Sunday, January 1, 2012

MY Peep is a FLAKE

OK Sarge, Road Dogs, and Frankie do I have a FLAKE story for you.  I think it goes without saying that most of our peeps are FLAKES.  But I gotta tell ya my MOM takes the FLAKE cake.  If she knew I was telling you this I’d be in the doghouse for sure.  But it must be told and as my MOM says, “The truth shall set you free.”
My MOM can be absent minded, you know forget what she went in a room for, or get in the car only to sit there trying to figure out where she was going, forgets to put water in the coffee pot, calls someone and then can’t remember who she called or why, you know things like that.  But nothing beats the following true story.  And keep in mind this has happened THREE times.
So early one morning MOM gets up, like she always does early in the morning.  She lets me outside and when I come back in she starts her coffee.  She gives me a few pets and a treat.  So far so good.  Then as she is waiting for her coffee to finish brewing she heads out the door to go retrieve the paper.  I must tell you at this point our old house we use to live in sat behind a blue house that sat on the road.  Not only that but to the west was another house, and in order to get to the mail box and the paper box MOM has to go through a gate into the yard of the West house, then out their front gate to the road where the mail box and paper is.  Keep that in mind as you continue to read.

(That's the gate to theneighbors house behind me.)
So off she goes outside to get the paper.  She goes through the gate, then through the neighbors’ front gate.  As she is standing next to the mail box she bends over to pick up the paper and then she notices… SHE IS NOT WEARING A SHIRT!  Just her shorts and some flip flops.  BOL!  Unfortunately for MOM it was Monday’s paper, so it was not very big.  Hehehe.  I’ve never seen anyone run that fast in flip flops.  What a FLAKE, what a sight.  This has happened THREE times.  While it should not make it worse, but somehow my MOM thinks it does is the fact that my MOM is a Pastor of a church.  Pastor MOM all half naked standing in the road with the morning paper.   Hehehe.
(Me laughing my head off at flaky MOM)
 My advice to my MOM was 1- Get more sleep at night so you are not so groggy 2- Wear more clothes to bed.  And 3- Drink your coffee BEFORE you go out to get the paper, maybe drink two cups then go.

(Now I am a little ashamed, not of MOM being topless in the street, but we shook on it that I would not tell.  But what she doesn't know is I had my tail crossed, so it doesn't count, right?)
Yep My MOM is a FLAKE, but as long as she does not forget to feed me or love me I think I’ll keep her.  Sorry I don’t have pictures to show you of the topless Pastor MOM. BOL!


  1. Dear Goose,
    Me does not think your Mommy is a flake, me thinks she is like MY Mommy and is going through THE CHANGE! Yes, my Mommy would forget her head if it was not attached! She has been known to gives me and Kozmo Dog food and the Dogs - Cat food! She too has gone outside with no shirt (Thank Cod wes lives in a small village and it was very early and in the back yard).
    Just give your Mommy extra kisses.

  2. OH my goodness that is like a bad dream. ANd to think, this is not unusual for either your mom Goose or Nellie's.

    Me and My Vicke are gonna have to call you both early in the morning and ask you if you are dressed before you go out.


  3. Hey Goose!
    Wow, what a funny Peep Flake post! BWAR HAR HAR to your half nekkid peep! Wouldn't the cold draft be a clue? This is really funny, especially three times. Definitely a record breaker. BOL Thanks for pawticipating and you're in the drawing.
    Happy New Year!
    Grr and a Chuckling Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. BOL!!! Oh My Dog! That is one of my mommy's worst nighmares! She is so afraid that will happen to her! And she sleeps with all of her clothes on! Including a bra!

    Your momma should win the flakey contest!


    Pee.s. United Methodists are awesome!

  5. Oh dear! That is like a nightmare come true. I had to laugh at you saying "takes the flake cake". I'll have to remember that saying, it's a good one! Love the picture of you laughing, not that you should be laughing at your Momma like that Goose, but it is pretty funny! LOL!

  6. Hi Goose..we thought we would drop in and meet you. Gosh..did you make us laugh at your poor mom's dilemma!

    Happy New Year to you!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  7. BOL!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Poor mom!


  8. Oh my gosh, that is hysterical!!! If it makes you feel better, one time my mom wore her dress inside out to work! She didn't even notice until half way through the day.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Oh wow, that is pretty funny! Your Momma definitely needs to drink the coffee before she goes outside!!

  10. Goose, this takes the prize for sure - what a great flake tale! Mom is sitting here reading the very small monday morning paper and just picturing the scene - BOLOLOLOL. Your poor mommust have run faster that she ever dreamed possible.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. THREE TIMES???? SHE has done this THREE TIMES??? She gets the Flake Cake fur sure.
    My mom is Laffin her Head Off!!!
    THIS is hysterical!!!
    I have you on the list fur the Prize Pressie.

    Good you crossed you tail.

  12. BOL - hope this doesn't make the church bulletin! Too funny! Maybe the third time is the charm! Whew...atleast you had your tail crossed when you shook on it!

    Maybe you need to get your mom a Flake award!

  13. Bwhahahahahahaha...OMD...hehehehehehe....Oh Goose, my is a riot and I just can't stop laughin' at da thought of your half nekkid PASTOR mom. I hopes her congregation don't knows...well, I guess they'll know now...BOL.


  14. First of all, THANKS for warning us to take a pee break BEFORE reading this! Good call, Goose! Second of all - we can't help thinking how much T-R-O-U-B-L-E you will be in if your Mom finds out you told the WORLD about this! BOL!!! And third of all - OUR MOM has NIGHTMARES where this happens! She's kind of glad to see that someone else actually DID it and SURVIVED! BOL! And hey, we thought the saying was - "Picture your AUDIENCE naked" when giving a speech NOT "Picture the SPEAKER naked" especially the PASTOR! Wait, can you even say "NAKED" and "PASTOR" in the same sentence???
    This was hilarious, Goose! Thanks so much for sharing! We'll be laughing about this all day!

    The Road Dogs

  15. BOL, BOL, BOL! OMD, this be mom's worstest puppehmare. Can I tell you how many times she checks to be sure she has all her clothes on afore she walks out of the house. It only be a matter of time....

  16. That does take the cake for bein' a flake!!

  17. Wiping my water off the computer monitor...this is too funny!! Bless your mum for sharing, I don't know if I would have been able to do that!! thanks for the giggles.
    P.s. Goose, you better watch out, since you spilled these beans, your mum might just make you wear some crazy rabbit ears and a tail for Easter!!

  18. hey Goose,

    Oh my dawg! Three times walking outside half-naked?!?! BOL! Too funny! Love the picture of you laughing! You knew a great story when you saw one!

    And don't worry about the shake. I can see you had your hind paw behind your back with your claws crossed, so that means you are covered. ;->


  19. p.s. Happy New Year! May 2012 bring you lots of yummy treats, fun toys,health, laughter, great walks and adventures, and more flaky antics by your mom! :->

  20. Goose, This is hysterical and I thought I was absent-minded! I'm thinking you live in a warmer state than we do because if you lived here, some of her body would freeze. Just shows your mom is as human as the rest of us but I can imagine folks doubled over laughing til they cry.
    Thanks for the chuckle and give mom some extra love.
    Noreen & Reggie

  21. Goose! BOL!!!! I think my person is there too, but she tries to hide it well! Luckily, she doesn't get the paper every day!!! But, she does do the no clothes things here a bit cause of the heat! Good thing she stays indoors! I would be not be able to show my paws in the neighborhood!

    I saw your paws crossed, but really, who would blame your moms! Sounds like she is really busy! Gotta love the flakes! They keep us in kibble ya know.....

    Bark at ya later!


  22. BOL! OMD, yeah, that pretty much has to be the best flake story I've ever heard. :)

    That picture of you laughing is just the best!

  23. Hehehehe. Good one Goose. That is certainly flaky. Thank goodness you didn't have a photo cause you may have been looking for a new home!! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  24. Oh no. Sounds like a nightmare I used to have from time to time. :)

  25. I am laughing, laughing, laughing!!!!! I'd go for option #3. Drink some coffee first!

    I occasionally head outside half-dressed but I don't have any neighbors aside from the wildlife. Still, I sprint back inside in a big hurry!!!!

    Ha, ha, ha! I am still giggling.

  26. If your Mommy doesn't win for this it will be a shame. Our Mommy goes to the mailbox in her qown all time but never without a top!!

    Sniff ya later ... Weenie

  27. Hey Goose,

    Don't worry I won't let your Mum know that you shared that funny story!! No wonder you were laughing so hard in that pic Dude!!

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  28. Ha roo roo roo! Well, Goose, I gotta tell ya - that IS kinda flaky! But moms are moms and we love them, don't we? We shouldn't hold it against them that they're bipeds and therefore a lower species than we canines!
    Play bows,

  29. BOL, can totally picture that. Maybe she should just teach you to get the paper for her? :)