you would like to help St. Annes pay for Grace's medical bills you can send your contribution to St. Annes 137 West Binford Street  Ogden, Utah 84401.  If by the grace of God St. Annes receives more donations than what the medical bills are then the excess money will be put into an account that will help pay for future vet bills for those in need who are at the shelter.  Please mark your check FOR GRACE.  



  1. Oh Lawdy! Sendin soft doggy ruffs to the nice critter. (((Luv)))

  2. Wows, Goose!! You gets to eat at the table??? You are sooo lucky! (Talk to my Ma, please!!) You look like you REALLY enjoyed that taco! AND Cheetos??? Oh, no pup has it better than you!
    I'm keepin' my paws crossed for Grace. She is a beautiful pup. I'll see what I can poach out of Ma purse for the fund.



  3. We kittehz love taco night at our house, too! You're the only other furriend we have that knew it was National Taco Day. Enjoy, sweet Goose. WE will be purraying fur Grace. xoxo

  4. Hiya Goose, that sure was a feast to relish!! Lucky dawg you! I havta wait till din din time before I get my taco - I hear mum is making a flat bread shell for me because she forgots to buy the shells!! I'm sure it will be awesome anyways......

    Hope Grace gets all the help she needs.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  5. You sure looked like you enjoyed that taco. I will be keeping Grace in my thoughts and hoping for a full recovery.


  6. Woof! Woof! Oh MY you actually had an actual TACO for Dinner. Lucky you. Sending Lots of Golden LOVE to Grace. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Oh my goodness, that looked like one delicious taco Goose! You did a wonderful job eating all your veges (ok, I guess tomatoes are fruit) and cleaning your plate! Sending lots of pawesitive thoughts out to Grace! I hope she gets better, real quickly!!!

  8. You got some darned fancy looking tacos! I'm drooling just thinking about it!

    Poor Grace! I hope she'll be okay!


  9. Goose, you had a fanstatic taco. Glad that you enjoyed it and good job on cleaning up your plate!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  10. Your plate was shiny clean!!!! Hehe, perfecto! I pray for Gracie's recovery. And make suremyou share somemtacos with her when she is well.


  11. goose your taco dinner just looks amazing! That's so sad about Gracie. I sure hope she heals quickly.

  12. Youz need to pray for me Goose, I neffer got any and I bet I don't eiffer. That looked so yummy. Big prayers going to Gracie xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  13. Hope you enjoyed your tacos!

  14. Oh GRace, poor thing! Goose, I like your style of taco-eating - - on top of the table and wiping the plate clean!!! Nice!!

  15. Wow, what a fantactic Taco !! Yummmmm............... I want one of this for me !!!

    Poor Grace, I hope she recovers fast!


    Thank you very much for your kind words about Hugo loss ! they mean so so much for us ! all the boys are missing very much their boss (Hugo was the alpha male of the pack).
    Thank You !
    Iris Mom

  16. Happy Taco Day Goose! Your dinner sure looks really yummy. Such a well balanced diet too. Taco, fruit, dairy products and BEER! You rock my furend. And thanks for remembering to say Grace. We think that's the important part of the meal.

    We're sorry to hear about Grace. We will pray that she will be OK. Please let Graces hooman know that we are all thinking of them.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  17. Have a terrific Taco Thursday Goose. We wish Grace well , poor dear!
    Best wishes Molly

  18. PS We hope you enjoyed your spooky portrait as we have not heard if you saw it?

  19. Goose,
    Happy National Taco Day, yours looks most yummy! Our paws is crossed fur sweet Grace too and we is sendin' her our boxer puppy prayers.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  20. LOVE you eating that yummy taco! It gave me dinner ideas for Friday night too. Tacos and pears and a cold one! Yum!

    Grace, we're on it!

  21. You got a beer with your taco ~ beer was not on the take out menu at my Taco Bell! I though for sure you would have a fish taco. I hope Grace and her owner have an easier life soon.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  22. OH Poor Grace. I am so very much sorry that this terrible thingy happened to her. I pray that she makes a FULL recovery.

    Now about that SUPERB TACO you had... WOW buddy your mom made a REALLY healthy one fur you!! Smooth move.. Doing the Dishes fur your mom. she must REALLY appreciate THAT.
    It was sooooo fun to share a Taco with YOU.

  23. Wow what a taco I sure wish mom would have joined in the fun...maybe next year! You did such a great job cleaning up after yourself also.

    My mom thinks its a sign (she is big into signs from above) that you wrote about Grace this morning. She has been wanting to do something in Turd's name so she is going to send a little to the vet fund. We are praying she gets well soon!!
    Love Stella Rose

  24. That was an awesome taco and your table manners are just perfect. We sure hope Grace makes a full recovery

  25. Gee Goose, your taco looked much better than ours - stuffed full! But we were glad to see you ate at the table too. We will not be seeing you tonight since we are going on another 5 miler on Saturday. We need to save our strength so we can go the full distance. We hope Grace is feeling better. We will cross our paws for her.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  26. Oh the poor girl - I'm so glad she is getting the help she needs.


  27. We Beaglebratz thinkz that TACOZ DAY shood b at leest MONTHLY! What'boutz puttin'the cheetoz ON the tacoz? That iz sooper that the peeple shelter iz helpin'out Grace an'heer mom. We just KNOW it will all werk out good. POTP fur both of them.
    Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta

  28. Gosh Goose, you must have loved those tacos. Your mom is so cool cause she can cook. I am lucky to get a microwaved piece of chicken now and again.
    See ya in a bit

  29. Your taco looks very delicious. I can't wait for mine tonight!! Poor Miss Grace looks in bad shape. That's so nice of St. Anne's to pay for her bills. I think some good humans will help them. :)

  30. First off Goose, we are crossing our paws for Grace to fully recover, then SECOND, about that beer. This is National taco day only, but it sure did go away fast. It's been Taco's, Taco,s and More Taco's all day. I am gonna have nightmares abiut them tonight. HAPPY NATIONAL TACO DAY.

    Your Taco Buddies
    Susie & bites

  31. Hi Goose, So like your mom to help Grace with medical bills and also St. Anne's. I'll pray that Grace heals quickly, physically and emotionally but I guess dogs don't always hold onto fear like we humans do. That taco looked so good dude; please don't tell Hunter as I'm sure he'll decide that human food is much better than his.
    Woofs today.
    Noreen & Hunter

  32. Goose, thank you for praying for me. I am one of those poor souls whose Mom messed up and didn't remember that it's TACO Day. And I'm from TEXAS!!!! Woo, Goose. It's ... just ... so hard sometimes. Thank you for your prayers.
    We send our prayers out to sweet Grace!!!
    Taco-less Texan in Kansas

  33. PS: It did bring me great joy to see you enjoy your taco so much, though - so there's that. And Cheetos!!! Mmmm... Cheetos!

  34. Hi Y'all,

    God bless you and your Mom, Goose. Power of the Paw to that poor injured doggie.

    My Human wouldn't let me enjoy a Taco 'cause of my allergies, but she bakes me special treats and fixes special stuff they've experimented with and found does cause me a rash.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  35. wow, you even ate the tortilla? good for you!

  36. Somehow we missed the whole taco day thing...not fair.

    Best of luck to Grace!

    the brown dawgs

  37. Grace is in our thoughts and prayers....God bless your mommy for helping out.... Happy Taco Day!

  38. Deewest Goose
    you awe such a gweat woofie to say gwace and clean youw plate so pawfectly..I cleaned my plate too.
    Poow Gwace. I have no gween papews, but will cwoss my paws fow hew and pway that she is able to heal completely
    smoochie kisses

  39. What a heartbreak about Grace. I hope she gets all the care she needs and there's lot's left over for other emergencies.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  40. Goose!

    I wish you would have had a TACO for me! You made me want one real bad and you are so polite to day grace, excuse your burping and EVEN doing the clean up including the dishwashing.

    You are pawmazing!

  41. Well, Goose, you were praying for our dogs, for they had NO tacos! We had no idea... (and R wouldn't be allowed to eat a taco now. He's still on the "bland" diet thing).

    I hope that Grace gets all the vet care that she needs. I think that St Anne's is an amazing place.