Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hello Friends.

Yesterday my MOM was home before dark.  It's been like 87 days, I think, since she has spent some daylight hours at home.  MOM picked me up from Bert's place and then she took me on a nice hike.  Then when we got home, MOM started cooking.  Oooo I smelled salmon.  I love salmon!  I hoped that I would get some for dinner.  But then you know what happened?  I walked into the kitchen to see how things were going and I saw this...

Salmon CUPCAKES!!!

Oh they look and smell so good.  "Can I have one now?"
"Not yet they have to cool."

Then MOM frosted them.  "Can I have one now?"
"Almost I just have one last finishing touch.  And isn't there something we should do first?"
"Oh, right."

Give thanks.


Oh yum yum yum!!

I thought I'd share a bacon treat topping with Sneaky Snake.

"To slow Sneaky."  Nom nom nom

Hahhahha. Yea I eat the salmon cupcakes whole.  I just can't help myself.
"MOM how come you made me cupcakes?  My birthday is next week."
"Do I need a reason?"
"No I guess not.  Just wondering"
"Because I love you Gooie."
Isn't my MOM sweet?  

"Hey MOM I made you something to this morning before you went to work and I went to Bert's.  But it was to dark for you to see.  Come outside with me and I'll show you."

I love you to MOM!

Hey Bert, if I have any left I am bringing them over to share with you and the pack.  You are going to love them.  


  1. OMD! SALMON PUPCAKES???? Oh, Goose, you are one lucky pups!! I don't even thinks my Ma remembers what our kitchen LOOKS like!!
    Oh, I love the Valentine you left your Moms in the are a sweetheart!

  2. Goose,
    Yousa a sweetie pie! And your mama...what a lady!! Salmon pupcakes!!
    Can we come over?!? (whine, whine, whine, whine, whine...PLLLLEEAAASSSEEE)
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi
    PS: Have her share recipe on bloggy so maybe our mama can use her muffin tin since we can't get out to Utah anytime soon!! :)

  3. Boy Goose, try really hard to not eat them all, I have never had salmon cup cakes. Oh man and My Vickie doesnt know how to cook, I can almost taste them. Please save me one.


  4. Salmon Cup Cakes! Goose me is in my tunnel and is on my way!

  5. Oh, Goose, I have never even imagined anything so wonderful as salmon cupcakes! With frosting! Aaaannd BACON!

    Your mom is sweeter than sweet! But I can see why she would love you so much; you are one very special pup :)

  6. You sure are lucky Goose. Those look like very nommy cupcakes.


  7. Wow Goose can we come live with you, your mom is the best ever. Please share the recipe with us

    The silvers and more

  8. Mommas are the best thing God ever made. You are so wise to let her know how much you love and appreciate her.

  9. Woof! WOof! Oh My!!! Salmon n bacon. You are so lucky. Of course your mom loves you. I LOVE your heart on the snow. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. What an awesome and sweet treat that your Mom made you Goose! :-D However, I'm a bit unsure of salmon cupcakes...hmmmmm...but you made them look absolutely delicious! :-D Glad you had a fabulous time with your Mom!!

  11. Your Mom rocks, Goose! We kittehz would probably even like those cupcakes. Happy Thursday!

  12. OMD Goose, those look so yummy, I am totally drooling all over my Mommy. I must have your recipe. I didn't know you were so found of salmon, I will work some into my next menu. Mommies are great!

    Loveys Sasha

  13. wow, i never even heard of salmon cupcakes before! sounds yummy.
    fishy wags, bailey

  14. Oh Wow Goose!!! Salmon Pupcakes are the BEST!!! How very exciting that your MOM was able to come home early and make you some very special treats!! It was real nice of you to leave her a Valentine in the yard too!! We know just how much the two of you love each other. xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  15. Wow Goose those look really scrummy yummy. I love to cook because then I get to eat it all. Well not all as I share with Ancient Pip. We are going to try salmon pup-cakes. Bravo mum and we love the heart in the snow. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. Oh YUMMY! And I sure LOVE the snow heart you gave to your Mom!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  17. What a great surprise. Please keep posting food your mom made cause it makes our Lady feel guilty for not baking for us and then we will get more treats. Lee and Phod

  18. Goose I had no idea K9s like salmon!! OMDs I love salmon too. Mom and Dad had salmon cakes earlier this week and I GOT A GREAT BIG CHUNK before she put the raw egg in it.

    Love the pictures of you and such good manners.
    Lots of Kitty hugs
    Madi your BFFF

  19. You are so patient waiting for your cupcake. Good boy,Goose!

  20. Salmon cupcakes with bacon for topping - dog oh dog - is that a little cupcake of heaven or what !!!!!!!

  21. you have the worlds best mom, i don't even bake for my husband. it seems a little FISHY to me that your mom baked for you. BOL BOL... Jake swallows everything he eats whole, baby daintly chews slowly.. could that me a male thing?

  22. PS you look soooooooooo adorable praying.

  23. Salmon cupcakes - how great!!! Can you share the recipe with me?...or wait I will hobble over... That's a yummy way to say I love you... and to say it with a heart in the snow that's just cute. Do you think I'll get salmon-cupcakes too if I stamp a swamp-heart for my mom in the back yard?

  24. OMD GOOSE... you have the BESTEST mom in the world... and your Snow SURPRISE Shows her just how much you LOVE her.

    This is a perfect post fur Valentine Month..

    ??? you are gonna have a birfday next week??? THAT will be FUN!!!

  25. Salmon Cupcakes! It's official, you have the best mom EVER!

    Freedom, Casper & Nikki

  26. Could we borrow your mom? Those things look delicious!!
    Benny & Lily

  27. Hey Goose my birthday is next week also on the 15th are we long lost twins? about those cupcakes, was that bACON on top of them? Were they hard to make, cos if they have more than two ingredients my mom will never be able to do it!
    We just loves your mom and all she does for you!
    stella rose and mags

  28. Wow, that was sweet of you mom to make those for you!

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  29. YUM YUM YUM!! Those look delicious. Please have your MOM share the recipe. My (Greta) birthday is coming up too and maybe my mom would cook some up for me!! February is a pretty good month, lots of birthdays to celebrate and Valentines day too
    Greta, Bailey & Hazel too

  30. Oh, Goose! Your MOM loves you SO MUCH!!! Probably as much as you love her. Probably.
    It was mighty nice of you to share with Sneaky Snake. I didn't know snakes liked bacon; I'll have to remember that!
    Salmon cupcakes. Mm.... those sound soooooo good!

  31. Those cup cakes look delicious, don't they? Well, at least they lookED delicious. Now what's for desert? :)

  32. Wow, what a brilliant treat. You are certainly one lucky pup.

  33. Yay to your mom for making you them cupcakes. They look DELICIOUS!!!

  34. Mmmmmm salmon cupcakes, just the pictures are making my mouth droollll, mmmmmmmm
    Love Milo :)

  35. Hi Goose! What a eat day, Mom time, a hike and cupcakes! Lucky you! We hasn't met, but I seed you comment On the Army of Four's blog about helping with the broom and it sounded just like me and the hoover, so I had to come over and bark that I like your style!
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  36. Goose, you really do have the best Mom, and she truly has the best dog!!!

  37. Your Mom is super sweet, you are so very lucky!

    they look so good too!


  38. your 13 soon?! NO WAY. In all seriousness, we thought you were 6 at most. Looking great Goose!


  39. Oh those pupcakes look super delish! Yum! Tell Mom to come enter our contest...

  40. Oooh boy, salmon & bacon pupcakes...your momz should post the recipe so Momz can make them fur me...that's super that she came home early to make them jsut fur you...wonder if there's gonna be any left to share with Bert and the pack? hmmmmm...

    Love your snowy valentine sweet

  41. Hey Goose!
    WOW, those sound sooooo delish! I get slammin' salmon for food once or twice every week and it's so very good. I never get cupcakes, so I'll be talking to Mom about that asap. Oh, I'm drooling all over my Mr Dell! BWAR HAR HAR
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  42. Those sure look yummy Goose. You are a lucky dog!

  43. Aw, that is so sweet, Goose. You are very lucky to have your MOM. Just wondering, did you eat 87 cupcakes?

  44. WOW!! Your Mom is Da bomb!! They look so yummy that I am drooling here!! ENJOY!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  45. Wow Goose. Cricket better not read this and hear your yummy life! Those sound delicious!!

  46. Goose, you must taste real salmon from AK! Fresh caught

    Stop on by for a visit

  47. Salmon cupcakes? Goose, your MOM is too sweet and your post made me laugh out loud. If Lilly and Buddy were reading this I think they'd request a change in my cooking techniques. This was just awesome! Happy seeing (and eating) beautiful!