Monday, August 13, 2012

Monkey on My Back

Hello friends.  Remember last week when I had a bad nose bleed and it worried my MOM?  I wasn't scared but MOM was.  Well they still don't know what caused it.  But I was so very grateful for all of your good wishes and prayers.  Val and her pack over at My Girlz Got Paws wanted to make sure I would feel better.

They sent me a package!

Wooo, something is tickling my nose. hehehe

Woooo, something smells fantastic.

LOOK!!!  They sent me ya yummy bag of treats and a green treat thingy.  A magnet for the Blazer just in case anyone wonders if my MOM loves me.  This really cool card with a neat barn on it.  And this orange monkey!

Look I have a monkey on my back.  Bawhahha

He sure is doing a great job of making me feel better.  He is using his monkey mind to transport healing good thoughts to my body.  "Ommmmmmm you feel better.  Ommmmmm you feel much better Goose."

It worked!  It plum tuckers the little orange guy out but I felt better.  I shall name him CHEETO the Healing Monkey.

Nom Nom.  You know what?  CHEETO taste like Cheetos. 

THANKS Val and all your Girlz I loved EVERY single thing.  Mostly I loved that you were kind enough to think of me and make me feel better.  That was the best part by far.  Thank You Thank You!

Just to let you all know, I will not be in Blogville for a little while.  Seems MOM is taking a bunch of teenagers on a retreat.  She does this every summer.  Usally they go to Bear Lake.  But MOM thought she would take them somewhere new, so they are going to a place called Jordanelle.  She rented two cabins.  I have gone on these retreats with her before, they are very fun, the kids have a great time playing, swimming, hiking, all while learning what it means to be beautifully created in the image of God.  Oh and there is tons of food.  But when MOM got the confirmation on the cabins in the rules it said NO DOGS.  Yes it was in big bold letters.  It talked about fur and other stuff.  REALLY!!  They will allow a bunch of teenagers but not a dog.  Something is wrong with that.  MOM agreed but what was done is done.  I will be retreating at Bert's place while she retreats and "cleans up" after a bunch of teenagers.  So if ya want to know what I am up to just head on over to Bert's Place.  


  1. Cheetos the Monkey! I love it! What a great box of pressies Val sent you to make you feel better. How nice was that? I'm sorry you can't go with your Momma to the cabin but I'm sure you'll have lots of fun at Bert's place. :)

  2. you must really feel better now!
    Benny & Lily

  3. Cheeto the monkey? You better watch out! Puddles will be trying to steal him!

    Enjoy your time at Bert's!


  4. What thoughtful furiends to send you a special pressie and Cheeto is the perfect name for your monkey!
    Sorry you can't go on the retreat butt take it from me ( we have a bunch of teenage kids who call my mom Nana) you will have a more peaceful retreat wiff Bert!! Teenagers can be a tad bit noisy, speshully the Girls..giggling all the time!!!
    Your furiend,

  5. Cool Goose, are you gonna bring the monkey to my place when you come and stay? You me and Big Murphy can play tug-a-monkey. He he.

    Yep thats right, Big murhpy is here this week too.



  6. What great swag! Your furriend was really nice to send you Cheeto and sum treats! Hope your Mom has a great time, but we don't think she will without you, buddy. Tell her safe travels and God bless. XOXO

  7. Yay for ur gifties! I sure ur Mom's trip will be fun & u will feel even moar betterer. Hugs! (((Goose)))

  8. awww cute monkey

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. What fun get well pressies. Your monkey looks like fun! We hop you feel better and have fun at Bert's place.
    Sally Ann and Andy

  10. Hello Goose & MOM! sorry Goose cannot go on the retreat but we all know Goose will be well cared for & happy at Bert's place. Nice to see you doing so well after a health scare!!

  11. Goose, I am so happy for you that you got pressies! I love Cheeto the monkey and I know he is gonna keep you all healthy and stuff. I hope your Mommy has a safe trip and have fun over at Berts. I will look for you over there and please be careful of Allred.

    Loveys Sasha

  12. What a cute monkey. I'm sure he really makes you feel better. Too bad you can't go with mom, but it sounds like you will have a blast at Bert's.


  13. I will lookz for you at Bert's. Tell MOM to have fun!


  14. Great presents buddy! Glad you are still feeling better. We have run into the No Dogs rules too . That just isn't fair!

    You buddies,

    Murphy and Stanley

  15. Goose! We're lad you're feeling better! Keep it up!

    Bart and Ruby

  16. That monkey looks cute on you!! I cant believe NO DOGS!! The nerve!! Thats ok, you will have fun with Bert anyways!!


  17. Hi Goose!
    It was so very kind of Val and her 'My Girlz Got Paws' pack to give you such a wonderful "Get Well Soon" gift! You are so lucky and very loved! I really like everything you were given, you were spoiled for sure! Your Monkey looks like he is a good healer and a good friend for you to play with, I laughed when you said that "CHEETO taste like Cheetos" Ha,Ha,Ha!
    I hope that your Mom has a wonderful time at the retreat and I feel sad that she is not able to take you but rules are rules! I'm sure that the teenagers on a retreat will have a wonderful time but they may be sad to know you cant come too!
    I hope that you will have an excellent time at Berts and will follow your adventures over at Bert's Place!
    Love, Licks and Tummy Rubs from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. What a great package!!! Looks like a lot of awesome stuff that you will keep you busy the next few days. Have fun at Berts!

  19. Goose, I'm happy with you about your nice present and I'm so glad, you feel better!!! I think you will have a great time at Bert's place and the time will run fast till you get your Mom back. Have a good time both of you and I'm looking forward to read about your and your Mom's adventures !!!!!

  20. Goose what wonderful friends to send you a get well box full of delightful surprises. MOL Cheeto is a purrfect name for your orange monkey.

    My mom says to wish your mom and the girls a wonderful trip....FYI Goose consider yourself lucky not to be spending a week with a gazillion screaming teenage girls. You'll enjoy being with Bert 100 xs more.Hugs Madi your BFFF

  21. Glad you are OK Goose. Hope mum has a great time and have a swell time over at Berts. We are so looking forward to the updates with you two. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  22. Oh GOOSE what a Grrrreat GET WELL PRESSIE PACKAGE. Love Cheeto. That is a perfect name fur him.
    I know your mom will have fun with all those teenagers, butt she is gonna REALLY MISS YOU.
    We will all be keeping in touch with you through Bert. You are gonna have a BLAST there... Just keep away from... YOU KNOW WHO.

  23. Wow what a great package!! People and their furkids on here care for you much!! You are gonna have so much fun over at Berts..the time will fly for you! Sending you a big hug!
    stella rose

  24. A camp that doesn't allow pups? That just seems wrong!

    We are glad you are feeling better!


  25. Cheetoh the healing monkey! What a pawsome name for a pawsome gift!

  26. Great gifts! Sorry you can't go on the retreat. I bet you have lots of fun at Bert's house though.

  27. Cheetoh the Healing Monkey? Goose, you sure do know how to brighten a crowd's day, don't you. I mean, I just smile every time we open your blog. Now, that is sad that you can't go with MOM, but I am SURE you'll have a wonderful time at Miss Vickie's. We'll be sure to check in there and see how you're doing. Tell your MOM to be least she'll have her snazzy new magnet to let people know about you.

    Happy seeing BEAUTFUL!

  28. What a great package you got in the mail Goose! That was so very kind of them. We love Cheeto your orange monkey. We could almost feel his healing vibes from here!

    We're gonna miss you while your on your own little retreat, but we'll be checking in with Bert, so no worries there. Hope your Mom and the crazy teenagers have a good time too. We'll look forward to hearing about everyones adventures upon your return home.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  29. Hi Goose, I think Val & her girlz are just the bestest friends! I can't believe your mom couldn't take you but I know you'll have fun at Bert's; your mom will have a good time knowing you are being so well cared for.
    Happy Day!
    Noreen & Hunter

  30. Personally - we would take a dog over teenagers anytime!!!!

  31. hope your mom and the kids have a great time.. we will hold down the fort until you return, Brother Goose.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  32. Dude, monkey's are the best!

  33. Very thoughtful furiends to send you that package. We think Cheeto is very cute and looks adorable on your head.

    Too bad about the trip but we hope Mom has a great retreat and you have lots of fun with Bert.

    We will miss you, and your always nice visits to our blog.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  34. Hi Y'all,

    Thanks so much for stoppin' by for a visit. I'm so glad y'all could make it!

    Glad you're feelin' better Goose. I'll catch up with you at Bert's!

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  35. Cheeto !!! I almost spit up all over the monitor!! Glad you like all the goodies, we just wanted you to know we was thinking about you. Have a great time at Bert's and be sure to howl every night to tell your mom Good night!!
    val and the girlz :)

  36. I love your new furiend Cheeto! Does he make sounds?!

    Bet you will miss your mom while she retreats with those kids.

    They do not know what they are missing when they say NO DOGS.

    SIGH Have fun at Bert's!

  37. Dearest Goose
    Cheeto is cool! Yous is one LUCY doggy!
    Me thinks yous will has a great time at Berts, but me thinks your Mom is going to miss yous a whole bunch while she is on retreat!
    We wishes your Mommy fun and rest and relaxation(if yous can have that with teenagers)

  38. Cheeto the healing monkey We love it.
    Sorry you don't get to go on the retreat, hope your mom has fun with the teenagers.

    The silvers and more

  39. hey guys, well done on your coffee with a canine post, i loved it!!!!!!!!!!! that story about how you got goose was adorable xxxxx got me all teared up :) xxx

  40. What a nice package and I love your healing monkey!!! So glad that you are feeling better!

    OMD, teenagers are allowed, but not dogs??!! That is wrong on so many levels!!


  41. A monkey on your back! Ha woo, Goose! Good one!
    Teen agers, but not dogs. Teen agers, but not dogs. Teen agers, but not ... nah. Still doesn't make any sense to me!
    Are you taking Cheeto to Bert's?

  42. You sure got some great stuff and Cheeto is really cute. Hope your Mom had a good retreat. (We are sure it will be hard since you won't be there.)

  43. Hay Goose,
    Just popped by to see if youz waz doin OK, wiff Mom away :) xx00xx