Friday, May 8, 2015


Hello Friends.

Thank you so much for all the POTP for my buddy Bert.  When I went to his place on Friday I was expecting to see him.  Butt he was not there.  He was still in the hospital.  He came through the surgery OK, butt because of his previous stomach surgeries Dr. Eddie really wanted to keep him longer.  Bert has a fair amount of scar tissue on his tummy.  He just needed to be watch a while longer.  Miss Vickie was all kinds of sad about not having her Bert home.  I stayed with Miss Vickie and did my best to comfort her.  MOM came back around 1PM and Bert was still not home.  THEN Bert's momma seemed to be sick.  So my MOM stayed at Bert's place to watch over all the doggies while Miss Vickie took momma dog to Dr. Eddie.  After a while Miss Vickie's worker came and so me and MOM went to Dr. Eddie's to check on Bert, Momma, and Miss Vickie.  Momma dog has an upset tummy (she was probably worried about Bert).  Butt the best part is Dr. Eddie let Bert go home!!  We were all so happy.

I give you this WARNING the first photo may not be for young pups eyes.

That is where they opened my buddy up to remove the rock and pebbles.  Dr. Eddie gave Miss Vickie the rock as a souvenir.

I have taken it upon myself to watch over Bert.  There will be NO rock eating on my watch.

While I am at his place I am going to stick to him like honey on your furs. 

Because Bert is not suppose to romp and play, or get wet, or run, or play ball and is to remain CALM for a few weeks Miss Vickie has made Bert his own Golden Dog Cave.  It's cool and all, complete with a comfy bed, and chair where Miss Vickie or my MOM can sit with him.  He has a nice outdoor patio area with a decent view.  Butt lets face it, Bert is a very social dog and he is sad when he is in there.  I can't have my Golden Buddy being sad so when I am at his place I will keep him company in his Golden Dog Cave.

And when I am not there I have posted a guard, Willa, at the entry to Bert's new pad.  I am confident she will not fall asleep at her post.

Bert sends each and everyone of you a Golden smile of thanks for all your good vibes, prayers, and POTP.  And he has promised me that he will never get "stoned" again.  Let this be a lesson to all you young pups, just say NO to rocks.


  1. Wow, Bert you gotta quit eating weird stuffs like this! Holy moly my furiend. I'm sending you more healing vibes to finish your recovery. Nothing worse than the cone of shame. Glad you have Goose there to cheer you up.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  2. Wow, Bert is so tough! We shan't eat rocks. We have learned our golden lessons. Hope you have a good weekend Goosey.

  3. OMD! Bert, that is some scar there!! We'll just call you Scar Belly Bert! BOL! Seriously though, I am so glads you are home and that you have Goose and all those doggies protecting your lair! It looks pretty cool to me!
    Good job Goose, you stick to him like honey on his furs! bol
    Ruby ♥

  4. Crikey .... Our Harri had a friend who ate rocks. His Mum ended up putting a muzzle on him when they went out. He didn't like it at first but he got used to it. Better to wear it than have to stay home all the time I guess. I sure hope Bert doesn't eat anymore rocks. You're doing a great job looking out for him, Goose.

  5. My paws are crossed for you Bert. Please don't eat rocks cause your tummy doesn't seem to like them very much. I hope you get better soon so you can get back to doing what you love, except eating rocks. Goose, I can tell you are the best nurse ever and Bert will be just fine with you by his side.

    Loveys Sasha

  6. Oh Goose - you're so good to your buddy Bert. I hope that he heals super super fast. Our K had to have that done once, but she had to have her entire GI tract opened up because it was all filled with deer bones... but she recovered pretty fast. I hope that Bert does too. Thanks for taking such good care of him, sweet Goose.

  7. Remember Bert - stick to treats! Dey taste better too.

  8. Thanks for the update, Goose. We are really glad to hear that Bert is on the mend. Please tell him that he really needs to be more careful about what he eats.


  9. Hey Goose! We are way behind in reading and we had no idea that Bert had eaten a rock! Yikes. We are so very glad that you and your MOM were there for Bert and his Vickie. We are sending lots and lots of healing prayers. You are such a great friend Goose.💜

  10. I'm so glad Bert has you for company. You are such a good friend.

  11. Poor Bert,but I am so glad that he is home and has you to watch over him!!


  12. Hari OM
    ...and BOY does honey stick to furs... I know this from an experience too sordid to relate here. Let's just say that after, Jade ran a mile anytime that bottle got lifted.... Bert, you have the bestest of all best friends here so you better listen to his wisdom!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  13. That is one nasty booboo, Bert! Bless you for watching over your bestest buddy, Goose♥

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  14. so glad Bert and his mom are home and doing ok... LOL BOL BOL at the say no to rocks. good advice.

  15. Hi Y'all!

    So glad Bert is home and his doggie mom is okay. I'm sure Miss Vickie is relieved, at least somewhat. My Human says she'll probably worry every time she sees Bert sniff the ground, even if she knows that there are not rocks where he's sniffin'.

    You and Bert are such wonderful buddies. Everybody should be so lucky to have one such great friend.

    POTP to you both!

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  16. I'm glad Bert's surgery went okay, and that he has you to tell him (and young pups!) about the dangers of rocks. I do feel for him in his cave though, he does look a bit sad to be in there. Lucky he has you friends to be there for him. Thanks for keeping us updated, lovely Goose!

  17. I'm so glad you were there for your golden friend Bert, Brother. You are just the best! I'm so glad Bert is back at home and I hope so much his mom is ok now too when she knows her Bert is ok. I've read about a Weimaraner who got stoned that way too... and after the surgery.... he did it again...Weim-way or another, right? Please be carefull all, rocks are NO candy ...
    easy rider

  18. Goose you are the BESTEST and most CARING furend anybuddy could ever Have... Bert and Miss Vickie and Bert's Fur Mom must be THRILLED that you are going to be there to help him to Recover from this... Horrible experience...
    We love the nice PATIO Place that Miss Vickie fixed up fur Bert....
    POTP fur Bert and fur his Mom with the upset Tummy.
    and KUDOS to YOU Kiddo fur lending your Support to them...

  19. Bert sure is lucky to have you and your mom for friends. We hope he recovers quickly.

  20. Oh, dear Goose:-)

    You are such a good friend! Bert is so lucky you're taking care of him. Your love and care just overflows:-)

    Sending POTP and lots of wuzzles to Bert, and to you, and to all the other doggies and their peeps that you hang out with:-)

    Ruthie and Bella the Rat Terrier (neither of whom writes in our blog;-)

  21. Poor Bert! Poor Miss Vickie! We hope Bert will not repeat this again!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  22. Goose, You and your mom are the best of friends that anyone could possibly have. I'm so glad you are keeping Bert company and that it looks like you weren't getting rained on. We've had rain for over a week and the rivers are rising pretty high in areas. Hope you have a good weekend; thanks for taking care of Bert and Miss Vickie.
    Noreen & Hunter

  23. Goose, you are SO KIND to keep watch over Bert! We know with your great care, he'll heal up in no time!
    We feel bad that Bert had to have the rock removed and all - is his Momma doggie OK now? She must really have been worried about her boy!
    We hope you have a peaceful, uneventful weekend!!!

    Hugs madi your bfff

  25. Goode, thanks for this pupate on Bert. Silly rock star… We continue to send POTP to both of you!

    -Ruby and Otto

  26. Saw your photos on FB. So glad that Bert is okay from the surgery. Please tell Vickie we are thinking of Bert (we can't comment on her FB). Sending Bert Golden Healing Thoughts. You guys are the best!

  27. Bert you must learn to walk away from the stones.
    stella rose