Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chat with Allred

MOM and I went to Bert's place to see how he was doing.  From the looks of things he is doing just fine.

Annie and Bert
He looks good doesn't he?

So soon as we saw that Bert was doing good and was in good paws and was being cared for hand and foot. Seriously he does not have to lift a leg.  Not only is his Vickie taken real good care of him but Annie is helping out with him too.  Lucky dog.
But I digress.
Then MOM asked if she could talk with Allred.  Soon as I heard the name I excused my self and went to play ( hide) outside.

Allred: "How you doin'?"

At first things didn't go so well.

Then things seemed to get worse.  What was my MOM thinking?!

But you know what?  Allred finally extended the paw without claws.  (Good thing, cuz I was about ready to step out from behind the tree and go back in to save my MOM).

They actually had a nice conversation.  MOM said Allred is not so bad, deep, deep, deep down.  I might add here that the rest of us doggies at Bert's place think MOM should have added about 87 more "deep downs".
I have no idea what they chatted about.  I was just hope she did not invite him to come on our walk tomorrow.  He might not be so bad "deep down",but I am just not ready to have him romp and play with me and my friends in the woods and all that fresh fallin snow.  But I figured if MOM can be nice and extend a paw I could do the same , so I asked Mr. Allred if he wanted to come along.  This is what he said...

Is that a yes or no?  I don't speak cat to well.  Either way I am a little afraid.  Wish me luck tomorrow.  {GULP}



  1. how nice of you took look in on Bert. He does look good. Your Momma sure is trying with Allred but yikes! He looks like he can be nasty! Good luck and have a great weekend!

  2. Goose that's brilliant that you got to call in on Bert. So good to hear he is doing well. Now about Allred...he has a right set of catknashers there! Please do be careful. We think you Mom is so brave to have a chat with him!
    Good Luck and have a great weekend!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  3. Hi Goose,
    Your mom is so brave ! If I was there I would for sure hide myself with you ! Good luck for tomorrow but be carefull - I don't trust in Allred... he looks dangerous...
    I'm glad that Bert is looking so good !

  4. Woof! Woof! Glad to see Bert is doing well. Oh I think Allred is not so happy from the last photo. Happy Friday! Lots Of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Goosie, I don't thinks you wanna knows what Allred said bouts playin' withs ya' wasn't purties.
    Personally, I ain't surprised your MOM talkeded to da devil kitteh. Dats just da kind of person your mom is...her always looks at da good in things. Maybe her was tryin' to convert Allred from his evil ways.

    So glad Bert is doin well. I has no doubt His Vickie is caterin' to him.


  6. We think Alled is probably a pretty nice kitty way deep down too - time will tell:) Have a great weekend, Goose.

    Happy Dr.Seuss Day!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. I would be hiding too!!! Did you see Alled fangs? Yikes!


  8. See, I told you guys. Allred is Allred and no mater what kind of curse we put on him or how many lives we try to take away, he will still be Allred.

    But if anyone can show him how to change his ways it would be Pastor Michelle and you Goose.

    I guess I wont' be going on the walk this morning, or tomorrow morning so have fun and take care of My Vickie. I guess she is gonna bring Layla and teach her how to go on walks nicely.

    Have Fun

  9. Goose, I'm thinking you should keep your eyes on Allred. Seriously, don't turn your back on him!

  10. He may not be so bad deep down, but I think his evil ways are spreading because my feline sister has been acting up lately - scaring my bunny sister, stealing people's turkey sandwiches, etc.

    Your pal, Pip

  11. Dear Goose,
    Hey! Me plays like that too! Mommy and Daddy always has some scratches. Me always forgets to pull in the claws. Wes don't like paws in our faces (peoples or dogs)and it keeps yous guys away!
    Us cats is very territorial and the cat tree is Allred's territory and when yous encroaches on his territory, yous better watch out! Cats is way different than dogs and dogs don't know that.

    1. PS me forgot to say that Bert looks so much better and me really enjoyed seeing your Mom!

  12. I'm pretty sure that's a "no", Goose, but I could be wrong.
    So ... if Bert doesn't have to lift a leg ... how does he go potty? Just wondering.

  13. Blimey Goose, your mum is brave. Allred did seem to kinda like her, well sort of. Maybe he knows she is a kind person. So good of you to visit your friend Bert. Bet he cheered up seeing you. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  14. Bert does look good! We is so happy you and your Mom extended the paw of furriendship to Allred. It's like I tell Nellie (cat from hell) "Naughty kittehz need luf too".

  15. I'd run for my life, Goose!!

    But, if anyone can work miracles, it's your MOM. Maybe she made him see that being nice is a good thing! I hope so... for your sake.

  16. Hi Y'all,

    I don't know much about cats, but with all that snow I don't think you have to worry about Allred joining your walk. Even if he does, you could gang up and bury him in a big drift! ;)

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  17. Allred sure has some sharp teeth. It is nice to see that Bert is doing so well.

  18. We're actually encouraged to see Allred respond so well to some pastoral counseling. Rome was not built in a day. After all, we don't expect him to cease being a cat. He just needs to be a 'live and let live' cat.

    We're sure Bert was much cheered by your visit, Goose.

    Jed & Abby

  19. So glad you got to visit Bert, Goose!
    Have a nice week!