Monday, June 23, 2014

The Rest of the Story

Hello Friends.

If you were with me yesterday you know my MOM got into a bit of some mischief at my buddy Bert's expense.  As I said yesterday, once a week we flood our yard.  To answer a question some of you had about that:  We do this once a week.  Instead of sprinklers to water our yard we have flood irrigation.  That means once every 7 1/2 days we get to open the ditch gate and flood our yard to water it for about 3 hours. 

You may remember that my MOM thought it would be funny to through Bert's ball in one of the concrete pipes.  He totally went nuts trying to get it out.  So did he?  Lets take a look.

There is me and Bert, and my MOM putting Bert's precious ball in the pipe.
Me guarding one end of the pipe in hopes that it will flow out.  Bert losing his mind trying to get the ball from the other end.
Hahahaa.  Does this not look like the beginnings of a watery football game? 
Bert finally just laid down and just kept watch.  It was a sad sight my friends.  Sad sight indeed.
The sadness must have gotten to my MOM because she broke out the little rake and push the ball out to Bert.
And he's got it!!  Butt now he is worried my MOM might try this little trick again.
So I stood guard over my buddy.  "Don't worry Bert I won't let my MOM take your ball.  I've got your back.  Dude, seriously you do not have to hold your ball under water.  You are not a fish, you need air."
Under that mighty paw is Bert's ball.  He is not sure if he wants to give it up.
Butt he does.  He just can't resist the........

It was a great day spent with my friends.  Butt soon Miss Vickie, Bert, Willa, and Scrappy had to go home.  Butt then some other friends dropped by for a swim.
Do you see my friends that stopped by for a swim?
This is Fred and Betty.
They fly on over when the yard gets all pond like.  They love it.
They waddle around the yard.  I love to watch them.  Never chase them.  My good friend Zim taught me that.  I always think of Zim when Fred and Betty stop by.
They bring a smile to my MOM's face too.  We just hang out for hours enjoying each others company.
And when they are tired from swimming they settle in under the big cherry tree.
Yep just another BEAUTIFUL day at my place.


  1. Glad Bert eventually got his ball! Dem duckies are cute, I'd probably bark em up though.

  2. Oh my dawg it's a ginormous swimming pool. That is muddy mischief!
    Lily & Edward

  3. I'm glad the ball was saved! And now Flattery can sleep at night. She's about as ball crazy as Bert. That looks like a lot of fun out there in your yard!


  4. Yay! Good for Bert for getting his ball back after all. So nice of you to help out. I would watch out if I were you all- you can never trust these moms.

    Your furiend,

    Bunk The Pug

  5. Poor Bert. Sometimes we get attached to things. Looks like you both had fun in the water.

  6. Goose your mom is a tease. We don't blame Bert for hanging onto that ball.

  7. At least your mom gave into Bert. Now about those ducks . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. I was really worried there for a while that the ball would be forever lost. And I love Hap-Pee endings!


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  10. HeHeHe....Blogger ate my first comment so I commented again. The first comment must have made Blogger SICK because it belched it back out!

  11. That was a mean trick your momma played! Poor Bert. Fred and Betty look like very nice friends, too. I think of Zim when I see ducks too. It makes me a little sad but makes me smile too.

  12. Oh, thank goodness your mom helped get the ball. I didn't think you would be able to get it out of the pipe. What a great day playing with friends!

  13. What a funny trick your mom played on Bert! Phod would have given sad eyes until someone gave it back to him too! Glad he got it back!

  14. I bet Bert secretly loved all the attention from your Mom, Goose. Good for you to watch Fred and Betty enjoy the "pond". I'm sure Toby would chase them, he's naughty that way.

  15. Oh, Zim would TOTALLY love that you think about him when your duck friends come visit! That made all of us smile!
    I'm glad Bert got his ball back! Whew!

  16. That was a whole lotta beautiful - from Bert's ball fiasco to Fred and Betty dropping by. Yep, a day full of beautiful.