Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mellow Monday

It's a mellow Monday around here.  It snowed overnight and MOM has to get some papers written and she has to do some sermon prep.  So what's a Goose to do.....

First thing is to hold my blanike.

 Then it's time for a nice chew on my deer antler.  yumm yumm

There ya have it how I plan on spending my Monday, just mellowing out with my blankie and my antler. huh what's that MOM? Do I want to go a on hike in the snow?  Well that's a stupid question, my antler and blankie will be here when I get back.


  1. Oh Mr. Goose - what a lot of work on a lazy monday! Have a good time! Your Charlotte

  2. Brudder Goose, I WAS gonna say you could comes see me if you was bored but I sees you is gonna have a splendid time on a hike in da SNOW (are you kiddin'?) withs your MOM. Sorry but I don't find dat appealin' at alls...mainly cuz my legs is too short to walk in da snow...hehehehe.
    It is like 80 degrees hers and you got snow, dat is just weird.


  3. Oh Buddy, I am just so torn. I would love to be going on a hike in the snow with you and you human, but then, I do get to play with hundreds of children today.

    Mmmmmm Goose and Snow......hundreds of children. Surprisingly hard decision. But if I had my choice, which I don't....I think I would pick the hike with you.

    Oh well, you get lots of pictures for me. will ya?


  4. Oh, I do hope you enjoy that hike! We don't have any snow here to hike in, but that's okay with me.


  5. No Snow HERE buddy... we have been havin DAYS worth of Record breaking WARM. DEER ANTLER??? You have deer Antlers too. Aren't they just the most WONDERFUL thingys EVER to chew on???? Nice job of holding onto your blankie.

  6. I am sure that hike will be good for your mom too after all that studying. Enjoy your day.


  7. Enjoy your hike in the snow with your mom Goose because spring's coming!

  8. Dear Goose,
    A cuddle with a small white cat would be a good thing to do too!
    Me will sees yous in my dreams.

  9. Woof! Woof! Oh My SNOW... we got Spring summer like weather here. YES we are joining you for a Mellow Monday ... been exhausting weeks for us. Happy Monday! ENJOY! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. What a good way to mellow out Goose! Hope that you got a little snow time in too!

  11. That does sound like a mellow Monday! More snow? Enjoy it while you can!

  12. It's a very wet Monday here, Goose, and will be for days on end. We sure could use a deer antler or two or three or four to nibble on too. Hope you had a good hike.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. More snow? well mellow Monday doesn't sound too bad your blanket and an antler! Hope you had a good hike with your Mom.
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  14. Woof to you Goose!!!! I can't believe it snowed where you live. In NYC today it's nearly 70 degrees and sunny. I was even a bit too hot sitting in the park. To think that I would have had to take my purple puffer coat along if I went to visit you today!

    I love the photos of you with your blanket. I do the same thing with my "binky blankie" (which is what my mother likes to call it - I know, it ridiculous and embarrassing). Yet another thing we have in common!

    Hope your Monday was fabulous! XXOO - Mazzie

  15. Hope you had a good time in the snow! That antler looks yummy!


  16. ANTLERS??? Mommy ALMOST bought me one today, but then she remembered she just bought a whole bag of bully sticks!! : ( Maybe next time!

    Hipe you had fun on your hike. What is this weeks sermon about?

  17. hey Goose,

    Both of your choices look great! However, being a Malamute (aka Snow Dog) I would be on the snow before you know it! You are a lucky pup to have snow. Enjoy it!! And hope your hike was lots of fun!

    Your deer antler looks yummy....*drool.......


  18. Glad you picked the hike Goose. Good choice. :)

  19. You go hike, Goose! Your MOM rocks... she always finds time for you even though she has so many responsibilities.

  20. A hike in the SNOW?!?!? Can I come with you, Goose?!?!
    Play bows,
    PS: My mom thinks your muzzle looks all velvety and soft when it's all wrinkled up while you rearrange your blanket!