Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Buzzard Hat

Hello Friends.

Yesterday I told you about my search for my bones in the yard that was covered in snow.  And how my MOM wanted me to wear that Buzzard Hat to keep my head and ears warm.  Well here is the rest of the story.  

"You want me to wear this buzzard hat, on my head, outside for all to see?"
"I think it would keep your ears warm."

"Buzzards are for eating, not wearing."

The Buzzard try to fly away.

Yummm, taste like chicken.

Picked clean.  Hehehhe

No, no I will not wear the buzzard hat.

Friends it is still snowing here in my corner of the world.

Come on outside with me and let me show you.

Welcome to my front yard.  The snow is up to my shoulder now.

Let me blaze a trail for my vertically challenged friends.

I think the town should hire me to clear paths.  I am getting pretty good at it.  MOM took a yard stick outside to measure, but we lost the yard stick.  hahaha  And Bert to answer your question yesterday, no.  No my underneath parts don't get cold.  OK maybe a little.  This is where I could have used the buzzard hat.  Bawhhaha

This is the fence between me and my neighbor.  I could just step over the fence now into his yard and play with his Dachshund, Ben.  I have not seen Ben since all this snow started a few days ago.  I hope he is safe and warm inside.

Welcome to my backyard.  Look ZIM I have started a fort.  How about you and Dave come on over.  I bet with your help we could make the coolest fort ever!

I showed you a photo like this yesterday.  I just wanted to show you that today the snow is now higher up on the house, it's almost up to the window.  Not sure where MOM will put the snow tomorrow.  I just might get that igloo house after all.  

Special Note: If you don't hear from me for a few days don't worry. My MOM has to do a "Point in Time" count at the homeless shelter for the next couple of days.  It's a national thing, I am sure the shelters in your areas will be doing the same thing (in the States).  First day will be at the shelter and then the next day she will be roaming the city looking for homeless people who don't come to a shelter.  I think I get to come along with her, you know to keep her company and safe and maybe blaze a trail through the snow to find people.  Keep warm my friends.


  1. Wowzer!! That is so much snow. You are a most lucky dog, Goose.
    Be safe and warm :D

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. Hey Buddy, missed you today. But I am glad your mom was working at home so you could make her go out now and again to get away from work. Don't ya just love this snow. I mean, it is heaven.

    Now My Vickie says that she recommends that you insist on going with your mom while you are looking for the homeless in the next few day.

    The roads are really bad and it is very cold and well, you know, you will be in a bit of a scary part of town.

    See ya tomorrow

  3. No buddy is wearing no buzzard hat now! Stand up before your hiney freezes in that snow
    Benny & Lily

  4. I guess you showed your mom what you thought of that buzzard hat! Can I come play in your snow too? All of ours is gone.


  5. Goose...I'm glad you finally took care of the buzzard hat. I know you will do an awesome job helping your mom with Point in Time.

  6. Wowee Goose, your snow just got to a crazy level! I think I might disappear if I was in all that stuffs! Shivers! ;-) But have an awesome time playing fort and blazing that snow trail!

    Take care of your Mom when you venture out on that math related expedition! Numbers, weird!

  7. Oh wow...you showed that buzzard who's boss...no doubt about it.

    Mom just loves that photo taken from your front door looking out.

    Look after your mom while she does the count!

    Wally & Sammy

  8. God Bless your Mom for doing such good work. I had a feeling the buzzard hat was gonna be a no. You really showed that hat who is boss Goose. You sure do have a lot of snow. Ours is all gone now, cause it has been raining and warm. It is gonna get real cold again. I don't get it so I just stay in with Mommy.

    Loveys Sasha

  9. Epic decapitation and shredding of The Buzzard Hat Goose. Wow there is no way mum can stitch that up????????? Gosh you have some deep snow. Your vertically challenged friend Ben is probably all snuggly buggly at home. No worries we see you when we see you. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. At the risk of being indelicate, I think you really do need a Willy Warmer mate!! Deccy x

  11. Well duh, of course you hasn't seen Ben...he is INSIDE keepin' war. We doxies has a problem with walkin' in snow dat high...has you seen our legs? Well, they os gorgeous but short.

    Okays I can not believes your MOM was gonna makes you wears dat hat OUT fur da whole world to sees. I mean OMD could you imagine what peoples would say...and think...hehehehehe. But nows da buzzard is dead...poor thing.

    Be carefuls on your travels withs your MOM. Lemme knows if her needs a driver...hehehehe.


  12. If you see a small pile of snow moving around - it will probably be ben ! That is a lont of snow - my dogness your Mom must of been busy shovelling all that

  13. You have as much snow as us, cool! Ours is starting to go away cause it is very warm here and raining, ugggh!

    We think you did the right thing to that hat. It had to go.

    Hope the Lady is safe and she helps out all those homeless people.

    Lee and Phod

  14. Wow Goose, we're so glad to see that you didn't let that ol'e buzzard get away from you. I can't believe he tried to escape! You did an excellent job showing him who the boss is around there.

    We love looking at all of your snow. Sometimes we really miss it. But were OK too laying out here in the sun tanning our little bellys. We didnt know you have a doxie for a neighbor ~ awesome!

    Stay safe when you and your Mom go out on patrol. We hope most of the people are seeking out a warm shelter.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  15. Hi Goose! I love that you killed that Buzzard Hat, all the stuffing flying everywhere, it looks like you had a lot of fun but you certainly could have used the Buzzard Hat out in the snow, especially as your poor face got all snowy! It is fun to play in the snow, its sooo deep! You are so beautiful Goose! I love the photo of you close up!
    I love your snow, all our snow has gone, we have had really bad rain and thunder storms here and now there are floods!
    Love, licks and Hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxx

  16. MOL MOL MOL Goose you told that buzzard to buzz off. good for you!!!

    Lots of hugs to your Mom and you on your mission and stay safe in the cold.
    your bfff Madi

  17. I can't get over the snow there. Poor buzzard hat...lol. Good luck with your Point In Time work. :)

  18. That is a lot of snow! I hope Ben is okay. Can you imagine him trying to walk in all that snow? Bye Bye buzzard hat. LOL

  19. I am happy ur Mom is helping other hoomins. That is very kind. :)

    Plz be warm. I bet u will se ur friend next door soon.

  20. Ha ha ha! I guess you had the final say on the Buzzard hat! I'll be giggling about that all day!

    I'm glad you got to enjoy the snow and have fun, and I'm glad there are people like your mom who will help those who don't have a place to get warm right now!


  21. that is a LOT of snow.. really it is... and you did to the buzzard what our dog max did to every toy he got. he went over the rainbow bridge in 01.. stay warm and safe on the homeless count and God bless both of you for doing it.

  22. Now around our neck of the woods we have a saying:
    Chicken one day... Feathers the next. We think that would work fur the BUZZARD too. Darn buddy... that looks like somethingy Sarge and the Crabby Girrrrls need fur their CIRCUS FUReak Show.

    OMD that snow is WAY over OUR heads... Way too MUCH fur anybuddy. Love your snow fort!!! You are right about Dave and Zim.

    BUDDY.... two thingys about your mom's Counting thingy.. 1. fur sure go with her..fur MANY reasons and 2. DO NOT allow PUDDLES to drive you... anywhere.

  23. Wowser, that is a lot of snow. We haven't seen that much snow since our person was a wee child and that was back in the dark ages. Bet you do enjoy bouncing around in it.
    That sure is great that your Mom helps with all those homeless people. She sure does a lot of nice things.

  24. OMD.....Does you gots any idea what would happen to teenie weenie me in snows like dat? I'd be buried alive. Hope Ben is safe and not under that snow somewheres! Maybes you should have kept da buzzard fur Ben!

  25. Well goose that is one less buzzard that we have to worry about swooping down and picking us up out of the yard....you may have saved a pug today!!!! As far as the snow...its a good thing you have loooong legs cos we would get lost out there....i loves snow tho...i hop through it like a little bunny...maggie zooms in cirlces...be safe today out working with mom!
    stella rose and mag's

  26. AWESOME snow shots! I probably would have done the same thing with that buzzard....

  27. Goose, we are so glad you destroyed your buzzard hat. Stanley is constantly destroying things and seeing you do it makes it so he doesn't look so bad. Good luck with the snow fort. This stuff is so powdery that I can't even get a snowman built!

    Keep Calm & Bark On,

    Murphy & Stanley

  28. HAH, you sure showed that buzzard who's boss!

  29. Goose - we just love you! Your descriptions are so much fun :)! You and your mom also inspire me ... you spread so much good and love in this world!

  30. Goose - first of all, THANK YOU for sending some of your snow to us! It's really great and it was so generous of you! You're the BEST, buddy!
    Secondly, that is one magnificent start to a snow fort! Plunge on in there and finish the job. Mom won't let Dave drive the car until the roads here have been plowed. I have no idea why not.
    Lastly, but not least-ly, GREAT job on the buzzard hat!!! My sister Stormy is smiling down from Heaven over that one! Just the sort of thing she'd fully support!
    I hope we get as much snow as you've got.
    Play bows,
    PS: Please keep your MOM safe!!!

  31. Ha, now it's a "puzzle-ard". Maybe you should use your Trail Blazer to blaze a trail :o)

  32. GREAT WORK on that Buzzard Hat Goose!! Way to take it DOWN dude! Just say 'no' to dorky hats...hehehe
    I thinks the town should hire you too! You do great work!!
    You and your Moms stay safe, and keep warm doin' you work!

  33. Serves the buzzard hat right! hehehe

    Gosh that is a ton of snow. Stay warm!!

  34. Goose,

    You sure showed dat buzzard who da boss is! Max and me wants you to send some of your snow our way, we don't have any more. :( Thanks fur helpin' me celebrate my barkday today!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

    PeeS Mom is bowlin' on Saturday to help raise money fur one of our local shelters. :)

  35. That is a lot of snow Goose! Keep warm!

    Thank you for the work you do xx

  36. Looks like you are enjoying the snow, stay warm and toasty

    urban hounds

  37. Oh Goose, your so funny! Were glad you took the buzzard hat out made us smile, tear it apart we say. Oh My Dog, you got a lot of snow! Glad you get to go along with your mom, that's pretty important stuff, stay warm and stay safe.

    The silvers and more

  38. You showed that Buzzard, Goose. I loved the look on your face after your victory.

    The same thing happens with fences around here when we have a normal winter. Dogs, alpacas, goats, and horses all just step over the fences and are free. It's not good, since some get lost.

    Enjoy your snow. I sure hope that there aren't many homeless people trying to survive outdoors right now. You are a good pair, doing wonderful deeds in our world.

  39. And wez waz sure youz waz gonna wear it..BOL You and your Mom are so wonderful :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  40. Yah, I would do the same to that ole buzzard hat!! Great job Goose!!
    MAN you have a zillion tons of snow!!! You do a good job of plwoing too. Have fun with your job the next few days and help keep those homeless people safe.

    Jazzi and Addi

  41. Wow, Goose, you really did not want to wear that funny hat! You sure told him!

  42. Love your snow photots, you would do just fine up here in Alaska!

  43. You really should apply for a job as a trailblazer and when you do please point the supervisor to your blog for proof of your amazing skills, okay? I hope your dachshund friend isn't stuck under the snow! BOL!
    How nice that your mom is a helper at the shelter and goes around making sure everyone who doesn't have a place to stay has some hope!

  44. We are LOL-ing... and watching the snow fall over here too!

  45. wow so glad you killed that buzzard!

    Stop on by for a visit

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