Monday, June 22, 2015

Time with Bert


On my journey on the "Road Less Traveled" I did have Bert with me.  It's different than hiking with Goose.  With Goose he would forge the way (mostly).  Run ahead a little ways, turn, run back to me, run ahead, come back to me and so it would go.  (and when I say run ahead I don't mean 100 yards, it was more like 10 or 15 yards at the most).  In between Gooses runs ahead and run back he would walk a few feet ahead of me for a period of time.  With Bert it is different.  Letting me lead, and then just be a foot in front of me and the rest of the time right beside me where my hand could rest on his head.  That is until he sees WATER!  Then he SPRINTS to the water, stands there, then sprints back to me.  That part is actually very comical.  "Hey Michelle there's water over there, RIGHT OVER THERE!  Come on let's hurry.  There is WATER!"  Here is a bit of a video of some of our time together.

I'm blessed that Bert's Vickie lets me have these moments with Bert.
In a few days I am headed to the Blackfoot Mountains in Idaho, taking my kids (the youth at church) on their annual retreat.  Be back with you soon and I am sure I will have some things to share with you.


  1. Hari OM
    Very glad to see there was some stickage rescu going on there!!! How lovely to have the comfort of such a friend during this time of transition for you... enjoy those kids and we look forward to 'reports' &*> Hugs, YAM xx

  2. I think I are like Bert - I are a nutso for da water.

  3. He is a great water finder... and I bet he was in a hurry to rescue that poor stick... well done Bert. Have a good time with the kids and I'm sure they will enjoy a wonderful time with you :o) btw: that was a nice idea to roll around in flowers, you're a gentledog Bert :o)
    easy rider

  4. love the macro of Berts wet fur.. I smiled all the way through, he does love his water and sticks. enjoy your retreat with the kids

  5. And he LOVES his Michelle. Yes, I still feel a twinge of jelousy when I see how excited he is to see you and how, when your around, he would much rather hike with you than me. But then it is just a tiny twinge and at the same time I am so so greatful that we have you as our friend and that Bert loves you so so much. I know for sure that if ever anything happened to me that you would take care of him even if he has the "long Hair" We love you..... Bert and My Vickie]

  6. What fun!
    Hope your annual retreat goes off without a hitch (or mosquito). Have a good time.

  7. OMD OMD this is WONDERFUL.... we are thrilled that you and Bert got to have such a grand time together.... HEY... we think that when it is WET Bert's furs look like a Poke You Spine... BaaaaaWaaah...
    We hope that you have a FABULOUS retreat with the young'uns... PICTURES PLEASE...

  8. Great photos! Enjoy your trip and we can't wait to hear of your adventures!

    The Painter Pack

  9. Bert is such a character - and such a great companion for a walk

  10. So glad you have someone to spend some special time with!

  11. It is funny how we each are different on walks, I run and enjoy the freedom as does Maggie, but gussie stays close to momma, and always waits on her to catch up. stella rose

  12. Aw! We love Bert! Enjoy your retreat!

  13. We just love this! We're so glad Bert can go with you sometimes!

  14. bert...high paws two ewe...thiz bee a grate mewvie...we gived it 984 PAWS UP !!!!! we liked 48; 207 & 305 snapshots de best !!!! N bout bloo watez !!!! wunder if ther wuz any bloo gill in em !! ☺ ♥♥

    michelle; have a safe journey and a FUN FUN TIME !!! ~~~ ♥

  15. I think that Bert loves his time with you as much as you enjoy your time with him! He seemed to smile the entire time. And, I loved the rescuing of sticks. Goose taught him well.

    I love your description of his reaction to water. I've seen similar behavior in my Labs!

  16. We're glad to hear you have Bert to keep you company on your hikes. He sure is a great hiking partner to have. At least he can find you water if you need it. BOL!

  17. WE smiled all the way through!! How wonderful to spend some time with Bert
    Have a fun time with your kids! Will you travel through Pocatello??
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  18. This is so wonderful that you have time with Bert. A balm for the heart. And water!

    We're thinking of you and beloved Goose. Sending much love your way.

    Tootsie and her mom

  19. A walking companion is alway good for the soul.

  20. What a great video...purrsonally I think Bert has an itty bitty Goose voice in his head telling him exactly what fun things to do. Have a good trip to Idaho
    Madi and mom

  21. Hi Y'all!

    I'm catchin' up. Love hearing about your time with Bert.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S. Don't forget we've moved to

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