Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gooses Rock

Hey All.

First I have a message from Bert and his Vickie.  They want to thank you all for you loving and comforting words at the passing of Bert's momma.  Your words, thoughts and prayers have brought them much comfort.  I have to say this Blogville place is so amazing, all the support and love...WOW.  I am so glad I am apart of this community.

I know that many of you know about Gooses Rock.
This was my momma's and Gooses very special spot.  I had only heard about it, never been there.  On Monday my momma thought it was time that I go there.  Oh My Goodness!  I have seen some amazing places since I came to live with my momma, but this place, this place is so incredible and very special.

We started off first driving some mountain roads.  Miss Vickie was the driver.  Sadly my friend Bert could not come because he has just been washed, dried and polished because in the morning he had to go work at the hospital visiting sick people and making them feel better.  Seem that you can not do that if you smell like pond water and deer poop.

On our drive we spotted a moose.  Actually there were two moose.  This was my first moose sighting.  Oh My Goodness!  Did you know that moose are HUGE!  Remember that face cuz this young moose comes into play at the end of our adventure. 

Soon enough we arrived at this very special place called Gooses Rock.  My momma let me be off leash the whole time we walked and hiked around.  Do ya all know what it is like to run free in the wild?  It is so great. 

Behind me is where momma and Goose and Bert would hike the moose trials along that marshy area.

We did not hike down there this time but moma said there is no doubt that hiking it is in my future.

This is the trail that leads to Gooses Rock.  Can you see the rock just behind me?  Momma had to pause a moment before she continued on.  She said I was such a good boy to just stand and wait for her.

The we continued on.  Miss Vickie was on the other side of the pond taking pictures of us.

"Momma is this brother Gooses rock?"  "Yes my sweet Buddy, this is it."

I can't tell ya all how special this was for me.  I walked the trails my brother Gooses walked and I sat in the very same spot were he always sat with my momma.  I am dog enough to tell you that I got a tear in my eye.
"Momma will you tell me another story about my brother Goose?"

Momma and I sat there for a while just soaking in all of God's wonderful beauty.  And being very thankful that we are together.

But then it was time to head off to see what else we could see. 

We ended up at the Giant Golden Beavers Pond.  For those of you who do not know the Giant Golden Beaver is also known as Bert.

Right in front of me is a beaver dam.  Do you know what a beaver dam is made of?  STICKS!!!!!  lots and lots of sticks.

Momma and I walked around and around the beaver pond.  We also did something called "training".  Momma says that it is very important for me to learn to always be with her when we are out in the wild.  So sometimes she would throw a stick far away and I would go get it and when I realized she was not with me and I could not see her I was suppose to find her.  Momma was very tricky cuz soon as I went after the stick momma would run in a different direction and hide in thick brush.  But guess what?  I found her every time.  I do not like not being with her.  We did this training a lot and not once did my momma have to call for me, I always went and found her.  She was very proud of me.

Once we heard a big splash in the water at the beaver pond.  Put as you can see I was protecting my momma from whatever was splashing around.

Then I thought I better take a closer look at what might be in the water.  Yea that's my crazy momma getting right down there with me.  Ya gotta love that momma of mine.

Then we frolicked in the trees.

And yep we continued to "training".  One time momma let me get 30 yards ahead.  She told me to go to Miss Vickie.  Soon as I got to Miss Vickie I realized my momma was not with me.  So I started back to find my momma.  Miss Vickie said I was just like a Search and Rescue Dog.  Cuz I started back into the trees the way momma and I went in, BUT THEN I stuck my nose in the air and I smelled my momma's scent and I changed my course and ran as fast as I could and found my momma laying in thick brush.  You would not believe how many kisses and hugs I got.  I like this training thing.

I even saw some deer, but I did not chase.  But I was very curious.

Now back to the moose.  On our way home, back down the mountain we saw this moose in the trees.  Miss Vickie stopped the car so my momma could take a picture.  Then my momma heard a snort behind her just off the road and down the bank a little bit.  Momma looked and there was another moose just RIGHT THERE.  Momma walked back to the car.

This was the young moose momma heard snort at her.

Want to see what happened next?  Hold on to your furs.


Bye Bye moose.  I hope to see you again.
WOW!!  What a great time I had.  I think I am going to love this hiking/adventure life.


  1. you are such a good dog, sitting and watching that moose without trying to jump out and chase it. which is what Jake would have done, try to chase it.

  2. Wow, you got to see a moose! How exciting! Now that you have been to Goose's Rock and started walking his trails we think he is ready to let them become yours. Yes, we think it is time for your name to be on the blog.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Oh my gosh Buddy! You had us tearing up and laughing all in one post! What fun adventures with your momma. Your brother Goose is teaching you well to watch over your momma.

  4. OK, I just have one thing to say about the post. My Vickie came home just a laughing and told me all about the "Moose Encounter" and it wasn't exactly the way you described it. My Vickie said, she was sitting safely in the car while your human "Miss Michelle" got out to take pictures of the momma moose on the hill. Then all of a sudden, Miss Michelle, did NOT Walk back to the car but came dancing back in a panic and making all kinds of hand gestures and had the funniest look of concern in her eyes as she kept looking back behind her.. Her arms were flying in the air as she tried to tell Vickie that something had Snorted at her from the brush just below where she was taking pictures. Oh my we laughed and laughed. But even though it was a tiny baby moose (okay, they are still pretty big) it was smart of Miss Michelle to be cautious but My Vickie sure did appreciate the show........wish I had been there. Bert

  5. Hari OM
    OMD Buddy, that was WONDERFURS!!! No doubt you are following in BIG pawprints of your angel brother Goose - but golly gosh, you are sure proving to be a worthy appawntice!!! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Hey Buddy,
    We can wait to see you in the snow with Bert.
    Getting to see Gooses rock in person was special for you & your Mom.
    Happy Halloween.
    xo Cinnamon

  7. It was such a touching moment to see you at this special place, BUddy... and I'm sure you felt the magic and the power what's in the air there....
    Bro, that's amazing how close this moose-guy came... and that your momma stayed so cool and aske for a photo of you was pawsome!

  8. I am so proud of you, Buddy! At first I cried and then I smiled. You and your momma are so blessed to have each other. Angel Goose did so good bringing y'all together.
    Janice, Snuggles, Sassy, and Dixie

  9. Oh Buddy, what an amazing day you had wiv Momma and Miss Vicky. That picture of you and Momma at Goose's rock is quite a tearjerker, but in a very good way. You really are a very very special fella Buddy
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. Bet Goose is right there with you buddy
    Lily & Edward

  11. OMMs (oh my mooses) Buddy that was about 87 hours of lessons in one afternoon.
    I love the photo of you and your mom on Goose's rock.
    In the video I could see you mom had a death gripe on your collar....
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. you have really fallen on all 4 paws - we could not imagine a more perfect Mom for you or a more perfect home

  13. Well! You've had quite the day the two of you. I'm sure that Goose was looking down on you all

  14. That was one pawsome, special day. thank you for sharing it with us.

  15. Oh what a wonderful day, just wonderful!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  16. Wow what a day!! I bet Angel Goose was right by your side the whole time. That big moose got pretty close, but you were real good about it. You are so cool Buddy.

    Ziggy Out!!

  17. So ... wait. Let me get this straight. It's NOT a good thing to smell like deer poop and pond water? Crazy. Who came up with that rule?
    Anyway, what a GREAT outing for you and your mom and Bert's Vickie! That moose was all kinds of close to you!
    Did you ever see what was in the water? You're awesome to protect your mom! We had some scary guy jump out of nowhere from behind a car on yesterday's walk - he scared the you-know-what out of our mom! Cam let him know that she'd be willing to rip him a new one, if you know what I mean. He backed off in a big ol' hurry. It's very un-like Siberians to do that, but Cammie gets protective of our pack if she senses danger. She's the bestest big sister a puppy could ask for. Mom was so proud of her.
    You are so good to be able to be off leash! You must have had a wonderful hike! And so special to be at Goose's rock!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  18. Wow, what an adventure!!! The sound of the moose made my dogs growl - I think they've learned that sound too well in the past year!!!

    It was wonderful that you went to Goose's Rock. I know how hard that can be because I went through similar visit's to K's places with Shyla. A tear or two fell.

    It sounds as if Buddy is learning very fast what it takes to be a hiking off-leash dog. Yay for Buddy!!!!!!

    There's so much happiness in this post :) Thank you.

  19. This is just the BEST! We love all of the pictures of you and your new mom. Goose would definitely approve. We can tell that you two are going to be the best of friends. So glad that you are loving hiking and exploring with your mom!

  20. Sounds like a wonderful day, Buddy. You are such a good boy, to mind your momma, and find her by her scent. These are important things to do, especially when she asks you to. You are becoming a true friend to her - we all know that you are an intelligent and clever dog:-)

    Bella the Rat Terrier & mum who doesn't write in her blog;-)

  21. What a great adventure you had. Sounds like your training is going very well too. You sure had fun and we just loved all the pictures with you and your mom.

  22. Wow! How could you NOT be barking your fool head off at that moose or chasing that deer? I would NEVER have the self control to be so calm in those situations. --Zorro

  23. Wow! You really do know how to do the right thing! I'm sorry to say I would have gone ape if I saw that moose guy and little as I am I probably would have tried to run him down. But, you know better--I need to watch and learn. Lady Caroline

  24. Hi Y'all!

    This is only the beginning of your fun.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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