Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Worth the Wait

Hey All

You may remember that back on February 24th I celebrated my Barkday.  It was a great day I never wanted it to end.  And it turns out it has continued!!!!

Here it is a Barkday gift all the way from across the Pond from my little bro Da Phenny!!!! 

You know this is going to be good.

Come on out of there great gift.

Almost got it.

Would you look at this!!!!  I got a super soft blankie that can go in the car or on the couch when my paws are dirty or my furs are wet.  And OH BOY a whole bag of super yummmmmmmy treats just for me!

You may see that there are two cards.  One is my Barkday card and that super sweet Da Phenny sent a I Love You card for my Angel brother Goose whos Barkday was February 14th.  Momma and I took a moment to bow our head and think about Goose and Da Phenny's Angel brother Easy.  Goose and Easy were the very bestest Wiems that ever was and I know they are watching over me and Da Phenny from the bridge.  And while it is still sad that they are gone I know they paved the way for me and Da Phenny to have the best forever homes we could ever hope for.  Love you Wiem brothers.

Here is that super soft blankie.  Can you tell I love it?  Momma put it on the couch and I settled right in and fell fast asleep.

When I woke up momma gave me one of those treats.

"Come on momma let me eat it, stop taking pictures!!"

THANK YOU little bro.  I love it all and it was sooooooo worth the wait.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nothing Better

Hey All

Nothing better than sittin' on a bench with your best pal watching the world go by.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Momma's Helper

Hey All

Last night momma was doing a little maintenance on the Subaru I I thought I better lend her a paw. 

"Momma I think the bone fluid is low.  Can you hand me a quart?"

"Now let me check the 'take me on an adventure this weekend' computer chip.  Dang I can't reach it."

Oh that's better, now let's see computer thingy, computer thingy.  Oh there it is, lets just set this baby on HIGH ADVENTURE.

"Looks like my work here is done.  That will be 87 bones momma.  I gave you the family discount.


Sunday, March 12, 2017


Hey All

You may remember when I came to live in my forever and ever home with my momma that I was not a big fan of water.  Then my best pal Bert showed me that water can be fun fun fun.  In the last year and a half I have watched Bert closely.  And with his coaching I think I may have found a new thing that I LOVE. 

I LOVE jumping and diving into the water!

Bert told me that maybe I should try dock diving.  Dock diving? I said.

Bert: "Ya Bud, dock diving.  It's where you compete with other doggies to see how far you can jump off a dock or platform.  You've got great form Buddy."

Bert: "And you keep jumping further and further."

Bert: "And while there are no points for splash I give your splash a big fluffy tails up."

Bert: "What ya say Bud ya want to train for dock diving this summer?"
Buddy: "Will sticks be involved?"
Bert: "Why not."

"I'm in Bert old pal.  If you keep coaching me."

Wooooo Hoooooooooooooo!

Bert: "Well done grasshopper, well done.  He's pretty great isn't he Blogville?  With his enthusiasm and my coaching this Fat Head could go far."

Momma and I did some research when we got home about dock diving dogs and we could only find one Pit Bull who does this on a competitive level.  Now I know there is a difference between diving off a dock and leaping from a muddy bank, but who knows maybe I will make a BIG splash in this dock diving sport.  At least I will have fun practicing/training for it.  And really all I want to do is have fun.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

See Beautiful

Hey All

It's See Beautiful Time!!!! Hosted by SUGAR (we love you Sugar).

You know what seeing beautiful is?  It's love.  My momma is a lover.  The other day when she picked me up from Bert's place she noticed a new dog.  His name is Diesel.  Handsome fella.

He made himself right at home on my momma's lap.  He loved the rubs and scratches my momma gave him. 

Then miss Megan wanted some lovin' from my momma.  Momma made her rounds at Bert's place huggin' and pettin' all the pups.  She see's beautiful in each and every dog.

Of course my best pal Bert holds a special place in my momma's heart.  He always gives her big kisses whenever he sees her.

I'm not jealous of all the love she gives every pup, I love em too.

Especially my bestest pal Bert.

The most beautiful thing is that even though momma cares for all these doggies it's me that gets to go home with her.  The thing about love is there is enough for everyone!  And that my friends is a beautiful thing, very!



Thursday, March 2, 2017

Where's Buddy

Hey All

On my last adventure with momma and Bert I played a little game with them called "Where's Buddy?"  I would hide and see if they could find me.  Wana Play?  OK!  Let's see if you can find me.