Monday, March 26, 2012

Surprising Changes and the V Word

Me on Saturday morning.

So as you read in my last post I had a great time in the woods and helping the SAR dogs.  It was fantastic.  Oh what a difference just a few moments can make.  When we got home I didn't feel so good.  In fact I threw up twice.  Then I would not eat.  Yea I know ME not eat, unheard of. 

I don't feel so good.

On Sunday things were not better.  MOM didn't know what to do.  But I told her I would be fine and she needed to go to church cuz, well, she is the pastor and she sort of needed to be there.  So she dropped me off at Uncle Mike's house at 6AM.  Around 2:30 she picked me up but I was still not feeling it.  By "it" I mean good.  

MOM laying with me. This is how she worries.

MOM still had to go back to church for the evening worship service so Bert's Vickie said to bring me to her house and her and Bert would keep an eye on me.  I did not like not being with my MOM.  And MOM most defiantly did not like having to leave me.  Around 7:30PM she picked me up and I was very happy to see her.  In fact when I got in the Blazer I looked at her with that "can I have a yummie" look.  So she gave me a small treat.  She was happy I ate it cuz I had not eaten since Saturday morning.  We got home and I drank a ton of water and went outside.  After a while I came in and MOM started to study.  Then she came to check on me in the bedroom and there it was, I threw up again, a ton of grass and that little treat.  I was miserable.

I sleep better if MOM sleeps with me.

First thing on Monday MOM made an appointment with the VET.  OH NO!  We had already decided to switch vets a little while ago (that's another story).  So in the morning she made the appointment with Bert's doctor (we heard great thing about him).  MOM was so excited when I did eat about a tablespoon of egg.  Then we went to our old vet to get my records.  Surprise he retired and did not let us know.  The place is a chiropractor clinic.  WHAT?  I have gone there for 12 years and MOM has gone there for over 25 years and he could not let us know he was shutting the whole place down.

So off to the new guy.  Half way there I jumped from the front seat to the back area and I threw up all over the place.  Yep it was the little bit of egg and a lot of slimy yellow stuff.

Sorry MOM.  :(

I got checked over real good.  And the Doc is real nice.  We are still not sure what the problem is.  The test came back pretty good.  And he said I have great muscle tone and of course I am very handsome.  I got some meds to help with the throwing up.  Then I will go back in to check other things.   I have no idea what "other" things means and at this point I really don't want to know.  I am still not eating (well I did try a nibble of some soft food the Doc gave me).  But I am keeping it down so far.  MOM worries too much.  Silly woman.  

MOM gave me her favorite blanket that means a lot to her because of who gave it to her.

So there ya have it friends.  One day you are romping in the woods and having a great time the next thing you know, you only want to sleep and throw up.

Me and my monkey.  

I want to give a BIG thank you to Bert's Vickie for all her help.  MOM was less crazy about this and you brought her some comfort and me too.  And I really like Bert's vet, thanks for sharing him.


  1. I hope you feel better soon and can keep more food down Goose.


  2. Oh Bert! Me is sending yous healing purrayers and head butts and kitty kisses. If yous was here or if me was there, me would snuggle up really close and purr in your ear.
    Did yous sneaky eat something?
    My hairy slobbery sister Bob is really good at that. All Mommy has to do is look away for just a second and glomp! Down it goes. Usually it is something rotten that smells wonderful (to Bob) but it makes her sick.
    Me will purrays yous feels better soon.

  3. Oh I sure hope you feel better so very soon

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Oh no, we is sendin you big purrs and purrayers right away! Get better fast! xoxo

  5. I figured you was pretty bad off Sunday when My Vickie locked the kitties in the bedroom so's you could stay in the house with us. And to be truthful My Vickie said that when she sat to cuddle with you, your eyes looked squinty and sad and you definatley didn't look good.

    We are so glad you went to Dr. Doughty today and we are hoping that you can keep down the medicine and pills. I hope you get a good nights rest too cause your human worried so much last night that we figure neither one of you got any rest.

    TAke care good buddy.


  6. I cannot tell you the nights I have slept on the floor next to Duncan. It's the most frightening, helpless feeling in the world. Several years ago when he ate all that yarn (750 feet or something like that) and almost died, I was a wreck. His stomach has never been the same and we have good days and the occasional bad day but it never seems to get easier on me. I am a chronic worrier and can't help but work myself into a frenzy over the littlest things. I empathize completely, Michelle. And please know that I am sending all my good thoughts and love your way. I want to see Goose up and playing with those bubbles again soon! It's so much nicer that way, for us, you, but especially for you and Goose!

  7. Oh, poor Goose! We hope that you are feeling much better by now and are sending White Dog healing energy to you. Your new vet sounds like he is a good doctor and will have you back to health in no time. MOM, love and belief are the best medicines.

  8. Uh oh!... Did Goose get into the Marshmallow Pie at my house? (in theory of course)....

    I am sorry to learn that Goose is under the weather. I hope your new vet can solve the problem soon!! How strange the old one retired without giving notice. The picture of you and your Mom reminded me of me & Halle on Saturday night-Sunday morning. ... We care & send our best healing wishes & prayers for Goose.


    Halle continued to improve on Monday- she is now on phenobarb & soloxine. Fingers crossed for no more seizures.

  9. Oh my dear Goose, so sorry to hear that. I hope you'll feel better as soon as possible.

    Dog Fence

  10. Poor Goose! I am so sad to hear you are not feeling well! I hope this new vet can figure it out and get you well again. This must be awful stressful on your Momma! Our fingers and paws are crossed for a speedy recovery. :)

  11. Goose, I am so sad to hear you aren't feeling well. First Bert has to have surgery and now you are sick. This makes no sense at all. I know how to say my prayers so I am going to say one for you to feel better soon.

  12. Poor Goose ! I am so sad to hear you are not feeling well! I hope you get better fast ! Paws crossed !
    Kisses for you and your Momma !

  13. We are worried about you Goose. Hope you feel better.

    the brown dawgs

  14. Oh Goose! I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you're all better soon.

    As for that vet, what a loser!

  15. Oh drat, I hope you are up and feeling better soon. Maybe you have a spring fever :) Sending you healing prayers.

  16. Oh Goose, I am so sorry you are not feeling well (your mom should have told us yesterday). I hope your mom and your new doctor get to the bottom of whatever it is and get you back to being healthy. I know your mom must be worried like crazy so maybe you better give her some extra hugs. Me and Stanley will cross our paws for you. Get better buddy!


    M & S

    PS - Sounds like that other vet will do more good not working so glad Bert is sharing his with you.

  17. Oh, no, Goose!!! We are so sorry to hear you're under the weather! And your MOM, if she's anything like ours (and we tend to think she is) must be soooooo worried about you! We will start praying for you to feel better right NOW!!! We'll put in a word for your MOM, too, just because.

  18. Oh Goose, I sure hope you are feeling better. I must tell you that while reading your blog post, I was getting pretty worried. I feel a little better since you went to the vet. Imagine the last vet not informing you that he was retiring. Very weird, something must have happened that he couldn't. I bet you ate something in the woods that didn't agree with you. I don't blame your mommy one bit for worrying about you. I would be doing the same. Please let us know that you are feeling better.

  19. Oh Goose Goose Goose, I am so worried about you Honey!!! You must have eaten something in the woods!!! You are poisoned by something!!!
    I am going to PRAY for you sweet boy!!!!

  20. Hi, Goose, I found you on Val's blog today and I really did not want to follow any other blogs but when this opened and you were in your pulpit I fell in love with your handsome self and here I am your newest follower. i am sorry to hear you are feeling bad, and I hope the new vet helps. just last week, my canine Friend in MI had the same thing you describe. he is a Newfie and weighs 155 pounds, he had the same symptoms and the vet found nothing, in 3 or 4 days he was back to his normal self and I am hoping that happens with you. like a canine flu bug we think.
    you are so very very handsome and I and my husband have slept with our dogs when needed. get well soon

  21. Woof to you Goose!!!! I'm so sorry that you haven't been feeling well. When it comes to food, I am exactly the same as you are .... if I'm not hungry, something is wrong.

    You're so lucky that your wonderful MOM never left you unattended and took you to what sounds like a wonderful new vet who is clearly VERY smart because he noted how muscular and handsome you are.

    And don't be too hard on your MOM for worrying about you .... that's just what mothers do. You should be grateful that she only worries. My mom not only worries about me, but also embarrasses me terribly at the vet because she always asks the vet what feels like 700 million questions and then starts to tear up in front of everyone because she's so upset that I'm not well (which is exactly what happened at my latest emergency veterinary visit).

    Goose, I am thinking of you and sending TONS of positive, healing thoughts your way all the way from NYC. Much love - XXOO - Mazzie

  22. Oh Goose, we are so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. You are right, Peanut butter would not be a good choice right now. So many pups seem to be having these tummy troubles. We wonder if there isn't some doggy flu going around or something. Hope you are doing much better soon and have no need to look into those other things.

    Hugs and Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Lightning

  23. Goose, We're sending lots of healing energy your way...hope you feel better real soon! Your mom is a worrier just like ours, lucky pups aren't we?

  24. Oh Goose, that's no fun at all. I hope your tummy is feeling back to normal soon.

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: I can't believe your vet didn't let you know about retiring!

  25. Oh Goose, you poor thing! Maybe it's a virus cause Reggie threw up yesterday, some neon yellow bile and he's not eating well either. I can't believe your old vet closed the business and didn't let you know-so glad you found a good new vet. I hope they figure out what will make you better soon. I just bought Reggie some baby food to put on brown rice and he's not eating either. He loves brown rice though! I'll be praying for you and your mom.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie

  26. I hope that you're feeling better soon, Goose! I know how not fun being sick can be, and my dogs know how much of a worrier I can be when they're not feeling well.

    Maera has done this to me a couple of times. It's always when she's been eating too much grass, which she eats like it's candy, especially in the spring (now) when it is so tender and green.

  27. Oh my gosh, Goose, you're are in my thoughts and prayers. Seeing you lying there, seeing beautiful in your perfect way, but feeling not so beautiful is so sad. Please, please know there are so many praying for you and there are so many who love you who have never had the honor of even rubbing your sweet belly. Tonight, we'll send you vicarious ear rubs and belly pets through Lilly and Buddy. I will eagerly visit your blog to stay updated, praying for good news and full belly of food that stays down. With much love, "us" at See Beatful.

  28. OMD..Goose we just read the post. We hope you are ok. Make sure you rest up and take your meds!
    Lots of lovely cuddles with Mom.

    Extra Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx