Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Walk

Today just me and MOM went for a walk in the woods.  Now where we went we have gone with Bert and my other friends.  But this time MOM and I went off the beaten path to a path less traveled.  It was great!  Lots of cool stuff to sniff and I just love running free through the trees.  But I will tell ya this might not be the smartest thing or safest thing to have done.  Part of where we traveled is known as a place where some homeless "camp".  And we did see evidence of that.  Now MOM wants to make sure I say that it's not that they are homeless that is scary (MOM works with the homeless all the time at St. Anne's Shelter).  But being so far away from anyone else is not safe in that environment .  But it was all good and we had a beautiful time together.  And besides she had me with her.  Here are some photo's to share with you.

Checking it out

Here I come MOM, look out

What's that out there?

A DUCK! Sorry for the blurry photo, MOM... well I don't even have an excuse for her

Look Bert I'm in the water without you

I KNOW!! I'm still in the water

OK this water is a bit to fast for me

Look at this great swimming hole I found

Woo Hoo

I found a stick hiding under the water

Near a "camp" there was this thing MOM called a bra hanging from a tree with other clothes on the ground.  Seems to me you'd want to be wearing those things in the cold air and snow

Crossing a fallen tree over a little stream

Frozen pond in the middle of the woods

Frozen droplets

At the end of our walk and the frozen pond in the back that people play hockey on and ice fish.  But this day MOM and I had the whole place to our self and it was fantastic.  I hope I can talk my friends into coming with me off the beaten path.


  1. That looks like so much fun! But that water seems far too cold for a swim. You are very brave!

    The frozen water droplets are also particularly pretty. Glad you didn't run into anyone looking for trouble!

  2. It looks like you and your Momma had quite the adventure! Sometimes you have to be extra careful when your out there by yourself with out your friends too! I love your ears in the "woo hoo" picture! LOL!

  3. Hey Goose,

    I bet Bert will be jealous when he sees you swimming without him buddy!!

    Glad you had a fun time and got back safely,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  4. Woohoo Goose, loved seeing the path you went on and of course seeing you in the water was fun too. You be extra careful when you and your Mom go on out of the way paths o.k.-be sure to guard her well. Of course she also has angels around her. When I saw the bra, my first thought was that someone had been attacked there; glad it wasn't the case. Have a wonderful evening!
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Dear Goose and Mom, Please the next time you decide to take a detour off the beaten path please do not go alone. Thank you. That was my PSA for today!

  6. OH NO... you went withOUT Bert??? Goose he is gonna be Jelly over this..

    I'm not gonna say one single word about that ... ummmm THINGY in the trees... nope.. not after Peeps are a Flake. NO WAY.

  7. Goose, buddy, were swimmin. you didnt' even need me to coax you in. WAY TO GO.....

    That being said. Oh My Vickie is very very upset with you. Do you two know how dangerous that area is. Oh my goodness, I know you and your mom work with the homeless and some of the nicest people me and mY Vickie have met on our walks are homeless.....but for goodness sakes. ALONE You two went alone.

    Not all the humans you come across are just homeless, some of them do not have the nicest things planned for other humans.

    I know these things

    After all I am a Sheriff, I pack a play gun....At least wait until I can go with you.

    But for now, You are in BIG trouble with the Vickster.....

    (Don't worry though, she isn't as mean as she sounds....)

    1. Bert,
      Thank your Vickie for her concern. I now know you guys have searched this area for people. OK, it was a little scary (half way through) but I kept a close eye on the MOM. And she is ever watchful. But next time how about you and your Vickie come with us, cuz there was some really cool places and I want to show you them. You will LOVE the two swimming holes I found. We may have to chase some ducks off them but then it will be play and swim time.
      Thanks buddy for your concern. But you know my MOM she has to have her "alone" time to hike and ponder things. I'm just glad I get to come along on that alone time.

  8. Looks like a great place for a walk, but Bert makes us worried for you. Better take him along next time. :)

    the brown dawgs

  9. Pretty pictures, but please be careful, Goose!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  10. Sometimes it is good to just spend time by yourself and it looks like you had a great walk

  11. I knew it...You'd be in the water!!! Bert has taught you well.
    Stay safe, next time go with your pals....

  12. What a beautiful place to go exploring, but I agree, not too safe alone. But then you are a very good protector, I'm sure. I love the pictures. The pond is gorgeous. Tell you mom thank you for sharing.

  13. What a beautiful location for some special mom and me time!

  14. Hi Goose
    Please be careful ! I know that you kept a close eye on your MOM but we never know ....
    I love to see you in the water !

  15. "Off the beaten path" is my favorite kind of hike!!! It looks like you had such fun. I was proud of you for venturing into the water without Bert!

  16. Woof! Woof! What a great Monday Walk. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  17. Goose what a fabulous off the beaten path walk you had with your Mom. You went in the water without Bet? Great photos.Make sure you both stay safe.
    Big nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  18. Looks like a great walk -- so glad your mommy had you for protection! Frozen droplets...cooool.

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  19. Hi Goose, that looks like a great walk even if it was so cold. Its good you looked after your mum so well. We feel sad that people are homeless and we hope they have somewhere warm to shelter. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  20. Very strange, I would think someone would want to wear a bra in the cold too. BOL! Humans are strange, though!

  21. What a wonderful walk and swim! Terrific pictures too, 'tho we're very glad you were w/your mom. People have to be careful, that's why we have to look out for them, barooo!

  22. Aren't you FREEZZZING??? You don't have much fur like me! No sun either! ARGH! Man, I never want to go where you live and see that stuff!!

    For some reason, my she is laughing right now...says I don't know what I am missing??

    Bark at ya later Goose!


  23. I love going off the beaten path! How cool, Goose! I mean ... REALLY COLD - that water?!?! Yikes, buddy!
    Enjoy that snow for us.
    Play bows,

  24. That water looks so cold!

    Your pal, Pip

  25. dear Goose,
    It sure looks like Yous had a great swim and walk with just your Mommy! Me thinks that time with just my Mommy is really special. Just like Yous!
    Me has gived Yous a the One Lovely Bog Award. please come by and picks it up.

  26. Looks like you had a great walk with your mom. So proud of you for getting in the water. :)