Thursday, September 5, 2013

Adventure Part 3-Sticks

Hello Friends

Part 3 of my adventure in the Bridger National Forest is all about STICKS.  Did you really think my adventure would be complete with out sticks? 

As you can see MOM picked a pretty nice spot among some trees.  And where there are trees, there are sticks.
Belle even helped with the saving of the sticks in the water.
Everywhere I looked STICKS!
"I claim this stick in the name of.... well I guess in name of me, Goose.
Beautiful huh?
While Belle was a good sport with the sticks she sometimes had her mind on other.... things.  Here she is trying to camouflage herself with the tree branch so the squirrels would not see her. Not only is she beautiful inside and out butt she is smart too. 
She was super helpful in finding me sticks.  "Hey Gooie what about this stick here?  Is this a good one?"
"Oh Belle I think you have found a fine stick."
Oh yes indeed my friends, Bellie Sue found a primo stick.  You know it is super good when you can climb inside them.
Oh yea.  I am in heaven.  My eyes are about to roll back in my head I am loving this so much.
While Belle kept watch over our tent from the squirrel invaders.
I helped myself to this stick.  Really it is a twig, but I am not choosy.  I'm an equal stick kind of dog.
On Elk Creek I found several that were stuck in the middle of the creek.
This one was not only in the water but hung up on the rocks.  No problem, I got it out.
This here was a total tree wreck.  Hundreds of fallen sticks all piled up.  I slowly began to remove them from the jam up.
Friends sometimes rescuing sticks can get a bit dirty.  Butt trust me it is well worth all the mud up to my bellie.  I did wonder how MOM would feel about snuggling up to me later that night.  Turns out she did not mind at all.  Gotta love her... I do.
My friends that was just a few of the sticks in the forest. 
You might be thinking that our whole trip was full of nothing butt go, go, go.  Butt I will show you tomorrow how we were able to keep going and going, hiking and hiking, fish catching and squirrel chasing.  Hope you can join us. 


  1. Oh Goose! I would love to join that search and rescue stick edition sometime!!


  2. Goose-
    That is a whole lot of sticks! Maybe you can help the beavers build a house with all those sticks!


    Can't wait to see your adventures...

  3. So, this blog is about a dog and not a goose?

  4. hmmm...who would have thought a guy could be so crazy about "Sticks" I guess that is just one of the things we love about you Goose. One of many

  5. You hit the "mother lode" on sticks, Goose!

    These are such beautiful pics. Thank your Mom for sharing them with us.

    Happy Friday! xoxo

  6. So many sticks that I lost count!

  7. Wow Goose that was an epic episode of StickWatch. So brave you are when faced with those tricky rescues. What a fun time you had. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Oh Goose, that was stick heaven. Did you take any home for safe keeping?? That Belle is so pretty. What a lucky guy you are to be able to take your girl friend with you on the trip. Glad you are all having such a good time. Take care.

  9. That is certainly stick heaven.....we bet those sticks have never been rescued before...they must of felt so special

  10. looks like you landed in Stick Heaven to me. love the one you could get inside of and that last shot of the two of you made me think... what about ticks, did you have any of those there? i love the trees that look like tree sticks in the photo of you stepping over the log

  11. That is a lot of sticks! No wonder you were so happy to go hiking. I'm glad you were able to save so many of them!


  12. You must have been exhausted from all that fishing and stick rescuing.

    Millie & Walter

  13. Holee Smokee! Are you planning to build another house with all those sticks!


  14. Goose you must have camped in a STICK FACTORY. THAT is just wonderful that you spent your VACATION saving all of them from a fate worse than fire or water.

  15. A stick you can get in, now that's super cool :) xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  16. Those sticks are SO lucky you came along!

  17. Hari OM
    OMD - each of these posts I though I could not gasp and ooh and aaahhh any more - but I do!! You and Belle are so well matched. Plus, I am sure you got a real good wash-up in that beautiful creek!! Can't wait for the next episode *> Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx



  19. I think your mom would like it to snuggle with you. No matter if you are dirty (just a little bit) or not. I wish I could be there with you in this stick-cockaigne. I'm glad Belle had an eye of your tent, imagine a mom two dogs and a squirrel would be inside hahahaha

  20. Goose, this is so wonderful! That one picture of you looking up from your stick --- oh, my! You look SO HAPPY and I just love the sparkle in your eyes!
    I posted about a stick today, too!

  21. That was fun to see Goose! We really enjoy your adventures with Mom and Belle. She sure found you the ultimate stick. It so so grand that you were brave enough to stick your head and half your body inside of it.

    We can't wait to see more!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    p.s. Did you see any other people while you were out there, or were you the only one's?

  22. Hope mom carried all those sticks home for you
    Benny & Lily

  23. BOL - Sam would be more with Belle. You have to keep an eye on those squirrels at all times!


  24. Um . . . we think you should not go to the redwood forest. Things can go bad there in the stick department. Just sayin'

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  25. Goose, did you find anything good inside that stick? We never dreamed you could find a stick big enough to crawl inside.

    Happy weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  26. Holy Dogs Goose, you were in stick heaven. It is so nice that Belle was there to lend a paw. You can keep the sticks safe and she wards off the squirrels. A pawfect match!!

    Loveys Sasha

  27. Wow, look at that selection of sticks. :)

  28. Just look at all the sticks you rescued! Can't wait for part 4!

  29. Oh Man, that was stick heaven!!!! It got me wondering if you've ever found a beaver dam. You could dismantle it in an instant :)

    Love the stick that you can crawl inside!

  30. HOLY COW PATTIES!!!! You guys are just in stick heaven!!! I can't believes all the sticks you rescued!! You could start your own stick farm!!
    Oh, I loves that Belle! She is my kind of chick! Nice tree rat huntin' skills!!
    Ruby ♥

  31. Did you get to take on of those big sticks home? That would rock! Lee and Phod

  32. Hi Y'all!

    All that carryin' and fetchin' and swimmin' will keep you fit! What fun and adventure y'all had!

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  33. Goose those are some fine (and gigantic) sticks that you and Belle found. It was like a stick paradise!

    the brown dawgs

  34. Sticks. Hilarious. I can't stop laughing. What a wonderful world this must have been for you. Sticks here and there and everywhere. So much sticking beautiful. ;D