Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Gig is Up

It is time the truth be told and clear the good name of Tank and Goose.  I am still surprised that so many thought that Tank and I would even think of capnapping the Devil Cat Allred.  I mean have you seen that evil smelly fur ball?  He is frightening.  Although who could blame us if we did box him up and ship him out. 
The truth is Tank and I were helping out someone in need.  And with her permission she is allowing us to tell our story so our names can be cleared.
See my kitty friend Sadie came to me with a problem.  She is embarrassed by her, well her round figure.  She has tried all kinds of things to drop a few pounds, nothing has worked.  So she asked if I could help.  Short of chasing her around day after day for hours (which I thought was a great idea but she did not like it so much) I did not know what to do.  So I went to my friend Tank for his two cents worth on the matter.   Tank is one smart pup and I know he would know what to do.
What we came up with was a kitty sauna box for Sadie to stay in for a while to shed a few pounds.  We had to put a rock on top because she is so, umm well, large.  The rock kept the lid on so the steam would  not escape. 
The real tragic part of all this is that Allred has gotten away with looking like a poor victim, when really he is the perpetrator of lies, ugliness, slander, and just plain meanness.  He will stop at nothing to win the category of Bad Sport.  I hope the powers that be will see the injustice that has taken place and kick his sorry smelly butt out of the contest, excuse my language.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I offer you the following.
At first she didn’t think she would fit.

Since we could not lift her into the box, we tipped it on its side and pushed her in, it took both of us.
If it's more proof you need, below are the three of us when we took the rock of the sauna box.
I hope this clears things up.  Make sure you tell your friends that if they have a kitty weight problem Tank and I are here to help. 

As you can see Sadie now fits in the sauna box nicely after shedding a few pounds.  You go girl!
One more thing; VOTE FOR TANK!!!!!


  1. Dude, here I sit in the bathroom of the plane on my way with the others to some unknown destination. I must tell you of my dissappointment when I loaded and saw, yes, it is true.....Allred, Devil Cat, Bealzabub, sitting on the biggest most comfy seat in the plane.

    I have to admit, that even though I didn't say it, I was secretly hoping that you had Allred in teh box.

    But it is nice of you and Tank to help Sadie with her weight problem. I guess.....

  2. Wow! That Sadie is a porker! BOL!

  3. Woof! Woof! My 2 kittie friends LOVES box too. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Oh my. And we thought our Meow-Me was big!

  5. Sadie sure is a full figured girl. You boys are nice to help her drop a few pounds.


  6. What a great thing you did for Sadie - we never had a doubt that you and Tank were only up to good things:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. We never thought you were involved in Allred's disappearance for one minute, Goose. Tank? Well..... But nice of you both to help Sadie!!

    Can you and Tank come and put ME in a box until I loose a few pounds??

    -Bart and Ruby's mom.

  8. I think Sadie might like to make friends with an internet kittie named Maru.

  9. Hi Goose

    You have an award for you in my blog ! (yesterday's post)
    I think you have just to copy to your blog and you can send it for 5 other blogs you like.
    It means "dear or favorite" in German.

  10. Dear Goose,
    Me forgives yous for thinking that yous had catnapped Allred! But Allred is not a evil cat. He just does not like how doggy's greet each other! And in a house of dogs, with lots of cold noses, um, yous knows where, it gets a cat a little riled! Now if yous wants to see some serious damage, yous shoulds see what Queen Penelope can do! Allred is just a bad sport. Whick makes HIM the perfect MM candidate!

  11. Oh my gosh, I love the picture of the three of you together. I only have to look into your sweet little innocent eyes to know that you would NEVER be up to no good.

  12. Well Squirrels... I had SO hoped that you had... HIM... in that box. BUTT, I have pawmised Mango and Dennis 87 pounds of Milkbones..EACH.. if they will just Drop the EVIL ONE.. on some deserted Island or at Least furget to let him on the return flight.
    PeeS... those were the EXTRA LARGE size Milkbones.

  13. That picture of you all together is just priceless! You guys are just too funny!

  14. BOL!! Thanks for clearing that up!!!


  15. Goose - we should have nabbed Allred. Now that I've actually seen him in the flesh, I'm even more convinced than ever that he has satanic roots. Pray for me Goose.

  16. BOL! Too funny...too funny. This goes really well with my blog from today, Goose!

  17. You two are TOO funny! I'm glad that Sadie shed a few pounds but I am sorry that the evil Allred had everyone feeling sorry for him!

  18. haawooo woo! If it fits it ships, Now get in there! Play bows,


  19. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable story to us.

    the brown dawgs

  20. I am buying the story. Your pictures are priceless!

  21. Well... call me crazy, but I not only believe you, Goose, but I STILL don't think Allred is as bad as you and Bert make him out to be. I'll bet I could make friends with him. I can make friends with anyone.
    Play bows,

  22. All cats are evil in our house

    Stop on by for a visit