Thursday, March 6, 2014

K-9 Kannon

Hello Friends.

As promised I am back to tell you about Bert and the K-9 Kannon that MOM and I bought him. 

To recap: Bert LOVES balls.  Just look at that ball crazed look on his face.  Not to mention Annie's face.  By the way Annie totally got the concept of the Kannon.

And he loves that my MOM can throw far far far and never seems to tire of doing it. 

So MOM and I thought what a great gift to give my buddy, that way his Vickie could shoot balls from the K-9 Kannon even from the comfort of a lawn chair, or standing in the shade or whatever.   Before I continue let me introduce you to the K-9 Kannon.

This is the K-9 Kannon.  Notice the sleek design complete with extra ammo (ball) holder.
First thing you do is pull back this thing that I call the hammer.
Then you stuff a ball in the end.
Then when you are ready you just pull this here trigger and the ball goes sailing!
And that my friends is when a ball crazed guy, like my buddy Bert, will take off after it...  Well in theory.  Miss Vickie took a video of her beloved Golden Boy with the K-9 Kannon.  I did not title this video, Miss Vickie did.  And now I present "Bert Just Doesn't Get It."

After Miss Vickie watched her Bert just not get it (meaning he could not figure out that the ball was flying out of the Kannon and just stood there waiting for my MOM to throw the ball) she stated, "At least he has his looks."
Hey Bert I think you just like it when my MOM throws the ball for you.  Besides we can use the K-9 Kannon to torment the sneaky squirrels.


  1. Oh poor Bert!!! That''s just too funny!!!

  2. BOL! Flattery has had her eye on one of those at Bass Pro. Bert totally had us laughing, though!


  3. That is so cool! Too bad it doesn't shoot sticks.
    Have a great Friday!

  4. OMD that was BOL funny. What can we say about Bert??? Maybe one day he will get the hang of it. LOL at least you can use it for the squirrels....too right. Thanks for the laugh Goose. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We can't stop laughing at that video!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  6. OMD FURST we want to say that we LOVE your mom's T-Shirt... and are GREEN with JELLYness that she can WEAR it right now... WE still have SNOW on the ground HERE.
    NOW about Bert's Ball Cannon... We are sorry that he doesn't quite get the concept... Guess that Proves that Bert is more of a PAWS ON kinda guy.

  7. Oh Oh - is the golden boy really a dumb blonde? NEVER - he just figured it's better for peeps to have exercise right?

  8. OMD! For a pretty boy Bert can be a bit dim. Maybe your mom should fake throwing the ball and shoot it out the cannon instead.

  9. Goose....guess you'll just have to teach him! :)

  10. OMD, that was too funny. Guess somewhere in those Golden genes, Bert has some Siberian:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. I have NO idea why my mom and dad are both laughing so hard at this video! It makes perfect sense to me! Bert wants your MOM to throw it.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  12. hahaha, that was just great! the staff laughed like crazy. Thanks for the detailed instruction, brother, hope I will get such a cannon too and then I know how to maneuvre that thingy and the staff can chase the balls, hehe

  13. I wonder what that would be like wif marshmellows instead.....
    stella rose

  14. OMD! That is so PAWSOME. I must convince my mom to get one of those for me Goose! How did you convince your ma? Give our love to Bert, we miss him!


  15. That is odd that Bert doesn't get it. I would be chasing that ball like a streak of lightening! And it is true Goose, you mom can pitch a ball like no one else in the world!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. That looks like so much fun. We need to get one of those. Bert is so funny.

  17. Coco's birthday is coming up, and since I am quite familiar with the ball crazed look you speak of, I think the K-9 Kannon might be just the thing! Thanks for sharing!

  18. OK Goose buddy, I have watched the video five times now and I think I Get It. bring that blaster tomorrow for a walk and let me try again. I mean, I do, I think I get it. There is this big yellow long tube and an yellow and orange ball that sits in the end of the tube and then there is this noise and then I RUN. Right.......I RUN.....and the ball falls out of the sky and I catch it and I RUN some more......I Got it dude......I think.....

  19. Bwaa!! Ha!! Ha!! THAT is a cool video! Cinnamon loves our cannon!
    And me is sure Bert will catch on after a while!

  20. LOVE the video!! How funny that Bert waited for you to throw the ball!! Also love the comment about...wonder if it would throw STICKS! We are positive that Bert will get is just a new concept! Thanks for sharing this awesome video with us...we sure wish we lived closer so we could play with you guys! You live in a gorgeous part of the country.

  21. Oh dear we are a tad had a time getting blogger to accept comments several days this week and we got out of our routine.

    Goose you are a Certified Chick Magnet...CC does love you.
    I guess Bert just likes the scent of your mom's hands on his balls.
    Lots of hugs madi your bfff

  22. Guess Bert just wants us humans to get your exercise too!

  23. Can't stop laughing at that video. Hysterical!! What else was awesome? Goose, we saw your "family" on your MOM's shirt. Pretty pawsome. Just saying.

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