Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monday Mischief

Hello Friends.

MOM says the photo below is my mischief that gave her a heart attack.  

I don't see what the big deal is.  I am just looking over this drop off down to the river below.  There was something down there that looked VERY interesting.  OK so I may have, might have, was considering jumping off to the water below.  Maybe.

It's not that far, really.  

MOM was going on about "what if you slipped and fell into the rapids below."  

Well DUH!  That's why you bring your buddy Bert along.  He would jump in after me just like that (imagine me snapping my toes).  He'd be in there so fast I bet I would not even hit the water before he swooped in to save me.

Mischief, really MOM?  Sheeesh.



  1. Muahaha, oh are seriously taking some time off your Mom's clock!! ;-) But Bert would totally be there in like a nano second saving you!! That's what friends are for after all! :-D Have a great Monday!

  2. Actually you are probably right, BERT would jump in after you. The question is who would get there first, Bert or your Mom? Stay away from those ledges!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  3. Goose Goose Goose, You know I would jump in after you, then I would swim around faster and faster until I created a wave in the water that would lift you right back up on the shore.

    But truthfully, That is a very dangerous area. Remember when there wasn't 10,000 tons of snow on it, how it is just a little shelf of land that has had all the dirt washed out below where you were standing and the crack in the ground that means it could give way at any second. Remember.....

    WEll I don't remember either but My Vickie is here telling me that you and I are taking some huge chances out there on that ledge. Oh my gosh, if your human is any more upset about that picture than mine, then you are probably not get any sleep at all tonight.

    Oh heck, there I go again, rambling. Sometimes I jsut keep talking and talking.

    I think it is because My Vickie is very sleepy and she doesnt know how to stop typing for me.

    Stop Vickie Stop.....Go to bed.

    Night Goose.
    See you tomeorrow.


  4. Don't scare your mom, Goose. You Bee-Have and Bee-Safe :D
    I hear it so much, Yap Yap Yap. I guess the moms love us!

  5. Goose that isn't very nice to give your mom a heart attack. Now don't do that again!


  6. Our Mommy worries too much, too! (Isn't it great?) Happy Monday, Goose. (and stay out of mischief!) XOXOXO

  7. Oh Goose we can well believe you gave mum a scare but we know you did not mean too. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Goose, I'm sure you would have been fine jumping in! You're a superdog, aren't you?
    And Bert's your sidekick!
    It would all have been fabby dabby dosey.
    Have a brilliant week.

  9. Peeps, they don't understand. That's totally why we have the buddy system! Have a good day Goose!

  10. People worry too much . . . Looks like a great place. Lee and Phod

  11. Don't scare us like that Goose! We can see why your Mom had heart failure. Yes you had Bert with you, but that just meant double trouble. That's what happens when the boy's get together. I think you try to scare us girls on purpose bcuz then we get all snuggly with you. It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  12. you would of been a frozen goose Popsicle if you went into that water!

  13. It made me nervous just looking at the photo, Goose. You be careful! You have a big birthday coming up!

  14. Goose Goose Goose!!!
    OMCs that gave my mom a scare too BUT you know that is how mom's are..always thinking we don't know what we are doing. AND Bert was there sooooooooooo!!

    You know what my mom would have said to you had she been there....."Goose you are going to bust your chin wide open"!! Yep that is her favorite thing to say to me just as I'm about to leap somewhere. I tell her I'm a cat I land on my feet always!!
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  15. Goose I bigified the picture and you do have a guilty look on your face. My Mommy says please don't scare us like that. I know Bert would save but please don't chance are so important ans so loved my sweet pal.

    Loveys Sasha

  16. Looking at the picture even scared me. Please be careful, Goose!

  17. Ha ha ha! Humans and the things they worry about! I'm glad you had fun -- and didn't fall in!


  18. Please be careful - this water is as cold as the chunky monkey ice cream - but never so yummy ;o) ... ahhhmmm... what was it what you discovered?... just asking...

  19. Mom's overreact sometimes. It's best to humor them.

  20. Oh Goose, you scared me and i was not even there... mind your mom...please, we love you.

  21. Oh Goose! Don't scare your Mom!


  22. Bert does look like a good swimmer!

  23. Mums worry to much, obviously you would be fine, especially with Bert as your back up!!
    Love Milo :)

  24. OMD!! Your gonna gives your moms a heart attack dude!! You scared ME with that 'it's really not that far Mom' look!
    pees: tell Bert to be carefuls too!

  25. I can't tell you how much I've missed that face! Mischief or not, you're seeing beautiful and that helps me see it too. Thank you! And stay safe, friend!!

  26. Watch your step there, buddy....

  27. Mischief?!!? Where do moms come up with these crazy notions?!!?
    Play bows,

    stella rose and mags

  29. Oh Goose we thought you'd gone in... Phewwww you scared us to.

    The silvers and more

  30. Please be careful Goose!

    urban hounds

  31. Hi Goose, Got to say I missed you this weekend-there were so many dogs in Steamboat though and some that looked just like you! Most were off lead and a huge group of Bernese Mt. Dogs in a parade-I like them too. Glad your mom didn't have a heart attack while watching you! Praying angels over both of you-seriously that water had to be cold. It was freezing in the mountains but such fun.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  32. Yous was playing a joke oin your Mommy - right!?!

  33. Crazy Goose you gotta be safe!

    Stop on by for a visit

  34. Best not to give your Mom a heart attack Goose. :) We'd be tempted to jump in that water, but you know...humans have a thing about that kind of thing...

    the brown dawgs

  35. woof...........woof........... while reading this post, I remember the saying "That's what Friends are for"..... You're confident that Bert will save you which is a good attitude towards a friend, meaning you really Trust Bert. anyway, next time just be careful so that Mom will not have heart attack.

    Heated Dog Bed

  36. Oh, Goose, this mischief would have scared me too! Good job not falling in; that would just be far too much mischief all together!