Monday, February 6, 2012

Am I in Kansas

Today I went to the gym with MOM.  I do this when the temperature isn’t too hot for me and wait for MOM and our friend Jenni to finish working out.  Jenni was late so MOM went in and started working out.  Jenni finally showed up and asked if MOM would like to do their cardio outside. 
MOM was all for that and they came out and they went for a long walk and I got to go with them.  We walked and walked, they talked and talked, I sniffed and sniffed.  Then all of the sudden there they were!  Had we walked so far that we ended up in Kansas?! 

Right in front of me was Zim and Dave from Ao4!  At least I thought it was them, looked just like them.  I barked, “Zim, Zim, Dave”.  They just looked at me.  “Dave, Zim it’s me Goose.”  They just looked at me again.  Is this a dream?  I guess we didn’t walk to Kansas.  But I tell ya what Dave and Zim have twins right here in Utah.
When we got home MOM went about doing whatever it is she does.  Then I heard the camera.
MOM, “I told you you would like your new bed.” She said with a smirky smile on her face.  Dang she was right but I could not let her know she was right.  So I pointed out that my paw was still on the floor. 

Then I got up and moved to MY couch.  Ha that will show her. 


  1. Oh Goose, woo is such a funny Goose!

    Mya Boo Boo

  2. This sunny western weather is nice, eh? More walks, makes the peeps happy. We are all for it!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. You definitely have things under control there, Goose! I am working hard at getting Mom off the couch and back to walking tomorrow. I've given her a few days off, but we can't let moss grow under our feet. Just humor your humans with the camera! I've trained Mom to give me treats every time she gets ours out and it's been well worth it!


  4. I am a couch guy myself. I like my doggie beds, but couches are so much more comfy!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Hye Goose, missed you today but I have good news. Jake met his new family. Tomorrow he will head to New Mexico with his new family for a wonderful new life.

    My Vickie said your human would be glad to hear the news too.

    Ain't it great when a plan comes together.

    Sounds like you had a great day.

  6. Oh, that new bed is SO sweet Goose. There's no reason to pretend that you don't like it :) I sometimes nap on K's memory foam bed because it's so soft.

    PS Can you tell us where Bert is?

  7. After all of that walking you need a comfy place to rest...the bed looks awesome...but then again, you can't beat the sofa!

  8. Hi Goose - send you greetings - from couch to couch...
    Seales with a kiss Charlotte

  9. Hi Goose,
    Your bed looks confy but you're right a couch is a COUCH !!

  10. BaaaaWaaaah you thought you saw Dave and Zim!! You were in OZ fur sure. Good move with the Paw still being on the floor. Gotta keep the peeps.. guessin, RIGHT???

  11. Oh Goose! You just can't admit that you LOVE your new bed! BOL!

  12. Bed - Couch, Bed - Couch, Me thinks peoples worries too much about where we sleeps. Me had a great day! Me sleeped on the couch, my cat tree in the living room, my cat tree at the back door, my bed, the big bed, a sun puddle in the bed room, on top of the hot metal thing that blows hot air in the little warm room, on Daddy's lap, and inside the tunnel. They was all good sleeps!

  13. You are one funny goose, Goose :)

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  15. I got so excited! I thought we would finally get to play! Kansas isn't too bad this time of year. That new bed looks pretty nice. (the sofa) bol!

  16. Mom thought it was Dave and Zim too!


  17. Kansas is a really great place! It's sad you weren't actually here.



  18. Oh, wow, Goose! I wish it HAD been us! I would have play bowed to you and Dave would have gone over and hugged your MOM! Those guys are impostors! Us guys would have tons of fun and really cool adventures together!!!
    Give in to the comfort of the new bed, Goose. You know you want to ....
    Play bows,

  19. Hehehe, good one Goose. Always have to keep your mum on her toes. One minute the new bed, next the couch. Glad you had such a good day. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  20. Love your post Goose, you are so funny. I think you should just admit, it's a pretty terrific bed.

  21. Oh Goose, sounds like you had a great day! We love a long walk here too! And even 'tho I have a couple of beds here, my space is on the couch too!

  22. Goose looks like you had another great day! we think you are so lucky have to super duper bed to choose to sleep on!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  23. Oh man I would have been so disappointed thinking I was meeting Zim and Dave only to find out it wasn't there. Wonder if those were their cousins or something?