Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not the Backpack

Hello Friends,
Looks like the garage sale is getting more stuff.  I can hardly stand the thought of all this stuff going somewhere else.  I guess if it brings happiness to someone else, even if it brings a fraction of happiness to someone else as it has to me it will be OK.  But the latest addition to the garage sale pile almost made me cry.
 I think I am going to be sick.  Can you see the sick feeling I have on my face? 
MOM has now added the backpack and our backpacking tent to the garage sale pile.

I can't take it.  I gotta get out of here.  "MOM I'm going outside.  I can't watch this"
"Watch what Goosie?  Is Cat in the Hat on TV?"
"NO! I can't watch all this stuff you are putting out for the garage sale, it's just to painful."
"Garage sale?  Who is having a garage sale and why are we putting stuff out for their garage sale?"
"I thought we were.  You keep piling all our fun adventure stuff up but we haven't gone on one so I thought this was all going in a garage sale."
"You are the poster dog for the definition of 'Silly Goose'.  We are not having a garage sale.  We are going backpacking for several days in the middle of nowhere Idaho."
"Really, really."


"So we are really going?"
"Yep.  And you know what else?"
"You can bring a friend."
"I can?  Oh which friend to bring?  It will be hard to decide.  Sneaky or Cheeto, Rex or the Squirrel with no name.  I don't know which one."
"I know which one.  I have already sent the invitation."
"Who is it?"
"Your gal pal Belle."

"Belle?!!!!!!!  (That's me leaping for joy).  Belle gets to come with us!  You are the best MOM in the whole world!  Well, you were before, but now you are just over the top, tails and shoulders above the rest, the BEST mom!"
"I don't know about that.  What I do know is I love you and we are going to have a beautiful adventure togoether."
"What about your knee?"
It's still attached right?"
"Well that is good enough for me."
Well Friends I am one hap hap happy Goose.  I do get to go backpacking with my MOM and my gal pal Belle gets to come with me.  What more could a Goose ask for?
Oh yea, my very own headlamp.

I'll be gone for a while.  If you don't hear from me by Tuesday send Bert to come find us.


  1. I just knew you would be happy about it. It was so hard to keep as a secret. And you know what, your mom asked My Vickie if I could go too, but My Vickie said she needed me to stay with her.
    I sure would have liked coming with you guys, but I'll just stay behind and keep an eye on her. But if you were to stay up there for a few extra days and didn't tell anyone and then the search and rescue was called out to look for you, then My Vickie and I would come. (Just an idea)
    Have fun buddy.

  2. So happy for you Goose! And love the Thank You Jesus shot! Have fun, be careful, and watch out for snakes!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

    PS - Sorry we missed you tonight. Our peeps had an anniversary.

  3. Oh my goodness Goose, you could be in an add for hiking stuffs
    Benny & Lily

  4. Oh my Dogness, Goose I needed this uplifting post tonight!

    Thank You, Jesus!!!

    You look mighty fetching with your very own headlamp!
    We would like to ask you, and you mom, to say a prayer for Our Mom's birth daughter, Wendy, and her mom. Her mom is having surgery tomorrow morning to remove one, of two, malignant brain tumors. We nose your mom has a direct line to God and all prayers are appreciated. Mom is typing through tears so we hope you understand our plea.
    Your furiends,
    Winston, Chloe, Cecil and Mom Shawn

  5. We are tooting with the happiness for you! Can u sniff em?
    Pibble sugars

  6. Goose, y'all will have a grand time! Take care of your Mommie's knee. If you lick it, it might make it feel better if it hurts her.

  7. Hooray & please be careful, have lots of fun & take care of your Mom while you are hiking!!

  8. Goose, I am so happy for you. What a treat?? There is so much love in the air lately, what with Bert and now you get to travel with your sweet girl. I can't wait to read of your adventures when you return and see the pictures. I love your headlamp, I gotta get me one of those for sneaking around for treats at night.

    Loveys Sasha

    p.s. please be safe and watch out for your Mommy with her bad knee and help her to rest. Mommy is saying a prayer for all of you to have a safe journey.

  9. DUDE! That's awesome!!! :-D You are going to have sooooo much fun in the middle of nowhere, especially with your coolest Mom and Belle!! Take tons of photos so that I can live vicariously! ;-)

  10. You sure look excited to be going on your big adventure. I sure hope Bert and his Vickie don't need to come looking for you. Stay safe.


  11. Wow I was worried there for a minute mate! You are one lucky fella. Have a great trip. Deccy x

  12. THANK YOU JESUS!!! HALELUYA!!!! WOOOOOO!!! i loved that bit!!! xxx
    so happy for you guys, i hope you have lots of fun and take lots of pics, we'll miss you soooooooo much, come back safe xxx

    Charlene and Stormy

  13. Have a fantastic Friday Goose and wishing you a great trip.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. You are a lucky boy, Goose ! have a great trip with your mom and your pal Belle ! I love your happy face !!!


  15. What a relief that (a) we all finally know why all the cool stuff is out and (b) that its NOT a garage sale! Yeah for you Goose! You're going on a hiking trip. And you get to bring a friend too, isn't that pawsome!! I hope that you have beautiful weather and that the stars shine brightly for you at night. Stay safe and take good care of your Mom and Belle. We'll be waiting right here for when you get back. Can't wait to hear your fireside tales.

    Lily Belle

  16. YAY! I know you are gonna have an amazing time! All that worrying about a garage sale for nothing!

  17. I told ya Goose you'd be going some where great..Felt it in Mez water..What a lucky dawg you are, wish you'd take me :) Have a great time and bring Uz back some great photies..and a bone :) xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  18. Oh wow, that sounds great!!! Be careful and have a lot of fun...

  19. How fun! Have a great weekend!


  20. Yaahoooo! What a terrific surprise Goose. Have a wonderful time. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  21. I KNEW you were going to get to go on an adventure! I'm so happy and excited for you. I can't wait to hear about all your adventures when you get back. Have extra fun for me! I hear Isaac wants to put a damper on our weekend...


  22. Sweet, perfect, Silly Goose, I'm sure you'll have the most spectacular, wonderful, beautiful time. I can't wait to hear of your adventures with MOM and Belle! Keep that headlight close and watch for snakes - the really sneaky ones. Have the best time, Goose! We'll be thinking of you while you're gone!

    Happy seeing so much BEAUTFUL!

  23. Don't forget to pack the camera!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great camping trip Goosey

  24. Whew!! I'm so glad all your stuff isn't going to a garage sale. That sounds like such a fun adventure!! Have lots and lots of fun, and tell your mom's knee to stay attached!

    PeeS: Your own HEADLAMP?! That is so amazingly cool!!

  25. Backpacking in the wilds of the when you guys have adventures you have adventures...our adventures are something like this....get in the car, drive 3 blocks to the park (cos I won't walk) and take pictures in the swingset..yep goose that is our adventures...on the other hand you are like Harrison Ford in all his movies...
    Now be careful..that light thing has me worried, like it something to do with caves or big holes in the out for icky snakes, stay away from the ledges, don't eat any berries unless mom says it is okay and the list goes on and on....
    (see why we only go 3 blocks...sigh)
    Stella rose

  26. Goose and Mom
    First of all have a most fantastic time and make lots of memories!! Adventures with loved ones are the best. Goose you and your mom made us LOL/MOL today. Your pictures are hilarious and your Mom surely knows your thoughts inside and out.
    Happy hiking
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  27. Oh GOOSE! That sounds like so much fun! The wilds of Idaho is very much like where we live!
    Me hopes yous has the bestest time ever!

  28. Almost I was in tears about the sale of your garage. I is so happy you no has to sell your garage, and instead you gets to do hikings!


  29. I KNEW it!!! I just KNEW it! I smelled the cinnamon rolls all the way from here!!! I didn't know the part about Belle getting to go with you --- isn't that just the frosting on top of the rolls!?!?!
    Oh, Goose! I hope you and your MOM have the BESTEST time EVER!
    Enjoy and be safe, buddy!!! Ha rooooooo!!!
    Play bows,

  30. We knew you would get to go hiking Goose. Have a great time!

    the brown dawgs

  31. I knew it Goose; hoping you have a fabulous time with your mom and Belle.
    High Paws to you.
    Noreen & Hunter

  32. Oh Goose, the suspense has been killing us - YIPPEE!!!! We knew your Mom wouldn't let you down. Have a wonderful time and both of you be careful.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  33. Oh Dog, yea!!!!!!!
    Have a great time

    the silvers and more

  34. Fantastic news - we wish you and the best Mom of the world a happy time. Take care and enjoy your trip! All my love Charlotte and her wedding stressed biped

  35. Oh...that sounds so Fun!!!! I will check back to read about your adventures. I love these pictures esp the one with you thanking Jesus.

  36. Woof to you Goose!!!! Have a great camping trip with your MOM and Belle. It's a good thing that you have your headlamp, as I'm guessing it will be REALLY dark out in the middle of nowhere in Idaho. Much love to you Goose - XXOO - Mazzie

  37. Have fun

    Stop on by for a visit

  38. Oh how EXCITING! A trekking adventure in the wild! WAHOOOOO! Goose you are such a LUCKY LUCKY Dog! A fabulous Mom and she takes you AND your furiend to new and exciting places! I'm jumping up and down just thinkin about all the FUN you will have! Yay! Can't wait to hear your stories upon your return :D

    Waggin at ya,

  39. Oh boy! I hope you have a great time. (Starr was hoping you would have invited her to go with you) :)

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