Friday, August 10, 2012

My Job

As some of you know that my MOM is a pastor at a church.  And you may also know that I get to go to work with her a few days a week.  Now some of you have asked what do I do while my MOM is working.  Well I have a job there too.  I do a lot of stuff.  Security, crumb removal from the floors, consultant to my MOM on sermons, help pick veggies from the garden.  But my main job is vole patrol.  The other day I was called into the office to talk about my job performance and negotiate my new contract.

MOM sits with me as the negotiations begin.  Pretty straight forward stuff.  I have asked for a 10% increase in treats and I don't work in rain and that my gal pal Belle can still work with me.  All of which were gladly given to me with out reservations.  

I better hurry cuz the rain clouds are starting to form.

While I am doing this...

My buddy Bert is doing this.

Me tracking the voles.

Bert gazing at his reflection in his pool.

I caught two voles right here.  I will spare you the carnage.

While I am diving for voles, Bert is...... well I don't know what he is doing.  Soaking his head I guess.  Did I mention he is a little bit off sometimes?

Eww I think I just felt a rain drop.  I better go in and collect my pay.

I was just told I did such a good job that I am getting a bonus in addition to my 10% treat increase!  Truth be told I would do this job for free.  The real pay is being with my MOM and getting lots of ear rubs from everyone else.  It's not work if you enjoy it.


  1. From My Vickie
    Oh my darling Goose, you really make us laugh. I love that you are such a good employee, that vole patrol can be a very wearing job. And just a note from me.....I LOVE that last picture of you.

    From Bert
    dude, nice job on the vole hunting. And thanks for bringing it to My Vickies attention, that I am not working, but lazing around in the pool. Now she is gonna make me work for my treats like you do.
    Man I had it pretty good until now.
    HOpefully I'll see you tomorrow. I was pretty bummed out when the rain made us cancel our walk tonight, but I am glad for the rain.

  2. You are such a hard worker, I think you deserve a 20% increase in treaties! But, that's just me. I guess that's why I need to go on a diet...too many treaties!! Good hunting, my friend.



  3. Great job, Goose! We would luv to go on vole patrole, but alas, we are indoor only kittehz. Mebbe Bert should start fishing, cuz all he ever does is stay in the water! Might as well be productive while he's there! MOL! Happy Saturday.

  4. You look so happy in that last picture. I'm not sure if it was from hunting the voles or the bonus treats!


  5. Love the last picture of you Goose, very impressive!! GLad that you got xactly what you wanted!! Bert is so cute just lounging around


  6. Goose, you are pawsome! Those voles don't have a chance with you around. I just hope they don't find out that you don't want to go out in the rain. They might use that to their advantage. Good luck and keep up the good work. I love the pictures of Bert.

    Loveys Sasha

  7. Hey there Goose!! You really do an awesome job there hunting for voles and stuff!! You made us laugh big time with your goofy pictures of Bert! He is so silly with his head stuck down in the pool!!! BOL!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  8. Goose you are my hero , vermin extermination is such an important job as of course is crumb removal. I have never seen a mole but I have caught mice. Have a wonderful Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Oh I would have lots of fun as your vole patrol assistant Goose :D And dude...that last photo...PRICELESS! A real framer pal. Has your persona in every pixel :D

    Waggin at ya,

  10. Goose, you tell the best stories and take the best photos!

  11. You should hold us a class on negotiation skillz! 10% increase in treats - good for you!!

  12. We're glad to hear that your contract was renewed and that you received an increase in pay too! Goose, you're the best vole removal expert we've ever seen ~ No joke!

    Don't you just love going to work with your Mom. I use to do that too when my Mom worked outside of the home. Your Mom's church is very pretty.

    And as far as your furend Bert goes..... Well..... What can we say!

    We LOVE your last picture. You've got the biggest smile going on.

    Lily Belle

  13. Goose
    Congrats on a smooth and fruitful contract.
    Vole patrol is hard, grueling work. Good for you standing firm on not working in rain...maybe you could recruit Bert
    For rainy days...hus seems to enjoy a good head soaking.
    We just saw you. In the bath wrestling
    Madi your BFFF

  14. I likes to help my Mommy...but I likes to do what Bert is doing too.. I wouldn't nose which one to chose.. You are so good Goose :) and extremely Handsome wiff that lovely smile.
    Have a great day
    Big hugs
    Mollie xx

  15. Vole hunter extraordinaire - is there anything you don't do Goose. Great negotiating there too....

  16. That last picture is way too cute! Goose, you look like you are the happiest weimie in town!

  17. OMD GOOOOOOOOOOSE that was some REAL HARD negotiation you did. I think it is a VERY FAIR contract. A 10% increase in Snacks and No Vole Removal on Rain Days would be PERKS Come TRUE fur all of us. I think you should be President of the Blogville Union. You could get us ALL the Perfect Workplace Environments. BRAVO

  18. Hmmm, is there a hint of the story of Martha and Mary in your post, Goose? You seem to be working hard while Bert is really relaxing there:)

    We were thinking about this negotiation thing and the fact that you do all that work. We think we might just have to come up with a contract here too - after we are a working breed:)

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. Same as in my crib, I'm the hard worker...your pictures are so gorgeous, we love it!!!

  20. Goose you are one great hunter! I knew you'd get those voles. I know you do much more than just what you listed-probably the most important part of your job is loving others. I can't believe Bert put his head under the water-funny dog.
    Have a great weekend.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  21. Dearest Goose! Yous sure looks happy when yous hunting voles! Yous has the same look on you face as Kozmo when he catches Voles and Mousies! Yous and him should goes hunting together!

  22. So glad that you are back at work and that your nose is squeaky clean (no blood :) Be on the lookout for our package...should be there soon!! Keep up the good work and have a good rest of the weekend.

  23. What a great job!! :) :)

    Woofs & huggies, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  24. Does your Momma hire you out, Goose?!! You can come to my house and work on these mice so I don't have to have a screaming fit over Freddie. You sure did a great job negotiating. It looks to me like your buddy Bert was partying in a hot tub while you were busy on vole patrol. i sure hope you enjoyed your pay! :)

  25. A verminator's work is NEVER done!! Great photo of you, Goose!

    -Bart and Ruby

  26. Well done Goose on a job well done, the successful contract negotiations and for rainy days off duty! That's great! I'm glad you love your job, it seems to me you have it pretty sweet! I love the last photo of you, you look so happy, your big smile and glittering eyes make me smile too! Love, Licks and Tummy Rubs from your little buddy Frank x x x x x x

  27. Your a good worker Goose! Maybe Burt was taking a break from working. You never know.
    Sally Ann

  28. - Goose if Bert's Mommy is still a bit unhappy about the loss of her hearding dog; by chance, this is the company that made Sylvie's marker for my Mommy. Mommy always called Sylvie her little Angel, so she had an angel on Sylvie's memorial. I told Mommy that Bert's Mommy may be to sad to see this, so I thought I would give y'all the company name. Sorry to be uber verbose. Well, I don't know if this will help, but I just wanted to help.
    Sally Ann

  29. Goose, I think you could ask for the sky and get it, you're invaluable for how hard you work and how much you contribute!

    I think Bert's busy looking handsome, what do you think? :-)

  30. Goose, this is too cute! I need your negotiating skills. Here's what I'm thinking though, so you're saying that if you do something you love, from deep in your heart, it shows in your job and people will do anything to keep you around. Wow! This is really seeing beautful!

  31. Happy Sunday, Goosie!! :)

    Woofs & huggies, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  32. Goose, you are one HARD-WORKING guy! I agree - the best 'payment' would be being with your MOM all day. That is priceless.
    Speaking of priceless ... about Bert. Is ... is he OK? I mean ... sure, the pix made our mom "ooh and ahh" over him, but ... isn't that WATER?!?!?

  33. For all of your hard work (in being funny) you won the Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest today! Yeah! Thank you for pawticipating!
    Your name is on my sidebar under "Silly Saturday Hall Of Fame" and you will receive a certificate and prizes so please send your mailing address to misskitty32504ATyahooDOTcom as soon as pawsible!

  34. Nice to visit you, Goose and congratulations on winning the contest..great line!!

    We always like to meet new furfriends and their human parents. You seem especially skilled in negotiations and vole removal. I'll have to get your advice sometime since I am horribly inept at outdoor rodents.

    Tom the Church Cat (in my books)

  35. What a great job, Goose. That Bert is hysterical. What is he doing?

    I bet that another part of your job is being calming and comforting to people who come to see your MOM for advice. I can imagine them relaxing as they run their fingers through your fur.

  36. Keep up the great work! You are the best at negotiations. :)

  37. Way to negotiate a contract. Working is always fun when you love your job,and your good at like you.And for Bert, well we think he just keeping himself busy till you get off work, and can play. We just love the last picture of you.

    The silvers and more

  38. Goose,
    Good job, my friend. You deserve every biscuit.
    Could you please negotiate my next contract? I do all kinds of stuff and don't get diddly squat!
    That Bert is pretty silly, but I bet he gets rewards for being funny :D


  39. Goose, you have got the perfect working conditions. Great negotiating, by the way.

  40. Mom says you should write a book on how to get a pay raise, and then she will present it to her boss!
    Also, mom is a FIRM believer in that we MUST work for our treats, since none of us are extriminators we do such things as, I dance in little circles, trudie runs a small lap and jumps into moms lap, and sammer turns three times in a circle....our work is you can see we would never make it on a real farm!! It is a blessing you get to go to work with your momma, mom so wishes she could take me, but her boss doesn't have any pets at his house, so..........
    Your picture is are so was telling the grandboys about you and burt over the weekend!!!
    Your Friend
    stella Rose

  41. You work too hard Goose. You deserve your 10% treat increase. :)